If you're looking for a way to update your bedroom without going through a full renovation, contemporary style may be the answer. Contemporary design is all about incorporating modern elements into your space while keeping things chic and timeless. So how can you bring contemporary style into your bedroom? Read on for tips and ideas!

What does contemporary mean?

When it comes to contemporary design, there are a few key elements to keep in mind:

First, contemporary style is all about clean lines and simplicity. This means avoiding any clutter or busy patterns in your space. Instead, opt for sleek furniture and minimal décor.

Second, contemporary style is all about making a statement with bold colors and interesting textures. So don't be afraid to experiment with different hues and materials in your bedroom.

Finally, contemporary style is all about incorporating unique elements into your space. Whether it's a piece of art or a statement light fixture, make sure your bedroom has a few eye-catching details.

Now that you know what contemporary style is all about, it's time to start incorporating it into your bedroom.

How to decorate your bedroom in a contemporary style?

Keep it simple: When you are going for a contemporary look, less is more. You want to avoid clutter and keep your space looking clean and chic. Stick to a neutral color palette and add in pops of color with your accessories.

what does contemporary mean

We have bedroom sets at the Furniture Mall, like this Passage King 3-piece bedroom set, that can help you get an idea of that simple look that combines different design elements into a contemporary space.

Choose contemporary furniture: This is probably the most important part of achieving a contemporary look in your bedroom. Look for pieces that are clean-lined and have a minimalistic design. Think about incorporating geometric shapes into your space as well.

trendy upholstered headboard

This Avery Button-Tufted bed, for example, is a nice neutral tone. It can be dressed up with colorful throw pillows or a patterned duvet. The tufted, upholstered headboard is also contemporary and was featured in this article discussing 2022 bedroom trends and decorating ideas.

Incorporate art: A great way to add a contemporary touch to your bedroom is by hanging some art on the walls. You can also use sculptures or vases as decorative accents.

contemporary canvas art

This Jennaya wall art can be hung horizontally or vertically, making it a great piece for a contemporary bedroom. Paired with some Barric vases, made of terracotta and wood, can really bring a contemporary space together.

botanical art furniture stores

This adorable Dyani wall art set of botanical prints can also be used on your bedroom walls. Instead of opting for a bold piece of wall art, smaller more cohesive wall art would also work for a contemporary bedroom.

Experiment with different textures: This could include using fuzzy throw blankets or plush rugs.

fuzzy faux fur throws

Yes, we do have fuzzy throws. This Calisa throw is faux fur and is a perfect speckling of color and texture.

shaggy pillows near me in kansas

Or, you can go for a fuzzy Roxanne pillow. The shaggy texture in pillow form really stands out in a bedroom. Remember, contemporary style is all about incorporating unique elements into your space.

Add in unique lighting: Lighting can really set the tone for a room, so make sure you choose fixtures that fit your contemporary style. Pendant lights and chandeliers are always a good choice.

simple pendant light

We have pendant lightings, such as the Cordunn Pendant light made of a simple metal and glass combination.

contemporary floor lamps

The Marilee floor lamp is a perfect contemporary lighting fixture. Its antique brass-tone finish has that eye-catching aesthetic that is trending in today's furniture, and the shape is unique, but not too quirky that it would throw off the balance of your contemporary bedroom.

Contemporary vs. Modern Style

It's important to note that contemporary and modern styles are not the same thing. Modern design is a specific type of design that was popularized in the early 20th century. Contemporary design, on the other hand, is constantly evolving and can be best described as "of the moment." So when you are decorating your bedroom in a contemporary style, you are taking elements of what is popular right now and incorporating them into your space.

If you're still unsure of how to distinguish between the two, an article written on ElleDecor said, "Contemporary is, by definition, what's happening in design at this very moment in time. This definition makes it more fluid and hard to pin down. Modern design, on the other hand, has a distinguishable aesthetic that emphasizes crisp lines, warm neutrals, and balance."

Decorating a Contemporary Bedroom

Now that you know a little more about contemporary style, it's time to start decorating your bedroom! Use these tips to create a contemporary bedroom that is both stylish and comfortable.

At the Furniture Mall, we have over 50 furniture vendors. That means you can do all your bedroom shopping in one place. We even have a mattress headquarters if you need a mattress for that contemporary bed frame. We also have design specialists who are willing to guide you through your design process, no matter which style you decide to go with in the end.

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Written by Emily Holleran