Between eating dinner with your family and hosting friends in your home, your dining room is a central spot for comfort and conversation. There are many ways to customize and design your dining room to fit your needs and style. One of these ways is finding a dining table set with both personality and functionality.

The Furniture Mall offers many different options for your next dining table. We understand that finding the right kitchen table for your home can be a challenging decision. Here are our top tips for finding the dining table that’s right for you.

1. Measure Your Space

Before you pick a table, you want to make sure that you measure your kitchen or dining area. The size of the table you choose needs to be suitable for whatever space you’re planning to place it in. You don’t want something that looks awkward because it’s too large or too small, and you need suitable space for people to move about and sit.

Make sure to measure the table-to-wall clearance. Ideally, people need about 42 to 48 inches to get in and out of their chairs and move around. You should also consider your dining room table height. For maximum comfort, you want at least 12 inches between the tabletop and the top of the chair seats.

The right ratio of table size to room space will enhance the appearance and functionality of your dining room. If you’re having difficulty visualizing the area with your new table, consider using masking tape or a bed sheet to see how much space it will take up. If you have other furniture to work around, like shelving or buffets, you’ll also want to consider table-to-furniture clearance.

Remember that you can also buy extension tables with leaves if you’re thinking about growing your family or having gatherings in your home. These tables are great because they are more compact for day-to-day use but can extend to offer more space when needed.

You should also consider how you’ll be getting the table in your dining space. If you’re unable to fit a certain table through a hallway or doorway, it probably isn’t the best option for your home.

2. Choose a Shape

The shape of the table defines its look and style. When shopping for dining room tables, you should consider your space for the table in your home. The shape of your table should be dependent on the shape of your dining room or kitchen. A table with the same shape as the room is ideal for enhancing harmony and balance. Square or round tables are best for small areas of the home. Longer rooms can better handle rectangular or oval dining room tables.

You should also consider what purpose you’ll be using your table for. Long, rectangular tables are great for hosting dinner parties with many people, while smaller, round tables feel more intimate. Larger square and round tables make it harder to reach food, so they may not be ideal for large groups.

The table surface space is also something to consider if the table will be used for work or homework. Four different dining table shapes are common among shoppers. Each offers its own unique charm and functionality.


Rectangular tables are perfect if you’re looking for a large traditional dining room table. This is the most common table shape because it typically offers more room for traffic flow, even in long, narrow spaces.

If you still need to save space with a rectangular table, a dining room table with a bench is a perfect alternative. The bench can be tucked in underneath the table to allow for more room in tight spaces.

round dining room table


Round tables are great for smaller rooms, especially if you are looking to save space. Because round tables have no corners to bump into, you can seat more people than square or rectangular tables can. They are considered a more casual style because there’s no table head, and everyone can sit and converse facing each other.

Some round tables have pedestal bases that allow for more legroom compared to other tables. These dining room table sets can seat more people than a rectangular or square table of comparable size might.


Like round tables, square dining tables work well in small rooms that demand something cozier and more intimate. Square dining tables also complement square-shaped rooms well. If you want to seat a lot of people, but your table isn’t big enough, consider buying a square table that extends to accommodate more seats.


Oval dining room sets can fit in the same space as a rectangular table but offer a more contemporary vibe and unique appearance. They also use the space in your dining room more efficiently. Like round tables, oval dining tables have no corners, giving the illusion that they are occupying less space. This table shape is great for seating many people in a smaller room.

3. Select a Material

The material of your dining room table can vary depending on your personal tastes and the existing furniture you already have in the room. Feel free to experiment with different material options, especially if you’re looking for something unique for your home.

Keep in mind that many people don’t change out their dining room table regularly and instead keep the same one for a long time. When considering the material, it’s best to think about its durability and quality.

wood dining room table


Wood dining tables are a popular choice because they can vary drastically in color and style. There are many different types of wood to choose from, including mahogany, oak, walnut, and maple. Pine and wood veneer—a mix of synthetic material and thin pieces of real wood—are more affordable options.

Wood dining room tables provide a defining focal point in your dining room because they can come in many different shades and complement various décor styles. Wood also tends to have distinct grain patterns that make the table appear more unique. Depending on where you buy your dining set, you may be able to customize the wood to your liking.

glass dining room table


Glass-topped tables are elegant options that can open up your space and make a smaller room appear larger than it is. These dining room tables are especially ideal for apartments or darker rooms because their modern look brightens a space well. Glass is also an easier material to clean. However, it is more fragile and can break more easily too.


There are many different stone options to choose from, including marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, and onyx. Natural stone is easy to clean and more durable, so it’s great for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Unfortunately, stone-topped dining tables are pricey and a lot heavier than other materials. Natural stones are also prone to cracking or staining if they aren’t cared for properly.


Metal is a sturdy dining room table material that is also stain- and damage-resistant, so it’s great for high-traffic homes or families with kids and pets. Metal is the perfect choice for contemporary or industrial styles, though it is a heavier material that makes the table harder to move.

4. Find the Right Style

The design of your home will most likely determine what table style you’re looking for. Here are some popular styles to consider:

·         Pedestal: These tables have one large column in the middle of the table to support it. Even with a larger base at the bottom, this style is perfect for smaller rooms with limited space.

·         Farmhouse: The farmhouse style has become a very popular choice for many homeowners. These dining room tables typically feature heavy, distressed wood and thick, sturdy legs. They are great for larger spaces since they often seat eight or more people.

·         Rustic: These dining tables feature an unpainted wood tabletop that usually looks distressed. Rustic tables may also feature straight metal legs, or heavy wooden ones.

·         Shaker: Shaker dining tables are functional and simple. They don’t have any eccentric ornamental designs or carvings because they are made to not draw attention. These tables are great if you don’t want your dining room to be the center of attention because they are straight and traditional.

·         Industrial: These tables are typically large and heavy because they are made from metal or wood. They are perfect for a contemporary, grey-scale color scheme because of their darker colors and geometric table legs.

If you’re unsure what style would work best for your home, our design experts can offer tips and advice.

dining room set

5. Consider Seating to Go with Your Table

Some dining room sets will already include seating that matches the table perfectly. Other times, you may have to buy the table and chairs separately. You don’t necessarily have to buy seating that is an exact match, but you do want something that will complement the style and colors of the table.

When choosing the right seating, the important thing to remember is to not overcrowd your eating space around the table. People need at least two feet of space between each other to eat, so you want to buy the appropriate number of dining chairs to accommodate this.

You may also consider whether you’re looking for hardwood or cushioned seats. Hardwood chairs may not feel as comfortable, and cushioned seats are harder to keep clean. Ultimately, you want to choose chairs that are comfortable and functional for your needs.

Finding a kitchen table set for your dining room doesn’t have to be a hassle. The Furniture Mall is here for all your dining room needs. We offer free design services and financing options. Shop our furniture lines today at our store locations in Topeka and Olathe, Kansas, and Austin, Texas.