A desk creates a space for you to focus on your work. It's a physical and psychological barrier between you and the rest of the world. When you're sitting at a desk, you're telling your brain that it's time to get down to business.


The right desk can make all the difference in your productivity and comfort levels while working. But with so many different types of desks on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. At the Furniture Mall, we have desks for any occasion and any function. Whether you need a desk to work from home, or you need a desk to play video games (both reasons are equally important), we've got you covered. 


Different Types of Desks


Here are six different desks that are perfect for any occasion:


The Writing Desk:


A simple desk with a flat surface and enough space to spread out your work. Perfect for writers or anyone who needs a lot of space to work.

writing desks with a lot of space

This Chevron writing desk is a good example of how a writing desk should function. It has a large surface area that can accommodate multiple projects at once, as well as drawers for storage. This desk features a spacious surface for spreading out documents and is built for ergonomic comfort with its removable monitor stand and wire management tray.


The Executive Desk:


If you're looking for a desk that makes a statement, an executive desk is the way to go. These desks are large and imposing, and they often come with extra features like built-in cabinets and shelves.

dark brown executive desks

This is the Amelia Jr. Executive Desk, which in my opinion, is very appropriately named. It's a sophisticated name for a sophisticated desk. That antique toffee finish and brass knobs make this a gorgeous piece of furniture and a desk you can be proud to do work at.


The Computer Desk:


This type of desk is designed specifically for those who need to use a computer while working. It includes a surface for the keyboard and mouse, as well as a space for the monitor.

computer desks with raised monitor stand

This is a simple, computer desk we have here at the Furniture Mall. It comes with a custom headset hanger and an integrated cup holder. The raised monitor stand makes this computer desk ideal for getting work done comfortably by not placing as much strain on your neck and back as you work. All desks should have that feature nowadays.


Desk with Hutch:


This type of desk is perfect for those who need a lot of storage space. The hutch provides extra shelves and cabinets, giving you a place to keep all of your materials organized.

computer desks with storage

This is a classic desk with a hutch that provides plenty of space underneath to rest your legs or store some extra items. The drawers can be used for important documents while the shelves up above can be used for accent pieces that show off your personality and bring you joy.


L-shaped desks:


These desks are perfect for those who need a lot of workspace but don't have a lot of room. The L-shape allows you to make the most of your space while still having plenty of room to spread out. This is a multifunctional desk that can be used to focus and get work done during the day, and then game at night.

L-shaped desks for gaming

This Lynxton Home Office desk is an L-shaped desk that demonstrates the perfect balance that L-shaped desks provide. There is enough space for multiple computers such as a desktop and a laptop computer, so you can jump back and forth during work hours, but you also have enough space to play video games or get comfortable and watch Netflix at night.

best ergonomic chairs in austin

We also have nice, home office desk chairs like this Lynxton chair. For long hours at your desk, a comfortable chair helps immensely. This chair has a high back and a contoured seat to give you the comfort you need while working or gaming at your desk.


Student Desks:


Kids need desks too. Not just for a nice area to focus and do their homework, but it creates a nice area for hobbies, or just to go sit and de-stress.

places to buy desks for kids

This desk is perfect for kids because of its smaller size, but it also comes with shelves and a natural water hyacinth basket for storing any personal belongings.

best desks for students

This is also a nice desk for kids, this is called the Forest Retreat student desk. A desk should be a retreat for a kid, and with its spill-resistant protective finish and natural teak wood appearance, this desk makes it easy to relax.


Why You Should Buy a Desk

There are many different types of desks, each with its own purpose and function. Even if you don't work from home, or play video games, a desk provides a designated area for you to focus and either get work done or just relax in a little corner of your home. The Furniture Mall has locations in Olathe and Topeka, Kansas as well as Austin, Texas. We have desks for every occasion, so come and visit us today to find the perfect desk for you.