As style trends in home decor and furnishings change each year, one thing stays the same. Solid wood furniture is still a favorite for homeowners and designers. It adds a classic, natural touch to any home and can complement styles ranging from farmhouse to mid-century modern to industrial. 

However, real wood furniture is getting harder and harder to come by these days. Furniture using man-made materials, like plastic and manufactured wood, has become a substitute for solid wood. This is due to its similar look, lower prices, and easier maintenance.

Wood furniture isn’t as high maintenance as some make it seem. The more you take care of it, the longer it’ll last. If you’re not sure how to care for wood furniture, here are some simple tips for keeping it clean and protected.

Dust Often with a Soft Cloth

One of the best ways to keep your wood furniture clean and looking new is dusting. Not only can a layer of dust upset allergies and those suffering from asthma, but the tiny particles can build up and leave a thin film on your furniture. This film can create tiny scratches on your wood surfaces.

Frequently dusting your wood surfaces keeps dust particles from settling and scratching your furniture. We recommend dusting a few times every week, or whenever you notice dust buildup.

Dusting is important to maintaining and preserving your wood furniture. Using a soft cloth or feather duster works well at removing dust from most surfaces. To remove the dust from the room, instead of it going back into the air, we recommend using a damp cloth.

For best results, or intricately designed pieces of furniture, using a dry microfiber cloth will help remove dust between edges and cracks.

Avoid Cleaning Wood Furniture with Harsh Chemicals

When you need to do more than dust to keep your wood furniture clean, you don’t need to reach for heavy cleaning products. All-purpose cleaners contain harsh chemicals that wear down the finish. Never use an all-purpose cleaner on wood furniture.

There are many types of wood cleaning products out there that offer extra protection, as you’ll learn later in this article. But for regular maintenance, dusting then wiping down your wood furniture will be enough.

For spots that feel sticky, simply get some dish soap and warm water on a cloth to wipe them down. Afterward, dry the area and your furniture should be as good as new.

Use Coasters to Keep Water Stains from Happening

Solid wood tables can be a beautiful addition to your home, but they can stain pretty easily. Water stains on wood furniture can happen, even if it’s been treated properly. They usually appear as a white ring on the surface from water penetrating the wood finish.

To stop water stains, an easy solution is to use coasters for hot or chilled glasses. But we all know that accidents happen. Fortunately, your wood table can be saved. If you get a water stain on your table, there are many DIY ways to remove them.

Apply Protective Wood Polish

If you notice your wood furniture is looking a bit dull or dry, using a wood polish or finish is a fast and easy solution. It can help bring the luster back and make your furniture look new again, while also adding a layer of protection and making cleaning easier.

Now, polishing isn’t something you need to do often, as it can cause buildup on your surfaces and leave an oily feel. If you notice your wood furniture is losing its shine, then it’s typically the time for a polish.

Remember, using soap and water is enough to keep your furniture clean, but for added shine and protection, you’ll want to add a polish. The Furniture Mall keeps the best furniture polish in stock at our locations, like the Original Bees Wax Old World Formula.

For your safety, always apply polish in a well-ventilated room. Some polish can stain floors and other surfaces, so take precautions when applying.

Keep Wood Furniture out of Direct Sunlight

Wood furniture lasts longer and stays cleaner in a consistent environment. When exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, the sunlight can penetrate through the finish, weakening the finish and bleaching the wood underneath.

If your wood is under harsh sunlight and heat, it may also dry out your furniture faster. If this happens, you’ll want to reapply a protective polish to help restore the wood. 

Your wood may also become warped due to its expanding and contracting with the temperature. For best results, keep your wood furniture indoors and out of the sun. 

Touch Up Any Knicks and Damages

Solid wood is a popular option for homeowners for its beauty as well as its durability. Like with all furniture and surfaces, the more you use it, the more likely it is to scratch. Unlike with cheaper alternatives, it’s easy to buff out most damages.

Some repairs might need a professional, but there are wood repair kits available for most small damage that you can do yourself. A popular DIY method is to use mineral spirits on your wood furniture to help remove small scratches.

If you’re ready to add solid wood furniture to your home, the Furniture Mall is here for you. Shop our huge selection of wood furniture for your living and dining room. If you’re shopping for furniture in Kansas City, Topeka, or Austin, Texas, visit one of our locations today.