Do you ever feel like your walls are just too plain? If so, it's time to add some wall décor! Wall décor can completely transform a space, and fill your home with personality. At the Furniture Mall, we have tons of options for wall art and wall décor that go beyond the family photo gallery wall. So if you're looking for something new, keep reading for 9 wall décor ideas that will give your space a fresh look, from our selection at the Furniture Mall.

Wall Décor Ideas

Get a Wall Tapestry

Wall tapestries are a great way to add some color and pattern to your walls without having to commit to painting or wallpapering.



natural wall tapestries

We aren't talking tapestries like those hanging in college dorm rooms, we are talking more stylistic choices like this textural tapestry. This Taylen wall décor channels the spirit of boho-chic design, and with its neutral tones, it'll be simple to decorate.

Hang Wall Art with An Abstract Twist

If you're looking for something a little different, try hanging wall art with an abstract twist. This can be anything from a painting to a piece of wall sculpture.

unique natural-looking wall art

Is that wood? Yes, it is. Sliced, stained, and arranged randomly, this Jonford wall décor shows off the natural beauty of wood. If your home likes to incorporate the natural in your décor, consider art made of natural woods or metals.

abstract wall art with gold accents

This Grantton wall décor is definitely abstract. What does it all mean? You don't have to answer, but it will look beautiful on your wall regardless. It can hang horizontally or vertically, so you can really play around with the configurations on your blank wall.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are not only a great way to make a small space feel bigger, but they can also be used as wall art. You can find mirrors in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles, so you're sure to find one that fits your space perfectly.

wall sun mirror

This Elspeth wall mirror takes up a lot of space, but if you are looking to fill an empty wall, nothing beats using a stunning mirror. The best part? Everyone uses a mirror, even if only for a quick glance before heading out. It's even better when the mirror matches the radiance of the sun.

cool mirrors in austin

These Linneah mirrors come in a set of 4, are shaped with petite metal frames, and are finished in aged gold. You can arrange them in a cluster, as seen above, or spread them out throughout your home. Their Scandinavian influence can be clearly seen in the design, but organic shapes such as theses mirrors add some uniqueness to your home.

Hang a Wall Clock

A wall clock is both functional and stylish. It's a great way to keep track of time while also adding some personality to your space. You can find wall clocks in all sorts of styles, from vintage to modern.

minimalist wall clock

Who needs clocks these days, when we have watches and iPhones? Well, this Panchali wall clock is immediately eye-catching. It may not have numbers, but this clock with brown finished wood and the silver-toned finished frame is more about encapsulating a minimalist style.

vintage wall clocks near me

The weathered, vintage appearance of this Max wall clock, looks like you found it in an old antique shop. You found it at the Furniture Mall (but they don't need to know that). The rust-brown wire cage with an aged ivory face is perfect for filling that empty wall space above your sofa.


Sconces are a great way to add some ambient lighting to your space. They also double as wall art, so it's a win-win! You can find sconces in all sorts of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

cool decorative wall sconces

The Ogaleesha wall sconce will fill up that sliver of wall, you just don't know what to hang. The dark bronze tone-metal and clear glass aren't too eclectic to draw that much attention, but the antiquity of its appearance is still peaceful to look at.

fantasy themed furniture near me

This Iron Branches wall sconce is aptly named. It looks straight out of a mysterious forest with its twisting branches. The dark bronze metal paired with the green luster candle cups will emit a gentle, soft glow.

Have Fun Decorating Your Walls

Decorating your walls is a challenging task when you don't want them to appear barren, but also not too crowded. Walls are the perfect way for people to show off a bit of their own personal style and interests. Photos of family and friends are always precious to look at, but framing them with some personable wall décor will make your house feel more like a home.

At the Furniture Mall, we understand how important wall décor is. That's why we have a wide range of wall art and wall décor for you to choose from! It's important to just have fun with it, whatever you are drawn to, throw it up on the wall. Play around with arrangements, textures, and different shapes. You can stick to a clean minimalist theme of neutral tones and natural textures, or go the more eclectic, bohemian route with bright, bold colors and sporadic spacing.

We hope seeing some of what we have in our store will inspire you to come in and check out other options we have available. The Furniture Mall has locations in Olathe and Topeka, Kansas, as well as Austin, Texas.

See you soon!


Written by Emily Holleran