You may not know where to start when it comes to apartment furniture, but this article should help you narrow down the perfect apartment furniture for your new apartment. Whether you're a first-time apartment owner or moving from one apartment to another, there are some things that you need and others that are just nice to have. If you don't know what furniture pieces go into an apartment and which ones can be left out of the equation, then read on!

No More Sleeping on the Floor

When I first moved into my first apartment, I slept in my sleeping bag on the floor for about a week. Wasn't ideal. Getting a bed as the first piece of furniture for your apartment is a must. You don't have to get the most expensive bed out there, but make sure it's comfortable and will last you a while. At the Furniture Mall we have a wide range of bed frames, mattresses, and bedding for you to just get everything at one stop.

upholstered bed with storage

The Ele Harper Sand Queen Storage Bed by Easy Living

A Couch or Love Seat

You don't realize how much you need a couch, until all you want is to sit in front of your television with a plate of food, and you have to sit on the floor. The couch is a centerpiece of an apartment. It's a talking point, and one of the most used pieces of furniture for its versatility in the beginning. Don't have a desk yet? Do your work on the couch. No dining table or chairs? Eat on the couch. You get the idea. Consider the size you'd want for your space, and start looking.

modern sofa

Enderlin Sofa by Signature Design by Ashley

Lift That TV Up

Televisions are a very important piece of furniture, but they may have to be placed on the floor for a couple of days when you move in. The best thing you can get for an apartment is a TV console with storage space. It will give you some extra shelves or cabinets to keep everything organized so that things don't turn into clutter on top of your television.

affordable tv stands

Sterling Entertainment Center by Samuel Frederick Furniture

Cover Those Floors

A lot of apartments today have hardwood floors, in which a nice area rug would stand out and add dimension to your room. Area rugs are perfect for apartment living because they add color and life to a room without taking up too much space. They can also be moved around whenever you want a change in scenery. You don't need a lot of them, but one or two big ones would be great. Even if you have carpets, layering a smaller rug on top of a floor carpet would add some nice texture and depth.

rust orange rug

Impact Area Rug by Dalyn

Not a Lot of Closet Space

When you get a new apartment or move between apartments, sometimes you are downsizing from your previous closet. You'll quickly realize that there is never enough space for all of your clothes and shoes. And while some people have the luxury to let their clothing pile up in a corner somewhere, if you want an organized apartment with everything put away neatly, then consider buying furniture specifically for your apartment. Like a wardrobe, or a dresser for example. The Furniture Mall has plenty of options to choose from that would fit perfectly in any apartment.

Thornwood Hills 4 Drawer Chest by Samuel Frederick Furniture


Decorate the Walls

Don't forget about your apartment walls. You don't want to have people over and look like you live in a jail cell. A great way to add some color and life is by putting up posters, paintings or other decorations that you like. Having a mirror would also be helpful when getting ready for work in the morning or going out at night. You can get small ones too so they don't take up much space in an apartment. Gallery walls are fun to create as well, so just go along collecting pieces you like.

Hallwood Wall Art (Set of 2)

Hallwood Wall Hanging Art by Signature Design by Ashley


Those are just some basics to get you started. Obviously, with a new apartment comes rent and all its expenses so you can't immediately ball out. If you start with some key versatile pieces that you can use for organizing your things you'll have a place that looks put together in no time.

At the Furniture Mall, we have several different types of furniture that are perfect for apartment living. We even have a section called Loft Living for those smaller spaces you need to decorate. Come check us out! We have locations in Topeka, Olathe, and Austin.


Written by Emily Holleran