We're sure you've seen furniture stores that offer clearance sales, but what does this mean? Well, clearance is a way for furniture stores to sell their inventory at lower prices. There are many different reasons why clearance sales happen; maybe the store has overstocked on certain items or they have made some design changes and need to clear out old stock. No matter the reason, our clearance section is loaded with good deals! We've got all sorts of furniture available in there - couches, chairs, tables - so come on down and see what we have today!

Leather Recliners

We have a set of leather Space Saver reclining sofas that are stylish and durable. They are made from genuine top grain cowhide leather upholstery, so every piece bears distinctive marking making it both natural and unique. The frames are constructed out of dried hardwood frame parts, and the all-steel mechanisms are designed to withstand years of use. There is also a removable back function that aids in handling and placement and repositioning to provide comfort and keeps these units looking good for years to come.

Retreat Reclining Space Saver Sofa and Loveseat

Sofa & Chair Sets

Sofa and chair sets are great for small spaces. They provide a lot of furniture in just one unit, so you can easily furnish your living room or den with just one purchase. In The Outlet, we have a sofa and chair set that is from the Ailor collection, complete with a roll arm silhouette and top-stitched non welted cushions. They are available as a sofa and chair set, or as individual pieces.

Ailor Sofa and Arm Chair

Accent Chairs

We have a selection of different accent chairs available. Our clearance section features some great options for those on a budget, and we've got all sorts of styles to choose from. Accent seating is perfect if you want to add extra detail and dimension into your living room or den - just one chair can make a big difference!

Reme Arm Chair & Bennett Duo Reclining Chair

Bed Frame & Mattress Sets

Bed frames and mattresses are some of the most expensive pieces of furniture to invest in for your home. Luckily for you, we've got clearance options available! A great example is the Marquez King Headboard and king mattress. The headboard is made from 100% solid mango and pine wood; no painted on veneer to make it look more expensive than it needs to be. The clearance pricing makes these units a great choice for those looking to save some money on their furniture purchase.

Marquez King Bedframe and BRX1000-C Plush Mattress by Simmonds Beautyrest


When you need to buy a lamp for your home, chances are you don't want to be spending a lot of money for a little more light. Fortunately, clearance is a great place to find good deals on lamps in The Outlet. We have clearance options for both floor lamps and table lamps, so come on down today to see what we've got.

Aaronby Table Lamp by Signature Design by Ashley

Wall Art

Our clearance section is also a great place to find wall art. These botanical, delicate printed screen wall art are just the pieces you need to fill in that blank wall in your home, and clearance prices make it easy to fill your space with some great décor. No need to go scouring across town, only to find a painting of some fruit and second-hand portraits of some lady and her cat--unless you're into that.

A Set of Printed Wall Art

Coffee & End Tables

Coffee tables are easily one of the most damaged pieces of furniture in any house. "Please use a coaster", "Get the cat off the table", are just some of the many phrases repeated over the center of most living rooms. Luckily, our clearance section is a great place to find good deals on coffee and end tables. We have clearance options of both glass and wooden tables, so come on down today to see what we've got.

Chisago Lift-Top Coffee Table

Chisago Lift-Top Coffee Table

The Outlet section of our furniture store has many pieces of furniture in one area offered at lower prices, and you'll be able to take it home with you as soon as you can. We also have other items on clearance, not able to fit in The Outlet, scattered around the store. So, come to The Furniture Mall of Texas and see everything we have, and maybe you'll find a real bargain.


Written by Emily Holleran