As the year comes to an end, we reflect on what has changed, what is changing, and what will change. In the world of furniture, this means staying up to date with where the world is shifting in terms of colors. Furniture color trends are influenced by what's happening all around us - so the color of your clothing and home furnishings could impact what color furniture you'll want to buy. This article will tell you about some furniture colors that may be trending in 2022.

Reds Are Making a Comeback

Reds are making a comeback in color trends. This color is so popular because it's bold, bright, and draws the eye to whatever you're using this color for - whether that be furniture or something else entirely. It can also easily bring out other colors when used with them (pairs well with pink undertones) - which makes red an appealing color that could possibly show up in furniture color trends for 2022.

Different shades of red

An array of different types of red fabrics in our store to customize the sofa of your choice.

Rust Orange Brings That 70s Flair

A couple of years ago if you told someone you wanted an orange couch they would look at you like you're insane. However, rust orange furniture has made a strong return, and for good reason. It breathes warmth and life into a room, something people are in desperate need of these days. A funky centerpiece of any room, rust orange will continue catching eyes and being a popular color in furniture trends of 2022.

rust orange sofa

This rust orange modular couch by Urban Chic pairs nicely with the navy ottomans.

Grays Are Getting Replaced

The ever-present gray furniture is moving out, and more neutral tones are moving in its place. Mushroom tones will explode in 2022. Its soft balance of browns, grays, and beiges pair great with furniture of all styles and colors. As mentioned above, paired with deep red colors such as burgundy or maroon will give off a welcoming, warm feel. If you want to make your home reflect cooler tones, mushroom tones blend well with gray and pewter. It's embracing cozy cottagecore vibes in this new year.

carpets that look like moss

Our rugs on our rug rack, are filled with mushroom tones.

Green Will Be This Year's Neutral

Neutrals are still trending, but they're shifting slightly to more interesting colors like green - which is taking over as the new neutral piece of furniture color. Green is calming, refreshing, and versatile - meaning it will go with any color scheme you have going on in your home. It's perfect for both modern and traditional homes, so don't be surprised if this color pops up in furniture trends of 2022, with more variations such as sage green or chartreuse.

Monstera plant art

Wall Art by Signature Design by Ashley

Deep Rich Teals and Watery Blues

Teal and blue color schemes are popping up in modern homes, as well as the midcentury style. This color scheme is also popular because it's so versatile - you can find teal or blue furniture to match any room design type. If your home has a lot of white or pops of these colors already, deep rich blues and teals are a subtle pop of color your space needs. It also stands to move away from minimalism, and more towards an eclectic style filled with eye-catching pops of color that continue to be popular as we move into 2022.

teal couch near me

The Rainey Sofa by Austin's Couch Potatoes in Royale Peacock.

Color Trends That Are Dying Out in 2022

There are color trends that we don't expect to see much of in 2022, or that are slowly starting to die out. Don't worry if your furniture is a part of these trends, we are not telling you to replace everything. Trends usually reflect the state of the world, so it's a way to see what people want to leave behind them as they move forward in 2022.

Gray on Gray

Gray furniture color trends are dying out - and we can see why. It's a color that has made its mark in the past decade, but it doesn't quite work anymore. Gray on gray color schemes is starting to not be as popular because it looks like you're living inside an old man cave (sorry Grandpa!). As minimalism starts to fade out because of its cold and clinical feel, brighter colors will become more welcome in the home.

Gaudy Golds

Golds were a nice accent for a bit, but now they feel oversaturated. We're not saying you'll never see gold furniture color trends in 2022, but we can't say they will be very popular. It's similar to gray color schemes - it was a great touch for a bit, and now that we've had our fill of color it's time to move on from its reign as the must-have accent color for the past decade.

Black Goes With Everything

It's true, it almost seems as if you can't clash with black. It's a safe choice, but why buy a black sofa when you can buy something so much more fun? Black color trends in 2022 are dying and we're not upset about it. For the past few years, people have been living like they were still stuck in a horror movie. We want a color that pops - a color that makes us feel happy when we see it! Especially with these past 2 years behind us of dour news, let's make 2022 at least a little more optimistic in the home.


That's all for color trends in furniture for 2022! Be sure to keep an eye out for these colors when shopping for your home this year. Obviously, you don't have to toss that gray sofa to the curb, but maybe some nice art with fun splashes of green would make your space look trendy and fun.

If you're looking to add some of these colors to your space, be sure to check out our stores. We have stores in Topeka, Olathe, and Austin, with home specialists ready to help you design your space.


Written by Emily Holleran