Why Furniture Mall of Kansas is "More Than Furniture"

How is working at The Furniture Mall of Kansas different from other places you've worked?

I'm Kory Gilmore, and I've worked at the Furniture Mall of Kansas for about two and a half years.  The Furniture Mall of Kansas is different from other places that I've worked because it comes down to the word "family."  It's just really unique.  You don't dread coming work here.  It's a fun environment, and it truly is family.  

My favorite part about working here is the family aspect - these guys are truly my family here: getting to come to work and interact with everybody and have a good time.  

Does a recent guest experience stand out?

I generally sell mattresses.  I remember there was one guest in particular that I had sold a mattress and adjustable base because he was struggling with some back pain.  He came back and told me that, “This mattress changed my life.  I finally get a full night's sleep.  My back pain has gone away so much."  It was really cool to hear how much I impacted that guest.

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