Designing a short-term rental property can be a daunting task, but with the right design specialist, it can be a breeze. One of the Furniture Mall's design specialists has been designing these properties for years and knows how to make them look amazing.

Let's take a look at design specialist, Colleen Craig's, design processes, and how she has managed to make so many people satisfied with their homes over the years.

The Design Process

Colleen Craig has been a designer for about 30 years. In that time, she's designed and furnished countless properties. At the Furniture Mall, she has gotten the opportunities to help guests design their spaces, and she now is focusing on short-term rental properties.

interior design help

This is Colleen looking over the dimensions and layout of the short-term rental properties she'll be designing.

1. Gathering Information

Before she starts, Colleen gathers the lead times and considers the price range the guest is working with. She looks at certain styles to see what would look best in their space, and then gets dimensions to make sure the furniture will all fit.

2. Designing the Space

After she has all the information, Colleen begins to design the space. She uses CAD (Computer-aided design), to get a 3D model of how the space is going to look.

According to Wesley Chai, "The purpose of CAD is to optimize and streamline the designer's workflow, increase productivity, improve the quality and level of detail in the design, improve documentation communications, and often contribute toward a manufacturing design database."

By creating a 3D model of the space, Colleen is able to show her clients a better interpretation of how the finished product will look. It also allows for higher quality designs, as well as the flexibility to edit and make changes without completely re-doing a sketch.

3. The Design Style

Depending on what the client wants, Colleen will try to find furniture that matches their ideal style. A common look that many clients seek nowadays is a clean, modern look. This type of style is very versatile to work with because of its simple and sleek characteristics. A clean, modern style is a departure from the traditional design, which is what many people are looking for in their homes.

need help with interior design

Colleen looks over a furniture catalog to pick out furniture for the space.

4. Furnishing the Space

Now that the design is complete, it's time to start furnishing the space. Colleen will work to find the perfect pieces of furniture for the space. We have a huge selection of furniture, so she's sure to find something. Colleen makes a look-book of the furniture she wishes to place inside the home and then draws it to scale in the CAD program. The look-book is vital to give clients an actual visualization of how their space is going to look.

Once she has found the perfect furniture, Colleen orders it and then makes sure it all is delivered safely to the property.

clean modern dining table

This Anibecca Dining Table, for example, is clean-lined and has a double open geometric base. It's perfect for a modern space. Throw in some matching Anibecca dining armchairs, and the neutral tones will help create a calming, minimalist atmosphere in the space.

clean modern arm chair


Design Help

As you can see, Colleen Craig is a design specialist who utilizes her years of experience and knows how to design and furnish a short-term rental property. Our home and design specialists are here to help you, with whatever help you might need. From design to furniture, we've got you covered.

By following Colleen's process and using furniture from the Furniture Mall, you're sure to end up with a beautiful home that you and your guests will love.

We have locations in Olathe and Topeka, Kansas. We also have a location in Austin, Texas for our southernmost shoppers.