Using Trays to Decorate Indoors and Out

It's that time of year when all the patio doors open and our living spaces double.  I want to give you some quick tips and tricks on ways that you can easily decorate indoors but make it something that can translate to your outdoors entertaining easily.

Start with a Tray

For starters, I wanted to share an idea about one of my favorite decorating tools - trays. This is a fantastic tray; It has a nice, cozy, rustic charm to it.  Because it's a metal tray, it's easy to use indoors, but you can take outside without having to worry quite so much about how the elements are going to affect it.

Add a Pitcher...or Two

We'll start with this tray, and then add in a couple of simple pitchers – one large and one small.

When you're decorating for indoors, you can add some beautiful faux greenery and flowers that add a little bit of charm and personality, while keeping the insides of these pitchers clean.   I've got some great greenery and some beautiful, bright yellow florals that I’ll layer together to fill up our pitcher. And what says summer more than bright yellow lemons?  We'll nestle them right in and we have a charming center piece for your kitchen table.

When it's time to entertain outdoors, all we have to do is pull the faux florals out of the pitcher and fill it with your favorite beverage.  Grab a couple of glasses, and I'll meet you guys on the patio.

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