Do you feel like your house is constantly cluttered and messy? It might be time to invest in some furniture with storage. At The Furniture Mall, we have a wide selection of furniture that can help you get organized and keep your home looking neat and tidy. It's more than dividers for your drawers or extra shelves for your books. Our furniture can help you take advantage of previously unused space and help you keep your home tidy.

Storage Trunks

I recently had a friend tell me, "It's not that we can't clean. We just have nowhere to put anything!" Her home wasn't messy, everything was out of the way, but it was stuffed under couches or stacked in corners. If this sounds like a situation in your home consider looking into storage trunks.

Storage trunks can help you declutter your home by giving you a place to store things out of sight. They come in handy for seasonal items like holiday decorations or extra bedding and towels. They also can be used in any room of the house, without looking out of place. The foot of the bed is a prime spot for a storage trunk, or next to the tv stands.

storage trunks rustic

This Dartland Storage Trunk is made of solid wood with a distressed gray finish. The metal accents give it a rustic look, and the simplicity of the chest looks great with any style. The lid is hinged and opens to reveal plenty of space for storing things out of sight.

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The Braddick Storage Trunk has 3 storage compartments with hinged tops. The space below is also nice for a place to keep your shoes out of the way or that basket of pet toys that seems to keep growing with new additions. This is the ideal accent piece for a modern farmhouse interior or a cute contemporary cottage.

solid wood storage

As you can see, the Ryker Storage Trunk is perfect for storing your collection of board games that you stack precariously in the corner of your living room. The distressed white finish stands out with its diamond-patterned top. This trunk would also look great at the end of a hallway or in an entryway.


Baskets are a great way to organize any room in your house, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. You can use them for anything from storing extra blankets to holding fruit on the counter. Baskets are also great for hiding things away while still keeping them within reach.

baskets to use in the bathroom for storage

These Perlman Baskets come in a set of 2 and are made from woven water hyacinth. Some rolled-up throws or extra pillows would fit perfectly in these baskets. They have a rustic charm that would look great in a farmhouse or bohemian interior.

baskets for holding plants with handles

These Parrish Baskets also come in a set of 2, and are made from cotton and jute. They have a more modern look with their clean lines and natural materials. These baskets would be perfect for storing extra blankets or towels in a guest room or bathroom. Using them to hold plants is also a way to utilize them as the handles make for easy transportation.


A bookcase is a great way to help organize any room while also adding some extra storage and even décor. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles to help fit your needs. A bookcase can hold anything from books (of course) to games, movies, or even records.

solid wood bookcase

This Conundrum Bookcase is built from solid acacia and stands out with its versatility. You could use this bookcase as a tv stand, or fill the cubbies with baskets or storage boxes. The light wood finish would look great in any room.

bookcase with unique shelves

This geometric shelving is a popular look for a bookcase, it stands out compared to simple, stacked shelves. The Frankwell bookcase is sleek and contemporary and adds a bit of style to keep up with your clutter

bookcase made out of real wood

Looking for a bookcase that won't take up too much space? This Nature's Edge 3-shelf Bookcase is perfect for smaller spaces or to help fill an empty corner. The shelves are made from solid acacia, and its natural finish is perfect for a more rustic or farmhouse style.


A cabinet is a great way to help organize any room, especially if you need some extra storage that can be hidden away. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles to help fit your needs. A cabinet can hold anything from books to important documents.

media file cabinets

This Chateau Valley Media File Cabinet is used in the image above as a tv stand, but it can also be used to store those loose papers floating around your home. This file cabinet comes with two full-extension locking drawers with bluff-cut drawer fronts for easy access to storage or for more confidential documents.

wood filing cabinets

Metal filing cabinets get the job done of organizing your files, but they're such an eyesore. This Heartstone Ridge Mobile Filing Cabinet is casual and rustic with its oak finish and antique brass knob hardware. Mail and bills are often discarded on the coffee table once opened, but having a filing cabinet to store them, helps clear them away safely and efficiently.

Don't Put It Down, Put It Away

This is just a small sampling of what the Furniture Mall has to offer when it comes to helping you get organized. Just having a place to store loose objects brings great peace of mind. It's difficult to clean up when you have no places to store the items you are trying to clear away. Invest in some creative storing options that can bring some personality to your home, and also be functional as an aid to the organization. Be sure to browse our website or come into the store to see all of our great furniture options!

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Written by Emily Holleran