When it comes to decorating your home, creating a photo gallery wall layout is one of the best ways to personalize your space. With various options to try, photo gallery walls are a perfect reflection of your tastes and favorite designs. It’s a place in your home where you can really illustrate who you are and what you like.

A photo gallery wall layout can be more than just photos; gallery walls can include anything from pictures, frames, artwork, mirrors, and even objects. They can be featured almost anywhere in your home, especially in places needing an extra pop to complete the room.

What is included in a wall gallery layout ultimately comes down to what you like. However, there are other ideas to consider if you need a little extra guidance and inspiration.

If done correctly, gallery wall layouts can hold up over time, and with the proper techniques, you can still make changes to the design and layout at any time.

Dos and Don’ts of Gallery Wall Layouts

If you’re putting a gallery wall together, it’s all in the planning. But if you’re still a little unsure about the process, here are some dos and don’ts of gallery wall layouts.

Photo Gallery Wall Dos:

Plan your layout: Use a planning method to create a design before hanging everything on the wall. This will save time in the long run because with a solid plan upfront, you are more likely to be successful in hanging everything the first time.

If necessary, use paper cut-outs, draw out a design on a piece of paper, or even first lay the pieces on the floor oriented in the way you want. Coordinate design with color to make everything more visually appealing. If you’re leaning toward a simpler design, consider adding a pop of color. To that same end, a monochromatic color theme does well if the gallery layout is more abstract.

Keep in mind that you could run into trouble later on if you skip the planning stage. Simply throwing a design together may work out sometimes, but more than likely, it won’t turn out the way you want. This results in more time spent on the gallery wall layout than you may have initially planned for, and potentially damage to your wall.

Measure it all out: When creating a wall gallery layout, it’s important to measure everything. Measure the wall, the photos themselves, and the spaces between each piece—every single measurement is essential.

Keep artwork evenly spaced and the middle line of the collection at eye level. You always want to make sure you are guiding the viewer’s eye somewhere—whether that is to the center of the gallery layout, or the top or bottom.

Try to prevent wall damage: We all know that the easiest way to hang pictures on the wall is with a hammer and nails. But if you need to move the gallery layout around a few times to get it placed correctly, this could create more nail holes—and even more significant damage—than you originally thought.

If you’re worried about a design not working out the first time, there are ways to save your wall and limit the amount of potential damage. Some alternatives include using command strips or hooks, or trying a display hanging system. This type of track system allows for pieces—photos, mirrors, artwork, or objects—to be hung from cables or rods that follow down the wall's surface.

Photo Gallery Wall Don’ts:

Go in blindly: Always start with a plan. If a gallery wall layout isn’t planned correctly or in advance, the final result might end up being a design disaster.

Stay in your comfort zone: There’s always room to try something new—whether that includes an interesting wall layout, a color theme, or something else. Be open to changing things up, especially if you try a particular gallery wall idea and it doesn’t work out like you thought it would.

Be overly critical: All of us want the perfect end result, but it’s important to remember that errors happen and measurements go astray. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes a few tries to find a gallery wall layout you like. Remember that this is a personalized touch for your own home, so you want to like what you’re putting on the wall.

Photo Gallery Wall Layouts We Love


At first glance, this design may look a little more random than the others due to the various sizes, shapes, and orientations involved. However, even though pieces may be placed spontaneously, this gallery wall layout still feels orderly and cohesive if measured and hung correctly.

The collage gallery wall design is very trendy, but it can be challenging to achieve if not planned carefully. Always ensure that the horizontal and vertical midlines of the pieces line up, or that the collection is centered evenly around one piece. If done correctly, this gallery wall layout has the potential to bring a loose and eclectic vibe to any room.

Balanced and Aligned:

This category of gallery wall layouts includes anything parallel or that is lined up perfectly. The outlines of the photos and artwork create a shape, such as a square or a rectangle.

You can also create a definitive line at the top or bottom of the pieces. This type of wall layout naturally leads the viewer’s eye and leaves a place for it to rest.

Overall, the balanced gallery wall layout creates a sort of equilibrium because even though there is variation in how the frames may be shaped, sized, or oriented, there’s still balance with the overall look and feel.


This is the ideal gallery wall layout for the perfectionist and those who value order. The symmetrical gallery layout provides a harmonious look with the same shape and size of photo frame repeated. This design has straight, clean lines and would bring a formal look to any room in your home.

Because this gallery wall layout is grid-like, coordination and matching images work well but are not technically necessary. Although the shape of the photo frames is the same, there’s always room to mix up the color or photos themselves.

Make sure to be extra cautious when planning and hanging this gallery wall design. For a symmetrical layout to work, measurements must be even, or you may not end up with the clean look you were going for.


With this fun gallery wall layout, anything goes. Multimedia designs are easier and even a little more fun. You can include anything you want, including images, prints, artwork, unique objects, decorative pieces, or anything special to your home or family.

Even though this wall design allows for more wiggle room for randomness and error, you should still develop a layout plan to avoid getting too messy.


There are many themes you could try for your gallery wall layout, including monochromatic, themed pictures, or even using the same object repeatedly. This design creates a unified look across the wall and still allows for your own personalization. Try using your favorite color or pictures that are linked together with a theme.

Tips for Easily Creating a Gallery Wall

It helps to do some research ahead of time to find inspiration for the walls of your home. Consider which design you like the most and play around with different options during the planning stage.

It’s always fun to try something new, especially if you’re looking for a refreshed look. Ultimately, each collection is different and requires its own unique style and design.

Try making a statement by placing a large focal point in the middle of the gallery wall layout. This could include a large mirror, a clock, or a decorative accent piece. You can then build around the centerpiece with other pictures and frames.

You can also consider other strategies if you’ve already exhausted all the hanging gallery wall design options. Try hanging heavy-duty shelving on your walls that would allow for photo frame set-up and placement. You can also do this with bookcases or console tables. This technique creates a casual look and is even easier to change in the future. Different shapes and sizes can be layered, or small objects can be added to make it more aesthetic.

Creating a photo gallery wall in your home may require some extra planning ahead of time, but the results are worth it in the long run. It is a fun way to decorate and customize any room in your home, and there are plenty of options and designs to consider and try.

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