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Leather has returned, just like the wacky fashion trends from the 90’s that we can’t seem to get enough of. When it comes to home decor trends and styles, leather is popular and highly desired. After all, leather furniture offers many advantages to its purchases.


Leather offers quality, especially if it is a genuine leather sofa. It also offers comfort, durability, and longevity. Now that you know about the epic return of leather, read more to discover what makes leather furniture a top contender in 2021 and what you need to know before you purchase leather furniture.


leather couch


What to Know About Leather Furniture

Faux Leather vs Genuine Leather

When it comes to leather furniture, you have the decision to purchase faux or genuine leather. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, it’s ultimately up to the purchaser.


Faux leather is made from plastic, treated with wax, then dyed to create the color and texture that mimics actual leather. Faux leather is also known as artificial leather. Sometimes people stray away from purchasing leather sofas or sectionals due to the price. This is where faux leather comes in! Faux leather is often less expensive than the genuine leather and easier to maintain in the aspect that it can be easily cleaned.


Genuine leather on the other hand is real. Real leather offers no hide that is the same. But if it’s real, then it is going to cost a little bit more. But leather furniture especially leather sofas is worth it. Some will scruff but high-end leather is more durable. However, you will have to maintain it.


It’s best to keep in mind the budget and style of the furniture to determine if faux leather or genuine leather is best for you.


How to Repair Leather Furniture

Repairing leather furniture is easy. It doesn’t matter if it is a leather sofa, sectional, or even a chair that is a recliner. Leather material is known to be more sensitive to temperature change. This sensitivity is why you’ll have to maintain any type of leather you decide to purchase.


Depending on what type of leather you have, the furniture you have can become torn, worn, or faded over time. But don’t panic! If you currently own leather furniture and see a section torn on your leather couch – this is normal. There are many ways to repair it.


You can easily order a leather furniture repair kit. This leather repair kit is great if the color has faded away. Or if you have a tear, you can follow a YouTube video on how to fix a tear in the leather. Besides these two routes, you can also search furniture places near you that do upholstery.


Upholstery is done especially on seats or couches. If you love the piece of furniture you own but don’t have the time or know-how to fix your leather furniture, then it is worth finding a professional who will do it for a fee.


How to Clean Leather Furniture

Leather is a type of material that you should take care of. If you care about and clean your furniture then the chances of needed to repair it or buy something new are reduced.


But, accidents happen, especially if you are using the sofa to sit and eat on to watch the premiere of the newest episode of the Bachelor. Or if you happen to prop your feet on that leather accent chair because you’re getting tired mid-meeting.



If by chance you had a spill or some dirt, you can clean leather furniture easily. For something with quick access, white vinegar and olive oil are two things people usually have in their house.


You dab and remove soiled areas with one of these. If there is something more than soil, like food, check out this article on how to clean and protect leather furniture.


Why Texas Loves Leather

You might be wondering why should I buy leather furniture? Well, in Texas, there are plenty of sofas and recliners to go around that are made of leather. It’s kind of hard to resist.


Texas loves leather for its qualities. After all, depending on where you are in Texas you do experience a variety of seasons. The durability and comfort that leather offers are perfect for people. Leather also has character. Have you ever met someone from Texas? That should be all there is to say. Leather also goes with the rustic decor that many Texans are known for.


rustic door


Furniture Mall's Leather Furniture

Now that you know how to repair, clean, and the difference of leathers… it’s time to decide if you’ll purchase leather furniture for yourself if you’re in the market or have been on edge.


Leather Bed Set

*Image of leather bed set*


It might not even have occurred to you that a bed frame can be made out of leather. Leather for your bed is a modern option. A black leather bed frame can make the room appear more modern, and comfortable, which makes for a cozy sleep.


Grey Leather Sofa

leather bed frame


Leather sofas come in all sorts of colors. One thing to know is that pillows aren’t the standard when it comes to leather furniture. Leather furniture is usually plush already so there isn’t a need for furniture accessories. But if you want to spice it up that's great. Grey or black are good colors for leather sofas.


Black Leather Recliner

black leather recliner


A recliner is better when made of leather. A black leather recliner is great to add to your already existing furniture set. So, sink into the seat and enjoy whatever is on tv.


Leather Accent Chair

nash leather ottoman


If you're wanting to try out leather, then a leather accent chair or leather ottoman would be a great option to add to your furniture. Ottomans are easy to place at the edge of the bed or in the entryway of your door, that way you can place purses or books on them.


Do you feel better about leather? If so, search “leather furniture near me.”