If you're lucky enough to own a vacation home or rental property, then you know the importance of a good couch. It can be tricky to decide what pieces are necessary, and it's easy to go overboard. In this article, we will discuss the different types of sofas that are perfect for a vacation home or rental property.

What to Consider When Sofa Shopping?

The sofa is one of the most important aspects of any vacation home or rental property. It can be the difference between a comfortable and enjoyable stay, and an uncomfortable and stressful one. When choosing furniture for your vacation home or rental property, it's important to keep several factors in mind.

First, you'll want to choose pieces that are both comfortable and stylish.

Second, you'll want to make sure that the sofas are durable and easy to clean.

Third, you'll want to choose pieces that are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.

Best Types of Sofas

For the most part, if you own a vacation home or rental property, you won't be inside as often to be using the furniture inside. Vacation homes are often seasonal, or used as extra housing for family members, while rental properties will be used by strangers. This being said, for whoever will be staying, the sofas should still be good-quality, and bring you a sense of personal comfort. Here are some of our top furniture picks for a vacation home or rental property:

Sofas, Sectionals, and Sleepers

A comfortable sofa: This is a must-have for any living room. It should be comfortable enough to lounge on, but also stylish enough to make a statement.

mid-century modern sofa

This is the Ladybird Sofa from Couch Potatoes. It's a great option for a vacation home or rental property because its mid-century modern frame can blend in seamlessly no matter how you choose to decorate your space. It's able to be customized in several fabric options as well, so you have the freedom to make this sofa a stylish staple in your vacation home or rental property.

power reclining sofa soft

If you think a power reclining sofa would be more comfortable for the people staying at your property consider a reclining sofa like the Grant power reclining sofa with power headrests by Flexsteel Furniture. This sofa has a USB port in the power button, and you can smoothly recline to any position and adjust the headrests.

are leather sofas easy to cleanLeather sofas are actually great options for vacation homes or rental properties besides, and this Trafton leather sofa is a prime example. Leather sofas are durable and naturally resistant to punctures and tears. They are also resistant to spills and dirt, and simple to clean. We wrote another blog post about how to best care for leather furniture, and for the most part, a simple damp cloth works as a way to wipe away stains.

A sectional: This is another furniture piece that is perfect for a living room. It can provide extra seating for guests and has enough space to encourage gathering whether it be for a movie night, or late-night chats.

big sectionals for vacation home

This 3-piece sectional from Signature Design by Ashley is an affordable option with a nice dark fabric that will not invite any disastrous stains and tears that rowdy guests may inflict. Its block legs and simple shape have a sturdy design, and the fabric has a plush microfiber feel. Microfiber fabric is a soft polyester fabric made to be stain-resistant so it would be a good choice for a sofa in a vacation home or rental property.

stylish leather sectional

This leather sectional by Flexsteel Furniture is big enough for everyone to pile on with its extra-deep seating. As mentioned before, leather is a great material for sofas, especially sofas that you won't be supervising year-round.

best modular sectionals that are affordableThe Fluffy 5-piece sectional from Couch Potatoes is a modular modern marvel. This sectional is able to be arranged in a variety of configurations, and like its name suggests, it is indeed fluffy. This plush sectional has a performance fabric that is water-resistant and loose seat and back cushions that are easy to wash.

A sleeper sofa: This is a furniture piece that serves two purposes. It can be used as a regular sofa during the day, and then easily transformed into a bed at night. You'll want to be fully prepared with sleeping arrangements in case someone ends up making a makeshift bed on a cramped couch. This is perfect for guests who may be staying for an extended period of time, or if you have a smaller vacation home or rental property.

memory foam queen-sized sleeper sofas

The Shannon Queen Memory Foam Stationary Sofa Sleeper has a seat quantity of 3 and then unfolds to a comfortable queen mattress. It's advised to have a sleeper sofa that is able to hold a queen mattress if you want the guest to be comfortable enough to spread out, but if you are only looking for an additional sleeping accommodation going for a full or a twin is a valid option.

mid-century modern leather sleeper sofa

This versatile Drescher Flip-Flop sleeper sofa not only has that clean-lined, modern look that everyone is searching for, the back fully reclines for maximum sleep space. It is wrapped in faux leather and has two USB plug-ins. It's a nice size where it could fit in a guest room or finished basement, and it's stylish enough to blend into your main living space.

full sleeper sofas with enough space

This is the Darcy full sleeper sofa. It has a clean contemporary style, and very soft, microfiber cushions you can sink right into. The sofa has enough space for 3 people to sit, and the full mattress is accommodating enough that nobody has to sacrifice comfort for a good night's sleep.

Stylish and Functional Sofas

When decorating your vacation home or rental property, sofas are only one piece of the puzzle. You'll also want to consider décor, lighting, and storage solutions. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can create a space that is both functional and stylish! Need help getting started? Our design team is always happy to offer suggestions. Give us a call or stop by one of our locations.

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Written by Emily Holleran