Today's Recliners are not your Father's Recliners

Oh, hey, I didn't see you there. Man, if you guys haven tried recliners recently, let me tell you - recliners today are not your dad's recliner.

Taking it to a new level of comfort and durability

Today's recliners take ordinary reclining to a whole new level. Take, for example, the eclipse recliner from Ultra Comfort. Ultra Comfort is the first manufacturer to use three different motors in one recliner allowing you'to adjust to the perfect comfort level for your body.

They've also engineered a high performance fabric that is breathable, durable, and easily cleaned.

If you're someone who relies on the recliner for much of the day, you don't have to worry about bedsores because of breathability. And a mixture of durability and easily cleanability prevents any stains from eating or drinking in the chair or wear and tear that happens over the years.

And health benefits, too

The health benefits from using a chair like this are endless. For instance, you get amplified leg elevation for increased circulation and wellness.

And with over 100 recliners on display, you're bound to find one that'll help you take a load off. But if you need me, I'll be right here. 

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