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All About Furniture Mall

Be the Best at helping customers to have more beautiful and comfortable homes!

Our Vision

In 2012, the Winter Family had a vision: make shopping for furniture fun again! We were tired of the same frustrations most customers were facing while shopping—from high pressure salesmen looking out for their own interests, to bait-and-switch promotional tactics, to guests not getting the help they needed in order to design the space they are proud to call home. 

So, in 2013, our family moved locations in Topeka, Kansas to create the first Furniture Mall. We wanted to offer a fantastic selection of brands, styles, and looks to meet our guests' budget, all while making the experience a fun and fulfilling one. Our guests get the best of both worlds: large selection with home-town service and a small-store feel. 

Cookies at Furniture Mall of Kansas

The expansion of this model was made possible in 2020 when the Winter Family partnered with friends and fellow Furniture Store Owners of Austin’s Couch Potatoes—Dan Anthony, Brian Morgan, and Travis Morgan. Thus, the first Furniture Mall of Texas was born.  

The core of every mall is our motto: “Happy Family, Happy Guest, Happy Business." We focus on our work family to create a team of people not just punching the clock but working together in a way that is fun and helpful. Members of our 'Happy Family' focus completely on you, our guests, to help you enjoy shopping again. You deserve to make your home everything you want it to be. Happy Family and Happy Guests come together to create a Happy Business. Knowing that we are helping people create beautiful homes is what it’s all about! 

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Our Better Price Guarantee

Be confident with your furniture choice with our Better Price Guarantee!

Selecting furniture for your home is a big decision and we want you to feel comfortable about that decision. All of our Home Specialists are here to work for you. They are trained to assist you in the furniture and decor decision-making process by providing product knowledge and innovative solutions so that you can make the best decision for your lifestyle. Trust our team to help you choose a piece of furniture that checks every box for you. 

Better Price

Better Prices is all part of a Better Experience. These days, too many consumers choose to live in doubt instead of buy with confidence. That’s where our simple Better Price Promise comes in: we will meet or beat any price on identical merchandise delivered to your door from anywhere in the USA. 

Better Delivery

Of course, guests are always welcome to pick up their merchandise at our Distribution Center, but we recommend using our Better Delivery service to save you time and hassle. 

Better Delivery starts with a thorough inspection of the merchandise to be delivered before it ever leaves our warehouse so that upon arrival, everything is in perfect condition and ready to move into the home. The merchandise is carefully loaded, protected with padding, and delivered by our own delivery team using our own trucks. From door jam protectors and red carpet mats to clean gloves and foot protectors, our team carefully deliveries your new furniture while keeping everything tidy. We know the happiness a hassle-free furniture experience will bring you and your family because furniture truly is our passion.

Most furniture manufacturers offer warranties that protect you against any defects. At the Furniture Mall, we warrant that the furniture you buy from us is free of manufacturing defects for six months. If we deliver your furniture, we'll provide in-home repair within our service area if required. If you pick up your furniture, you can bring it in to our service center for repairs. We'll also ensure you receive the full benefit of factory warranties on your furniture. We're able to do so because the Furniture Mall is the factory authorized service provider in this area for many of our manufacturers. 

Our Work Family

Our employees are more than just employees to us: they are family. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn't be able to achieve our vision of helping guests create more beautiful and comfortable homes. For example, we have a non-commission pay system because we believe it better supports having a happy work family which is needed to have happy guests. 

Our company vision is simple: To be the BEST at helping our guests create more beautiful and comfortable homes. Whether you are a member of our work family or a guest at one of our malls, we're driven to make a positive difference in your life. 

Our Store

The Malls were designed with an open, flowing floor plan to encourage exploring hundreds of styles in a fun and easy way. From kids riding trikes and pedal cars through the aisles, to homemade fresh cookies and cherry limeade delivered while you shop, we make it fun for everyone. 
Our Howdy Café is a fully furnished café and a direct salute to our grandparents and founders of the business. The café makes homemade frozen custard, cookies, coffee, and other treats served to our guests by our “Ohhh Yeah!” hosts and hostesses. We might just be the only furniture store in the world that offers homemade frozen custard to guests.

Don’t let a little rain stop you from having fun! When it rains, hosts will meet shoppers at the exits with umbrellas to accompany them back to their cars. 

Free In-Home Design

We have an in-home design team to help our guests with space planning, furniture selection, and interior design projects. We have several design areas in each Mall with fabrics and large screen TVs that we use to show products as well as space planning. 

Guests also see an abundance of home accessories throughout our stores. Our accessories vary frequently enough to attract folks into the stores, even when they may have no specific furniture need in mind! 

Additionally, we operate our own delivery service so we can continue to take full ownership of your experience. 


FMOK Storefront360 Tour
Take a virtual 360 tour of our Olathe location
See the time lapse of interior construction at our Olathe location
RoomMakers Olathe
RoomMakers at our Olathe Location
Discovery Olathe
Discovery at our Olathe Location
Marling's Olathe
Marling's at our Olathe Location
Mattress Headquarters Olathe
Mattress Headquarters at our Olathe Location
Amish Headquarters Olathe
Amish Headquarters at our Olathe Location
Clearance Olathe
Clearance at our Olathe Location

Our Community

Big Selection.  Local Connection

The Furniture Mall of Kansas brand promise is simple: BIG Selection. LOCAL Connection!

The “local connection” is one of the chief keys to our success.

Through all the changes and growth many things have remained timeless for us. These include our dedication to being the BEST at helping our guests have more beautiful and comfortable homes, treating our employees like family, and being committed to the communities in which we reside and serve.

Giving back is part of who we are. We frequently offer support to our local communities through special programs, sponsorships and more. For example, we celebrated the grand opening of the Olathe Mall with a sneak peek party where the “cover charge” proceeds were donated to the local City Union Mission. We also have a process to help customers donate their gently used furniture to the Rescue Mission both in Topeka and Kansas City.