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Testimonials Left by other Guests

Nathan Blair Mar 29, 2024

Mary was awesome

Denise Eulert Mar 10, 2024

Mary is awesome!

Makayla Connor Mar 8, 2024

Marry was great!

Sharon Zobel Feb 22, 2024

Mary was great!

John Zobel Feb 22, 2024

Great experience with Mary!

John Hicks Feb 17, 2024

Mary was awesome to work with. Very knowledgeable and patient.

James Slaymaker Feb 9, 2024

Salesperson answered all my questions. Second time I've bought furniture the last 3 months. Says it all... I

Gaylon Feb 4, 2024

Jason V did a fantastic job of explaining asking care of a few item that was purchased by my friend

Kent Ferguson Feb 3, 2024

Mary was great . Went through many details and many what ifs to get to what we wanted to purchase . A very good experience !!!

Carrie Zephier Jan 26, 2024

Mary was awesome

Michael Sep 1, 2023

I don't use this cell phone for anything except phone calls. You may send me an email if you wish.for a survey response.

Jan Aug 6, 2023

Wonderful experience on ordering custom made furniture. I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I will definitely buy from Furniture Mall of Texas in the future.

Larry Smatla Jul 18, 2023

In joyed working with Jacoby Springer he should me the chair’s I wanted.

Douglas Jul 2, 2023

Mike Gordon was great to work with

Dan Ryan Jun 21, 2023


Michael Schoenfeld May 24, 2023

Friendly and knowledeable people.

Rory Bahadur Mar 30, 2023

Awesome from start to finish. Flexible and attentive

Helen Jones Jan 12, 2023

I will only shop at the Olathe, Ks. Mall. I love the atmosphere and the people I deal with, have never had a bad experience there. Today Cage helped me choose a bed and cabinet with the patience of a saint. So thanks to NBFM you are all the best.

Erin Bowser Jan 1, 2023

We were greeted by such friendly helpful staff. Melanie went above and beyond to help us. Great experience and we found everything we were looking for.

Laralyn Wills Nov 16, 2022

Special thank you to Hannah (Living room specialist) and Joe (Dining room/Kitchen). We came with our 3 young children and Hannah was so amazing with them, Joe was too and we were able to view some great pieces while having great conversations with both employees. Such a refreshing experience. Being a parent of littles you feel like you are always chasing a kid, they included our kids in the experience and this helped us get our questions answered. Our kids left just adoring them both. Thank you!

Donna Nov 13, 2022

I am so appreciative to Furniture Mall. I love the down to earth people who work there. From the minute you walk in there are amazing cookies, lemonade, water and because you may be be shopping for a while there is also a place to get food. That's just the warm feeling you get walking in. The stuff you want to know as I am praising all the extras, here is my experience. We were looking for a mattress, the sales staff are not on commision. A shout out to Chris Mallari. We didn't expect to buy the best mattress in the store but we did. There was no pressure and we tried EVERY bed.
So we had visited the cafe. The mattress we were buying was amazing and if you really think about it : if you are willing to pay an extra 10,000 in options on a new vehicle the the general population spend more time in their bed. All of us that have moved to working from home can appreciate the following thought, I sleep in my bed for at least 6-8 hrs so it makes sense I should have a great mattress. Just a thought- moving forward The Furniture Mall honors there 30 day promise, I know because we had to exchange our new mattress. The mattress was awesome but we are in our 50's and my husband likes his head down to sleep and I love the ability to raise mine up. We went back in to discuss a change to the King split. NO Problem !! Really, yes they were willing to work everything out and we will have the split king in a few weeks. The store was having a tent sale, make an offer and it was great, we bought two things from there to. So as a practicing therapist I know you think I know someone at the store or I have money-nope. 0% apr. credit. From the mattress sale to the clearance tent, I was treated like a person not a number and I wasn't a waste of time because I don't come from money. I mattered and so will you ! Thanks y'all for an amazing experience- oh did I mention the fun things to ride in the store for your children and you ! TY Mark and the rest of the staff you are awesome.

Butch/cathy Ritter Apr 16, 2022

Starting with Ben Winter in Emporia then with Bob and Joyce in Topeka and continuing to the current family, furniture shopping through this welcoming business has been a surprisingly pleasant experience. From entering the store until leaving, there was no pressure, no hurry, only friendly and courteous people.
Jacoby, Joel and Denise were gracious and helpful. Ben would be proud.

Firealem Demissie Mar 26, 2022


Mary Harding Mar 23, 2022

Jason was very knowledgeable and friendly. Helped my husband find the right chair. Thanks Jason

Samantha Feb 20, 2022

MARC Trivane was fun to shop for mattresses with. He served me ice cream and cookies and orange juice and made sure I was comfortable. He is easy to talk to and a great person to hang with even in a furniture store. Thanks Marc for the talk about the importance of staying in school!

Toni Feb 20, 2022

Marc Trivane is an amazing person. He made shopping for a mattress so fun and entertaining.Had a blast. He is funny, relatable and just over all a caring, fun person to be around!! And easy on the eyes as well, lol.

Emily Scott Jan 31, 2022

We had such a pleasant experience from start to finish! Ron and Cecilia were amazing!!

Rhonda Jan 4, 2022

We had a great experience on our recent visit to the Furniture Mall. The Salesperson was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and was NOT pushy. Thank you Jacoby for a job well done!

Virginia Oct 9, 2021

Kirby was very, friendly, helpful and wonderful to work with. He was very patient and helped us find the perfect new couch.

Zachary Oct 9, 2021

Kirby was very kind and professional with helping us find a couch that was in stock and affordable. The custard was pretty great too!

Lindsay Reyna Oct 4, 2021

I have bought my couch, ottoman, coffee table and bookshelf from this company and had a great experience every time. I am always checking back on new inventory as they have a wonderful selection. The owners are great people and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I love the cafe and riding the trikes in the store!

Wesley Voorhies Sep 25, 2021

My husband and I purchased a sectional and was helped by Kirby. Who was super helpful and all around good guy! We are so happy with our purchase, and the amazing service we received!

Ryan Sep 24, 2021

Kirby was a tremendous help. Lovely and energetic, but not pushy whatsoever. Very informative and had my best interest at heart. Made for a great experience!

Maria Sep 7, 2021

Joseph Holthaus was our sales rep and he was awesome! My husband and I needed another mattress due to our old one no longer being supportive, we were planning on just buying a new one. Our old one was 6 years old and we had a 10 year warrantee on it. Joseph was extremely helpful with the warrantee exchange for a new mattress. We highly recommend Joseph!!

Jo Aug 1, 2021

Great place and service. Lindsey is the best!

Bobbie Zwerneman Apr 27, 2021

I've already written comments on their Facebook page but saw this. My experience with Furniture Mall was phenomenal! Everyone who helped me, and there were several, listened to what I wanted. They took soo much time with me until I was sure of what I wanted. Great store. When you walk in, your made to feel at home. There was no pressure at all. I actually enjoyed my visits. Thank you. I will be back!

Barbara Koci Jan 13, 2021

Very honest and caring company. I purchased a lift chair for my Mom and set it up waiting for her to be released from rehab. She passed before she came home. Furniture Mall gave a full refund not store credit. I will purchase all furniture I want from them!!

Mary Sep 9, 2020

Excellent customer service at the Furniture Mall of Kansas at Topeka KS from the moment you walk in you are greeted warmly all the way through the checkout process they've made us customer for life! We decided since its been 2 yrs since we moved here to the Midwest from the West Coast it was finally time to purchase new furniture and retire the tattered worn pieces we had. I had an appointment in Topeka on 08/15/2020 and decided to stop and just to look at some pieces to get ideas We were greeted by sales associate Edgar F. he walked with us, answered all our questions and made suggestions that would benefit us but he was never once pushy. We didn't buy that day but we did make a return trip on 08/20/2020 solely to purchase and personally asked for Edgar to help us again. We did end up that day purchasing a sofa and loveseat for our family room and another set for our living room along with a area rug. The associates customer service, along with competitive pricing, quality products and benefit packages made our shopping experience top notch even during these uncertain times. We have brought our daughter in Today 08/29/2020 to meet Edgar and get some quotes on furniture for her home and she will be returning tomorrow with her boyfriend most likely to buy. Oh yeah I forgot to mention they give fresh homemade cookies out as you exit the store and who doesn't love cookies!

Tony Phansiri Jul 19, 2020

Worked with a wonderful Home Specialist (Charlotte) and she helped me pick out some furniture that met my requirements. One of them I had second thoughts about and while driving home, I changed my mind and was able to text her; to get it ordered. Really cannot beat this type of service!!

Robin May 26, 2020

I had an exceptional experience at FMOK today. Outstanding selection, competitive prices, and exemplary sales staff. Knowledgeable but not pushy, cognizant of customer needs, personable. Now to wait for delivery! I'm so excited! Thank you!

Deon. Rasmuson Mar 21, 2020

My experience with The Furniture Mall of Kansas was excellent due to the expertise of Lead Home Specialist Joshua Harrell and Peggy Ondush. These two individuals went above and beyond to make my buying furniture experience a good one.. it was great teamwork and I trusted their ability to make decisions without me. That's how In tune they were with my wants and needs. literally furnished an entire 2 bedroom apartment. If it weren't for those two I would have found myself purchasing furniture someplace else.


Furniture Mall is the BEST!


Great selection and very friendly and helpful staff! Thank you!

Jeff Smith

Was greeted with a smile, cookies, and a fresh cup of coffee! And it got even better when a salesperson that is not paid on commission spent hours with me to pick a new living room set with perfect fabrics!


Fantastic selection--if you can't find it here, you better give up..... Cookies and custard were great!


I had know idea what to expect, but was blown away with how pretty it was and real service.

Dave W

Great selection, prices, and overall very comfortable experience! Found exactly what I was looking for and felt like part of the family - Ohhh Yeahhh!!!

Cordero Fisher


Robert G.

Undeniably the best furniture buying experience my family and I have ever had. No sales pressure, worry free. We cannot wait to have our new furniture in our home. Great job!


Great atmosphere, beautiful store with a staff that will make you feel at home. Dont spend your money anywhere until you visit FMOK. Mattress department is phenomenal...!

Amanda Habiger

Terrific assistance by Chase! He helped me find exactly what I was looking for and made the entire process a breeze!

Mike And Emmy Hobart

Thank you Michael and Kelly for a great buying experience! You helped us through a very tough situation with the loss of our furniture and your compassion was overwhelming. Furniture Mall of Kansas will always be our go to spot thanks to these two guys.


Thank you to Sarah, Bryce and Ruth who worked tirelessly with my husband and I to pick out living room furniture, choose fabrics and get us a great price that fit our budget! The last few times we were in the store Bryce recognized us and was always offering help without any pressure. Thank you all!

Jesse Loewen

On Friday night my wife, our three kids and I ordered an Amish dining room table and chairs set, a master bedroom set and a mattress for our new home. We got there at 4:30 and left at about 8:50. Charles, the gentleman who helped us through the whole process of selecting our table, picking the wood, the finish and all the chairs, picking the bedroom set and finally picking the mattress, provided highly exceptional service. While deciding on the table finish Charles grabbed some counter top samples and a bunch of wood and finish samples so we could contrast the table colors with our counters, cabinets and with the flooring samples we had brought with us. This was only the beginning. After picking the Amish table we moved over to the bedroom sets. Charles provided great service in selecting the bedroom sets. However, where he really out did himself was in the mattress selection. My wife and I are fussy sleepers. Charles asked us questions about how we sleep and what usually causes us trouble. Then he had us try out a couple mattresses so he could gauge our feedback and our likes and dislikes. After he had a good idea of what we liked he showed us over a dozen different mattresses until we found the one that was just right. We are "Goldilocks" customers and Charles did a fantastic job of helping us. Charles also, of course, informed us of the available discounts and deals as any good salesman should. I leave this at the end because it really is more of an afterthought for me compared to everything else he did for us. His service was simply outstanding.

Josh Evans

Great Service


Great service

Catherine Sigmon

I had an amazing experience working with Chris Sisackerly in the furniture dept. I had to purchase a bed and recliner for my mother-in-law, who at 92 was suddenly moving from her home to a healthcare facility. Chris not only helped me with my purchase, but personally delivered and assembled the bed and a recliner before she was moved. I'm beyond satisfied with the experience, especially since I had to handle everything long-distance from Phoenix. Thanks a million, Chris--Furniture Mall of Kansas in Topeka has a truly outstanding employee.

Lee Gazzano

Jeff and rage were spectacular gave us great advice and found the perfect items for us


Great service and treats

Nora Evins

Mike was very accommodating. He was very knowledgeable in the furniture we were looking at. Very very helpful.

Ambreen Latif


Tammy Ware

Dietrich was awesome, he expanded our knowledge on mattresses. He spent time in helping us find a mattress that not only felt good but will help my back problems. This is an awesome furniture store to shop at.


I have one problem out or the two items I have bought from them. After letting them know my problems and concerns, Tim was able to set things right to the point where I bought a new desk tonight from them. If you need anything, go to Furniture Mall of Kansas. They will sell you what you want/need not what you don't need. Thank you Tim and the Staff. Keep up the GREAT customer service.


Great Selection and Awesome Staff to work with. We love the cookies too!


Great customer service!

Evelyn Holly

Excellent place to shop, excellent customer care.

Julie Heiman

Tammy was very helpful in choosing our living room set

Holly Rogers

The experience I had at your store was excellent from when I was greeted at the door by Ron, working with Joe in mattresses, and With Mike on purchasing a sofa. They were all very patient. I look forward to purchasing more furniture from Furniture Mall of Kansas down the road.

Leslie R Hamilton

Renee and Jeff are great to work with.

Carol Crawford

Daryl was a great salesman, friendly, and took care of helping me buy 2 chairs.

Maxwell Ravenscroft

Wonderful service! Thank you Jeff!

Paul Kenkel

Great service and explanation of options. That is what caused us to buy here! Good job Mike!

Karen Wright

She did great


We visited Furniture Mall of Kansas in Olathe for the first time and had the most memorable shopping experience ever. Jesse Fisherman went over and beyond to assist us with our purchase and design. Jesse was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful-he absolutely was the best sales person I've ever dealt with! Jesse knew his products inside and out and had lots of helpful suggestions. .He asked us everything about the room the furniture would be in- he listened to us describe what we were looking for and showed us exactly what we wanted. We even found a chair we liked and Jesse carried it across the sales floor and put it next to the couch we were purchasing. He took the time to help us pick out fabric for the chair that would complement the couch and also helped with pillows that pulled together the total look. Please take the time to recognize Jesse Fisherman as the expert professional sales person that he is. I would also like to acknowledge sales person Butch Howez. Butch was very friendly and patient with us while we made our final decision on our purchases. I have already recommended Furniture Mall of Kansas to my sister and parents and I will continue recommending FMK to others.

Maureen Aiken

Mike was very low key and no pressure. Everyone was very friendly. Looks like a fun place to work!

Paige Shoemaker

Mike was great with helping out and working out a plan for myself to get the furniture set I wanted. Very friendly and great service!

Mary Fund

Pleasant prompt service. Friendly. Helpful thank you

Andrea Chaffee

Excellent service

Mary Kate Van Sickle

Mike was very helpful and I was very happy with the items I purchased!

Janet Gilliland

Dietrich was extremely helpful and genuine in ensuring he provided optimal customer service!!! He made my day because he was kind and wanted to be helpful! Need more people in this world like him!, Thank you and I'll be a return customer for sure!

Jacqui Anderson

Very good service

Teressa Martin

Very good selection and wonderful service. I'll definitely be back again.

Carlene Becker

Our experience shopping at our local store was for furniture, was a rewarding experience. The sales staff were very helpful with our purchase, and even gave us free shipping! There prices are great also.

Jason Simonsen

After searching for grill exccessories and misc home items two very polite sales associates Katlyn and Starr helped me find a few items as well as informed me of a bogo 1/2 off promotion on some of the items I was purchasing and in tied me to utilize that while selling me 4 additional items... Being a marketing grad it was nice to see to young dales people utilizing the up sale and marketing tactics while providing a good offer to the customer, I would highly reccomend your store to anyone looking for such items, Thanks again to Katlyn and Starr for the help, Jason

Darla Burgen

Had a great experience. They were very helpful. Will definitely go back and tell my friends about my experience.


Had a good experience here. They had exactly what I wanted, I was able to get in and out quickly with great service.

Debra Nielsen

Super selection, great prices, friendly staff.

Vicki Mccarthy

Really nice store. Very reasonable

Kyle Riddle

The drivers were awesome and very friendly on every piece delivered

Trish Mcallister

Kris was amazing

Cindy Kuhn

Zach took great care of us and was very polite & accommodating to my 81 year old mother who was shopping to furnish her apartment. Very good experience! Will highly recommend this store & Zach to others!


You did awesome with customer service when I got help from Tammy. But not much people to help until then.

Jim Smith

They're great


Incredible selection, great prices and a super friendly staff! Wouldn't dream of shopping anywhere else!


Very helpful... completely changed what we we're thinking would work in our space. Never would have got there with out Sarah's help! Thank you so much Sarah and team!

Sabrina Pitt

Paula spend a lot of time making sure we had everything we needed and Jonna was great finishing the sale.

Adriana Mendez

Love the hospitality of your store! Offering home baked cookies, tea, water, and of course-your custard was delicious. My kids LOVED riding the bikes through the store. They thought that was the coolest thing to do. What a genius idea!! They are still asking to go back to your store for some more fun. Kept them entertained the whole time we were there. We appreciated the knowledgeable employees and the customer service we received. The "2 Joshs" (Joshua Harrell and Josh your in home designer) were an amazing help and made us feel important and took our thoughts and concerns to heart. They were both a huge help in helping us make our decision of purchase. I have already been raving about your store and about your employees to our family and friends. I am originally from Emporia, Ks and remember the original Winter's furniture store. What an amazing success for this family. We definitely will be back!


My wife loves the new sectional we bought! The sales staff entertained our kids while we made the fabric selection and the whole family had a great time! We will be recommending your store to everyone we know!

Don Myers

Always satisfied

Don Myers

Always satisfied with the furniture prices and quality. Thanks to DJ

Alexis Guernsey

Mike was very patient with me, I took a very long time to decide, thank you for your kind service!


Really good service and great helper!!

Ashley & Cameron Parks

Melinda was the BEST! She helped us find the perfect furniture. She walked around with us to find a matching recliner and got it moved to the couches so we could make sure it matched. She was amazin!!!

Becky Schwant

DJ was fantastic. Great service, great products


The selection is outstanding. Love walking through and getting inspiration!

Sherry & Randy

We received such a warm welcome when we arrived; Dan gave us a detailed overview of the store set-up. We visited Veterans Day and Dan quickly thanked my husband for his service and even later brought him cookies so we wouldn't forget them. Peggy was wonderful; she listened to our needs and then helped us create our dream space. John then sold us a mattress set!! We went to 'window shop' and left knowing we would be back again.

Mary Lou Harding

Pam Perry worked above and beyond to help us find what just the right chair and desk.

Joan Haverkamp

Joel Sieff FIFA great job of assisting us. He was knowledgeable and courteous. We will seek him out for our next purchase.

William L Cone

Daryl was very helpful. It is our first time in the store and we will be back with the rest of our furnishing needs. Thanks!

Joanna Moldenhauer

Tammy has helped me twice pick out furniture, both times very helpful and efficient. Great experience shopping!

Debi Putnam

Great service and knowledgeable staff. Thanks Daryl


Joel was a scholar and gentleman. If I could compare his customer service wrestling he would be hulk hogan. I fully intend to make any future purchases from him, brother! Thank you!


Derek is my furniture man extraordinaire!! I have walked him all over the store and changed my mind a dozen times, and he has always remained patient, kind, and EXTREMELY helpful- always willing to go the extra mile. I will continue to look to Derek and the Furniture Mall of Kansas in Topeka to help make our house HOME.

Illa Anderson

Kyle and chuck did great, hard to get the computer to have right address in store

Glenda Glenn

Great job by delivery by kyle and chuck men

Debra And Jeff King

Sandra B. was great! Helpful and pointed us in the right direction all while helping us stay in budget!

Zach Magee

love this place

Gt Ngole

The first and only stop me and my family made. Great service and great environment. It felt like my second home. Denise and Delores were absolutely wonderful. We will be customers for the foreseeable future.

Rachel Mercer

We absolutely love the continued service we get each and every time at at Furniture Mall of Ks. Rich in bedding has been patient and kind each time we've been in. He was knowledgeable in answering all of our questions and went above and beyond to get us extras. Joe, is always knowledgeable and helpful. Jermey has helped us many time with other purchases we've made in the store continues to come to us for friendly conversation! We have absolutely love the customer service we get every time entering Furniture Mall of Kansas

Anthony Ramsey

It came time for us to purchase new furniture, a sofa-bed and dresser. After browsing at Nebraska Furniture Mall we de decided to come here; and we are glad we did! Very friendly and helpful staff esp. you Daryl :) Will be coming back for future purchases.

Terry Greene

KYLE & Chuck did s great job.

Pam Miller

Fabulous shopping experience. Wonderful staff.

Shannon Bannerman

Wow! What major selection and the best prices anywhere, and trust me I have done some shopping around to know!! Also LOVE that the Furniture Mall of owned by a local Topeka family! Best funriture shopping experience ever!

Riley Griffiths

Visited twice in last year. Most amazing furniture store I have seen. Thanks for such great service on my last order.

Jen E

This store is huge and has a wonderful selection. The sales people aren't on commission so they aren't pushy so that's great. Super local store.

Josh K

Awesome place to shop!! Great service!!


Great store with great products, wonderful staff, and nice atmosphere

Mike Kordik

Great prices and great custard!!

Karen Shaul

Beautiful store, great staff, great prices and huge selection.

Connie Rutledge

Great service


Love my furniture

Taylor Smith

DJ was such a huge help to our family!! We are so excited to use our new mattresses! Thank you :)


Dj is great!

Elizabeth Smith

Great service, very informative, super pricing

Connie Wright

Tammy was great!

Mathew Holguin

Steve in the Mattress Headquarters was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He gave us an incredibly good deal, and even went and got us all custard while we finished up the paperwork. Very good experience.

Anne Weigel

Very stressful time needed love seat and recliner quickly. Found what we needed only because of our sales lady...she was great and went the extra mile to accommodate us.

Elizabeth High Fill

Excellent service from Mike and clay very attentive and helpful

Sally Ray

As always ... my experience Store wide was fabulous


Both sales reps have help us tremendously both in design , purchase and delivery


Dolores Beckwith is the most helpful and creative visionary we've had the pleasure of working with. Her talent and service are phenomenal and we will most certainly be using her expert advice again in the near future. She listened to our likes and drew out a plan that "fit" our unique ideas. She worked within our budget and gave us many options too.


Great experience!

Becky S

We hadn't bought furniture in years, so when we went to the Furniture Mall of Kansas we didn't know we were into such a treat. Dolores helped immensely with the fabrics and Jennifer added on with carpet colors. Everything came together great. Thanks.

Kelli Smith

Mike was my salesperson, and he was patient and helpful.

Christina Cunningham

Great place to shop Judy kmable was vet helpful

Donnie Sadler

Our new sofa was delivered on Friday after Thanksgiving. Thank you for sending the 'A' Team - John and Martise were great - they had the old sofa out of the house almost before I knew they were here - the new sofa was in and just where I wanted it and they were out the door on the way to their next stop in less than 15 minutes - where do you find such great workers? Thank you.

Kristi Stewart

Laura was outstanding, excellent customer service! Excited about our new sofa

Elan Or Long

Sandy was very professional and at the same time was friendly and pilite. Thanks to her expertice, I am so excited about my purchase.


Very helpful service and found exactly what we weren't looking for, but they are perfect!

Mathew Holguin

Mike Gordon in the Mattress Headquarters is awesome. I bought some mattresses from him last week and accidentally called him Steve in my review. Went back today for pillows and had to give him another great review (this time under the right name), for once again excellent service. Thanks Mike.

Tonia Borgelt

Bought a sofa from Judy Blair. She was very knowledgeable about fabrics and styles. Very helpful. The delivery drivers were very friendly and polite.

Joe Mason

Went today with just an interest in looking, walked out with a fantastic new living room set thanks to excellent service provided by Kristopher Bolton. We took advantage of the Furniture Mall's BOGO deal and couldn't be happier with our purchase! 11/10 would buy furniture again.


We bought a rug and two chairs from Furniture Mall of Kansas. Jake was our salesman. He was a tremendous help! We were promised our merchandise would be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks and it came in that time period. We were very pleased and will recommend Furniture Mall (and Jake) to our friends.

Crystal Mzhickteno

We received great service from the staff at Furniture Mall!

Linda Kline

Fantastic customer service. All employees have fun and enjoy their jobs. There was no pressure to purchase. We highly recommend Furniture Mall of Kansas. Great prices, too! I even rode around store on a tricycle.

Janey Diedel

Excellent service and knowledable staff from start to finish.

Linda Galvan

Mike was extremely helpful in finding me just what I wanted. And in a very short period of time! Yeah for Mike.

Linda Galvan

Mike was extremely helpful in finding me just what I wanted. And in a very short period of time! Yeah for Mike.

Ziegler Becky

Great experience helping me make my decision. I will give back.

Joe & Sande Gipson

Jana was our saleslady She was so helpful and courteous and polite and friendly was a pleasure to do business with Keep up the good work Thank You ever so much

Amy Gregory

We just purchased a King Cooper Plush Posturepedic mattress with the adjustable and vibrating bases. It is AWESOME!!!! Sandy, our salesperson, was very patient and knowledgeable. Excellent experience in making a big purchase!!

Steve Schwartz

Knowledgable, personable, very helpful

Audrey Chavez

We had a great experience with Sandra Barnett! She was very helpful knowledgeable in helping us pick the perfect mattress!

Marty Snyder

Tammy was friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. She took the time to check on extra time for spending the bonus cash.

Gary Nies

Mike was very knowledgable About the sofa we were looking to purchase. It was very nice experience. We would definitely do business with him again.

Ivan N-mckarnin

Every thing was GREAT

Kelli Streeter

DJ was wonderful! Would recommend them to anyone! Love our furniture!

Cherie Ham

We had a very good experiende today. Mike took his time with us and made several good suggestions that helped us make our decision.

Cherie Ham

We had a very good experience today. Mike took his time with us and made several good suggestions that helped us make our decision. I will come back.

Tandy Wine

We recently purchased living room furniture in the Olathe store. I've never been in a furniture store, or any store for that matter, with such warm hospitality! Everyone in the store greeted us and offered assistance. We were offered something to drink and ice cream (who does that in a furniture store?!). In addition there were all kinds of pastries and drinks to purchase. We had some fairly specific requirements in furniture (color, materials, steel construction, motion, etc.). Sarah was able to quickly direct us to several sets that matched our needs. We also visited the mattress department and were impressed with the demonstration given by Charles. The store itself, layout of furniture and decor are beautiful. It was fun to see how furniture was arranged with accent pieces, making it helpful to decide how we would arrange items in our home. It was pleasant simply to walk around and admire everything and imagine how accents and furniture would look in our home. Our furniture delivery and installation were a month ago. Everything went very smoothly with set up. We are very pleased with our purchases and we will be going back to Furniture Mall of Kansas for our next furniture purchase. Thank you Sarah!

Nancy Bodenhamer

Have shopped at both the Topeka and Kansas City stores and have had great service each time from Sandy and Sarah. Furniture is great quality and highly recommended this store.

Jan Prophet

Tammy was a great help.

Donald Jones

Great commitment to service

Jacquie Hicks

Great customer service Very business oriented, Listened too all my needs and took care of What I wanted. Front door associate was very friendly also. Great cookies!!! Wonderful sales associate Mike. Will go to him for my next purchase.

Kelsey Singleton

Amazing customer service from Sandra and Tim at the Topeka Furniture Mall! They were very patient with us when we were being indecisive. They never tried to oversale it or anything! We really appreciated it! Will be back to both of them for our next purchase!

Brooks Nelson

Excellent staff with useful information. Never over selling just great answers when asked

Loren & Janan Wolken

Friendly greeting, good directions to find what we were looking for. Very helpful, patient salesman who listened to what we were looking for and showed us recliners to suit our needs. Found just what we wanted and ended up purchasing 2 chairs instead of 1. Fast, friendly checkout and delivery set up. Salesman very knowledgable about styles and fabrics and chair mechanisms along with warranties and construction. Very happy with purchases and anxiously looking forward to delivery Saturday.

Rachelle Hazelton

Joel was super helpful. Have really enjoyed working with him and would work with him again.

Linda Krueger

Carol was helpful and really paid attention to the concerns we had with our flooring remodel project. She really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her as the sales associate to ask for when you shop at this store.

Jennifer Inman

I am one of those high maintenance shoppers. I have lots of opinions and will not settle. The good thing about that is I can clearly communicate what I'm looking for. Zach was the best salesman for the job. He clearly listened and gave insightful direction. He made the sale and I was happy to work with him. During fabric selection I asked him for a woman's opinion. He found Megan, one of the designers, and she was fantastic. With her help I decided on fabric selections within an hour. She was seriously fantastic. I look forward to shopping again with either Zach or Megan!

Chris Kollman

Joel was great!!


The prices were reasonable and the service was excellent. We found a great deal on a living room set, and the young man who helped us with our questions seemed to really care about our inquiries. Would recommend FMOK to others!


Dj was amazing!! Knew exactly what I wanted so I was in and out. Ask for dj

Teresa Gull

Everything went smoothly.


Austin Dent helped us for hours on a busy Saturday. He was very personable, respectful, and knowledgeable of what he was selling, he made the whole process very smooth and honestly as easy as buying furniture could be. Definitely would recommend this bright young man to anybody I know. He knows exactly what he's doing and what he is talking about. Thanks for a great experience Austin! Hope to be back in soon.

Mary Pennyweather

I just got home from going to Furniture mall of Kansas! I worked with a handsom dark haired guy, austin dent! He was amazing. He gave me so much incite on the furniture and what not. I loved my experience. I probably gained 10 pounds on the free cookies and custard as well! Great help and all around great experience. Thanks Austin Dent! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Mark Costanza

Bill and Kelly were great to work with as we had to use hour Happiness Guarantee with a recent bed purchase. They were very helpful and truly interested in getting us set up with the right bed. They made the process easy and were focused on us being happy. Great job guys!

Cora Spencer

Great selection and service.

Sara K Dougherty

We had an enjoyable experience buying our new couch! Everyone was helpful, knowlegable and friendly!


I love Bryan - and I love the furniture there !!!

Pam Bertels

Every time I have been to this Olathe store, my experience has been superb from the salesmen to the customer service staff. Just recently Ken and Ryan assisted me with a mattress/adjustable base purchase showing us various options. A few months earlier Ken assisted me with a bedroom furniture purchase being so so helpful and fun. When decisions were made, i always had great service at the front desk area. Special thanks to Meagan who coordinated our delivery date for 3 tickets. Anyway this is the only place i will ever buy furniture from. Thank you all.

Ric Johnson

Their sales people took the time to work with us on options and recommendations. I highly recommend the Furniture Mall for any furniture needs. Peggy and Jesse were wonderful.

Ethan & Loretta Kappler

Long time return customers; Recommend to all who ask!

Mona And Charlie Pope

Charlie and I have always had a dream of a home that looked like a magazine cover.  After being married for 37 years, raising kids and saving our pennies the time had come to try and make this dream come true.  We sold our house, sold all our furniture, bought a new build house and we were set to fulfill our life long dream, petrified to start, not knowing where to start, until we came to Furniture Mall of Kansas. We were greeted by a friendly face at the door who directed us to the design department (we were apprehensive to say the least to have a design team as we are simple folk)  We had the good fortune of meeting with Dusty James and Megan Jones.  They both immediately put our fears to rest and made us feel so comfortable in the process.  Since we (they) were going to design a whole house we walked the whole store pointing out our likes and dislikes, our needs for comfort and clean lines and future disabilities.  They asked great questions and wrote constantly in their notebooks (being retired teachers we appreciated that detail in remembering our needs)  They took in account our special needs, pointed out quality, timeless designs, etc.  They were honest when we picked out something that was uhhhh errrrr not quite right (which we wanted them to do)  What started out so overwhelming and scary actually turned out to be fun and exciting.  We never felt rushed (we were there for over 2 hours)  They made us feel confident and relaxed (and boosted our energy with ice cream - what a nice touch)  Charlie and I always though we were didn't have "styles" come to find out we are "transitional", who knew we had style!  haha A few weeks later Dusty and Megan presented us with a storyboard of each of the rooms they were designing with layout, fabrics choices, and the items we had picked out .  We were blown away.  (that was the first time I cried tears of joy) WOW they nailed it!  We bought everything on site.  With that being put together the second phase was to begin with Megan picking out all those accessories that put that polish on a home and adds texture and interest.  When I do it, it looks like a misplaced dust collector.   Megan worked her magic and made it look so easy, so elegant, but not fussy...livable.  She took us to your conference room and had all the accessories laid out by rooms for us to view so we didn't have to walk the store again (such thoughtfulness)  I was impressed with the many combinations of items she grouped together.  Even Charlie was impressed with her selections....now that is progress when he brags on pictures and vases! The big day came, our dream of 2 full size trucks and a mini van, several people, arrive at our home unloading our dream.  Megan was there every step of the way directing where rug placements should go, furniture placements, hanging pictures, bedspreads laid, even draping the throws on couches and chairs so they were "just right".  The end product is just stunning and I cannot believe we have a forever dream home for the last leg of our lives.  Everyone helped and congratulated us from step one to the end.  We even got follow up calls to make sure we were pleased.  I have NEVER had such caring, friendly customer service as I have had with your company. You truly made a simple home a DREAM FOREVER HOME for us, and I cannot thank you enough. How very proud and fortunately you are to have Dusty James and Megan Jones on your design team with their passion for design, their obvious talent for it and their excellent people skills.  They are the kind of staff that can help a store go far.  Rest assured I have passed my good experiences to everyone who visits our home and a few friends of mine who are ready to do the same thing we did, make their last home a dream home..  I would be most happy to supply more information if needed as I cannot say enough about the wonderful care and service we got from your company. My pictures do not do justice that your design company created, please look at Megan's portfolio and the magic she created for us.

Glyenn Elenburg

Great store with a great variety at any budget. The most knowledgable sales staff anywhere. Rafe and Jessica helped us make a couple selections. We couldn't be more satisfied with our experience

Susan Anderson

We purchased two leather recliners and Sarah Fray was our sales associate. She was very professional and enjoyable to work with. She explained the store warranty on our purchase and we found it to be of benefit for our investment. She was never high pressure in her approach and was easy to communicate with. Furniture Mall of Kansas is a quality store and Sarah is a quality sales associate.

Wayne & Clarice Luttman

Unsatisfied with our recently purchesed mattress we chose to exchange for a diff. brand and type. We were very pleased with the courtious and uneventfull process in doing so. Also very pleased with the help and assistance of Sarah and Ken. Ken also was extremely patient and helpfull with positive suggestions in making our mattress selection. THANKS ALL


My girlfriend and I came in to purchase a mattress protector and sandy was such a great help in finding us the right one! Super nice and helpful!!!! Starr was also very helpful in getting us refinanced. Very quick and nice!

Karen Falls

I've been looking for new flooring for over a year and haven't found anything I like. But today I came in to your store and Carol was fantastic! She was such a big help. I'm very excited and can't wait to get my new flooring installed. I will definitely refer friends! Thank you Carol!

Eileen Krebs

We had recently downsized from our previous home and quickly realized that our large furniture did not work with the scale of our new home. So off to Furniture Mall we went! We were pleasantly surprised to find a gem of a design consultant in Josh McCubbin. Our first purchase was a dining table that Josh helped with finish, fabric selection of chairs, and over all scale and colors to compliment the room. On our most recent visit we purchased a beautiful sectional and room rugs. Again Josh was professional, courteous, patient and most definitely fun to work with. We are very excited to see our sectional in our home and recommend you go see Josh for all your home decor needs.

Whitney Parks

Joshua H has been extremely helpful on both of my visits. He has been patient while I looked around the store several times making sure I was confident in my decision. He listens so well and makes you feel like a priority. I can't imagine shopping anywhere else now.

Peter Colpitts

Jeff White made our mattress purchase the easiest and most enjoyable experience. He was extremely knowledgeable about the different products but was never pushy. We had a product issue after our purchase and his response was .... we will do whatever it takes to make it right; and he did! Our first and only stop for furniture will be Jeff and Furniture Mall There are not dramatic price differences between mattress stores but there is when it comes to service. Furniture Mall does not have commissioned sales people like most stores so you get great customer service but no push for the sale. I will be recommending Furniture Mall to friends and family. Thank you Jeff!

Becky Emley

We worked with Sara F. And found her to be very helpful and professional. Great ideas and showed a great attention to detail. Much more helpful than associates at competing furniture stores we had visited. We are very pleased with our purchase and will be repeat customers thanks to her.

Tammy Grover

Dennis was very personable and worked hard to make sure we got what we wanted. He did a great job.


Paula and Judy were wonderful to work with. Knowledgeable and willing to walk the whole store multiple times to find what I was looking for.

Paula Yingling

Great customer service! Jesse & Delores are the best! Very knowledgeable & professional while making the buying experience fun.

Rebecca Davidson

Excellent experience with Denise and Delores! Thank you sooo much!!


We are in the process of buying all new living room furniture and found the In Home Design to be just what we needed to make our shopping experience so much smoother and easier! Dolores made sure everything would fit, coming up with a new plan and pulled fabrics and colors together that made our experience a great one!


Our experience with the staff at the Furniture Mall was wonderful. They took the time to work with us to find a bedroom and living room sets. We mixed and matched items to make the perfect set for us. The other place (won't mention names) was bothered that we weren't purchasing immediately to allow the sales reps to move on the next victim. Take the time and visit the Furniture Mall before you make your next purchase.

Mark Downey

Very pleasant shopping experience in peaceful setting with large selection

I'm Tyler Mather

I enjoyed my time here friendly staff.


Pamela did a great job helping me find just what I was looking at the best price. She did not beat around the bush or try to give me something I did not want. 100% satisfied!!


Bill did a fantastic job, very patient and friendly. Made sure we got the best deal, they even price match. Love this store, it's great for kids they have trikes, wagons, strollers And free icecream. A great friendly staff, no pressure. Defiantly better than NFM.


Gabe did a great job answering my questions and was patient with me even though I probably asked the same things multiple times. He even helped me with my price match. I would definitely go back. Thanks!

Sarah Lawlor

Great experience! Mike was helpful and got us exactly what we needed.

Jason Mckinzie

Great experience, and we found exactly what we were looking for!


Clay was amazing! Helped find a perfect living room set and we are so happy!

Susan Holland

Nick was outstanding helping me find exactly what I saw online. The 2 pieces were on clearance, he explained all the conditions that applied, was very patient, and spent a great amount of time working with me. I have purchased items here before and have been extremely happy with the items and all employees. I recommend to everyone!

Anne Klaus

Mike Shapiro was very helpful in finding the product I was looking for, he did not rush me to place an order, rather,he seemed to make me feel like I was the only shopper in the store.

Patti Turpin

Mike Shapiro and Catarina were very helpful.

Elizabeth Simmons

Every sales person greeted us! Every sales person went out of their way to help us, answer questions and were very knowledgeable. Great experience -it was our first time shopping too. Bill Jennings, JJ, Carolyn Bradley, Jeff White-all great. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Sheila Townsend

Super great. Sandra was a big help with mattress, will be back to buy more stuff!!

Mona And Charlie Pope

We were so pleased with the work Megan Jones and Dusty James (design team) did that we didn't stop at one room, but we had them redo our entire house! What a wonderful experience! We loved how they incorporated our cherished items with the new items, listened to our "wants" and how they fine tuned everything. Our dream was to have a home that looked polished, but comfortable. We got more then that, we got a home that we have a home that looks like a magazine cover....a DREAM home for us and I will be forever thankful for their help!

Laurie Goertz

Best time ever!


Price and customer service was fantastic! No complaints!

Jackie Johnson

Thanks to Sandra B. And Derek K. I had a great experience today and found exactly what I wanted. Friendly service all around. Highly recommend.

Nehal Mishra

I liked the store as it has lots of furniture collection from different brands as well as I like the customer service. I would like to thanks Gabe for helping us finding the furniture of our need and to be informative.


We had a great experience here. I found a chair that I loved in a great color and they moved it over by the sofa and loveseat we were considering. Seeing all three together helped us seal the deal. They were very kind with our five kids. Honestly, our boys loved riding the bikes around and asked when we could come back. All our kids loved the treats and it was a great way to occupy them during the paperwork. Everyone was very friendly, but our reps Peggy Ondrush & Mike Shapiro were the best! Highly recommend them for their service.

Kevin & April

We went in just looking at beds, not thinking we would buy that day. Sandra approached us to assist. She is very knowledgeable about bedding manufacturers and their products. Sandra ask many questions to help us find the bedding that best matched our needs. She spent a lot of time with us. We did purchase and were very happy with our purchase but equally happy with the purchasing process and Sandra. We would definitely return and ask for Sandra. Shop Topeka businesses!

Donna & Max Halteman

Wow!!! My husband and I just purchased a dinning room set. Our salesman was Jeff and he was awesome. Jeff was so helpful and patient while I kept flip-flopping between tables. We will definitely buy from Jeff in the future. Thanks Jeff Gannon...we had a great time working with you.

Vanessa & Terry Walker

We had an excellent experience with Kristopher. He was knowledgeable and accommodating to our request. We will definitely return.


Great experience with Jacob. Showed me option that would suit my needs, no pressure, friendly and fun and made sure I was happy with my choice.

Ken Redden

Joshua, was an awesome sales person went neyond the call of duty to help decide, much thanks to him

Shonga Cambric-williams

Gabe and Megan were amazing, patient and gray to work with. Wonderful service


Great place to shop no preasure and knowledge sales staff Like Kris Bolton

Kristopher J

"Get to da Choppa!"(by that I mean the furniture mall) With all the great service here "I'll be back".


Chase was the most energetic and friendly person to me and my kids, he really cared about making sure we were within our budget and still able to get what we wanted. He was very knowledgeable about all the furniture and I have no doubt we will be happy with our selection. I will chose him everytime I need something and will recommend all my friends and family go see him

Anna Shain

Joel was very courteous, friendly and helpful. He answered our questions and had a lot of good things to say about the company and especially the owners. He was patient during our viewing and helped us carefully consider our purchases. We would recommend him to our friends. He is a good representative for your store. He was very thankful that we asked to see him since we made an earlier trip there this year.


My sales rep was Gabe - he went above and beyond to help me. Because of a deadline moving, Gabe made arrangements for me to be able to purchase the floor chair. Warehouse staff came immediately, marked it sold, and removed it - which I really appreciated. Michael took care of me at the sales counter and he was fast and knowledgeable also. For those who don't know, Furniture Mall of Kansas has a military discount accompanied by a gift box of their delicious cookies. Once again, they go above and beyond!

Alexandria Diaz

Janna was excellent. Helped me put together my peices perfectly. Made my experience furniture shopping very easy fun and my home looks great.

James Hunt

Very good service


Earn Dorsey and John were very polite and professional.


We had a great experience with FMOK! John Dorsey made sure we were 1000% satisfied. Highly recommended their flooring and furniture. Will purchase again!

Kim Ruddy

Our salesman,Daryl Jones was very helpful and informative. He had excellent knowledge of the products. My wife and I are very pleased with this shopping experience. We are return customers and will be sure to give you opportunities again as they arise. Thanks again Daryl!!

Don Coates

So far good experience. All positive


Awesome customer service!

Jay And Marla Rasco

Just wanted to thank your staff (Mike, Clay, Rafe, and Jennifer) for such a wonderful experience at your Olathe store this past week. I'd been looking for furniture for quite some time and was so surprised at the wonderful reception we received as we entered your store, and then all the helpful service we received on both of our visits. We were able to purchase a wonderful set, and your staff was very courteous and answered all of our questions. They even made it possible to get the furniture delivered earlier than we expected. We will definitely be visiting again.

Adrian Doll

Great selection in store and it work very hard to get you exactly what you want. I highly recommend Pam Perry she is what makes this sore a 5 star store!


What a wonderful experience!! From walking in the front door to having our salesman, JJ walk me to EXACTLY what I was looking for, my experience was top notch. The environment is calm, inviting and hassle free. It's a shame I haven't discovered this place sooner!!!


Great experience.

Rea Gates

Great experience with Daryl Jones.

Joy Hanna

I came into to find my forever sectional couch and Joel was so helpful and helped me from the start of it to the end. He was so friendly and I got exactly what I wanted with his help. Thank you, Joel!

Angie Benortham

Our salesman was Chase and he did a great job. Ask for Chase when u want quick and priced right service


Tim was amazing. Very knowledgeable, and was on our side from the beginning to get us a great set of furniture at a price we could afford. My wife and I are delighted with our decision to shop there.

Gail Padilla

Derek and Judy are a great team to work with. They listen and take the time to make your purchase a great one. Star was very pleasant and made check out easy.

Mary Farmer

Mike was a great help in our selection of recliners and the choosing of a custom fabric!! He was knowledgeable & answered all our questions! We had Great experience!! (plus the custard & cookies were delicious!!)

Karen Bienfang

Jessie is a very polite and patient guy. He was very helpful in seeking and matching prices from another larger store for the table we wanted. Our whole experience was stress free. Thank you.

Cathy Rabe

Tim walked me through all the couches in the brands I was interested in. He took the time to get to not only know me but my style. He also helped me get the best value fit my money. Thanks to Tim and Furniture Mall of Kansas!

Susan Thompson

Shopping for a new mattress was so easy with Nick's help.

Nicole Grittman

A big thanks to Laurie for all your help finding my growing family a new dining room table.

Michael Arvidson

Mark was very helpful and made my experience an enjoyable one. I wish more stores had a helpful staff like this. Thank you!


Cory helped us tremendously in identifying the right bed for us. He knew a lot about their inventory and was patient and never pushy in helping us decide.


Great experience with Mike and Laura!!

Megan Spence

Great customer service! Thanks Kory!


Peggy was extremely helpful during my shopping experience...Very knowledgeable about items and helpful in answering questions. Customer service was exceptional....Thanks Peggy for the time and efforts in helping us..

Caitlin Howey

Wanda was absolutely wonderful to work with. I was hunting for a very unique sofa that I had seen in an ad and was still in production. She contacted the rep for the company and actually got swatches of the fabric that hadn't even made their way to the store yet just so I could see and feel them before making my decision. Her willingness to go above and beyond will ensure I am a repeat costumer.


My sister was looking for a couple new chairs for her living room and Denise took us thru the store explaining the chairs and their merits. She was thorough and very patient with us as well as fun to work with. We leave ok forward to working with her again when the time arises!

David Miller

Excellent customer service! They treated me like I was the only customer in the store! The furniture was very reasonably priced and looks awesome on my new place. Heck the delivery guys even left behind fresh baked cookies! I am definitely a fan!

Sue Grosdidier

I want to commend Laurie in Topeka for her superb customer services. I was looking for a very specific item and she has taken the time to locate it for me. This is actually the second time someone at this store has gone above and beyond for me. Thank you!

David Oldham

Jeremy is a fantastic salesperson. He is helpful, considerate and quite personable.

L. Mark Govea

We have only made two purchases from the Furniture Mall of Kansas with great warm and professional help. (Love their ice cream). I wanted to take the time to express our positive comments on the Delivery Specialist that delivered on this wet and rainy day. Ladrell and his associate were so prompt, professional and considerate. Thank you


I was going to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart and I saw the commericial for your store. I took the chance and went and I was totally out done. first off the two young men that waited on me was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. They allowed me to try several beds until I found the one that I was happy . Not once did they ever try to talk me into something I just did not want. The store was very clean and well stocked. Jesse Fishman was one of the young men that waited on me. They were so good I ended up buying a bed for my granddaughter. Upon exiting the store I was presented with the best ice cream ever. Trust me when I say I will be back. I will also be telling anyone that listens to go see you all.

Cathy Gokub

Way to go on service.

Tom & Carol Horton

We were looking for nice bedroom furniture and thought our only option was manufactured or Amish. Mark and Denise were extremely helpful (and patient) and led us to the Winters collection. We're grateful for the time they spent with us helping to select what would work best for us. It's clear they love their job - they made our day! (Hopefully Mark will recover quickly after that bad fall down the escalator!)

Tom & Carol Horton

I said Winter's furniture in previous review. It was WITMER bedroom furniture.

Nancy Huske

Always a great store to shop in. Greatly appreciated the friendliness and help of mike Gordon and Michelle savana

Lee Ann Phelps

Worked with Denise and Mark and had a great experience. Lots of trendy styles.

Robert Gosselaar

worked with Clay and Jeff. Both were very helpful and made shopping for furniture an easy and fun experience

Nick Allen

Great service

Kathrine Collins

My sales associate, Laura was very helpful and relentlessly searched for the perfect furniture for my home. She was available, professional and transparent. I went to Furniture Mall first and then to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I came back to Furniture Mall in Olathe, KS because of the family, hometown feel. I told them I would prefer to do business with them and keep the business here where I live. They graciously met my price. In addition, I purchased a warranty. I was surprised, should I not excersize the warranty, they offered this as full credit to use in my next purchase. I really was out nothing! Setting up delivery was a breeze. My furniture appointment had a two hour range. The gentlemen that delivered exclaimed this will be your best delivery experience. They were right! After handing us some of your yummy cookies they carefully brought my furniture in and set it up. The following week I received a gift certificate for a portrait to be taken of my family to display in our home. I really can't say enough. Furniture Mall in Olathe is family owned and went to great lengths to listen to my needs, meet my price and make me feel valued as their customer. Thank you, Kathrine

Ian Kuenzi

Fast friendly service

Michael Bennett

Excellent customer service. Thank you!

Sonja Pressgrove

My husband and I were looking for some new furniture for our house and Tim Nold was very helpful in finding us exactly what we wanted. He stayed with us and answered all the questions we had and then some! Thank you Tim for the great customer service!!! Much appreciated! 😊

Kayla Hines

My experience at Furniture Mall of Kansas was great! I worked with Gabe and Kaprice and they were able to get me everything I needed for my new home. They were very helpful and offered great opinions throughout my process. I spent 3 hours there and came out with a new bedroom set and living room set. I would definitely recommend this store to anybody!

Zach Magee

I love this place


Great bunch of people to wotk with. Good quality stuff. Will shop there again.

Stacy Moriarty

We had a great experience when we purchased our mattress & a chair for our living room. Becky and Paula rocked, they were very helpful and knowledgeable. When we checked out the staff at the main desk were very fun to work with, all the staff have a good time there. We will definitely be coming back!

Nicole Mcknight

I looked for funiture for a long time and started with Nebraska Furniture Mart. Long story short, I ended up purchasing my couch at FMOK. I had a pleasant experience, Tammy was very patient and informative. I will be back to buy more pieces. Thank you

Roger Kaster

Our salesperson, Butch was very helpful and very nice to work with. He was very patient as we took quite a while to make a decision.


Kory Gilmore in Home and Sleep was amazing to work with. We came in to look at other furniture and happened to inquire about a bed and bought one with him before we left. His attention to us and the two hours we were there was very much appreciated. We had the best education from him on different types of beds and features. Would highly recommend him.

Sandi Shopteese

The sales person "Catarina" was fantastic super patient. Great customer service and super tolerable with our "humor" during our time together. We kept her busy for 2 hours and ended up purchasing the first recliner we had looked at. She was very friendly and personable. The other staff that also assisted showed great team work with our questions. We also bought the warranty for the recliner. Great experience and will shop again at FMOK. The music was also positive and made you wanna "boogie".

Jeanie Schuler

What do you get when you have a mattress delivered from Furniture Mall of Kansas? Seriously accommodating and nice delivery men AND the cookies they make in the store.....oh, yeah!!! 🍪🍪🍪 Nick was a great salesman, and John and Cody were expert, friendly, efficient delivery men. Great experience!

Mary Marrello

Wonderful customer service very happy with our purchases

Lynda Noel

We had a great experience everyone was very nice and helpful l would recommend Kelly in the mattress department and Zac in the living room department

Dana Mallett

Thank you Furniture store of Kansas for a beautiful recliner and experience.

Laura Stanley

I absolutely reccomend this mall to everyone. They made me feel like I was one of their family members. Thank you Denise, your the best.

Patty Prendes

Shabree was wonderful in helping us figure out our furniture order. She was amazing and super sweet.

Jose Luis Flores

I ordered my couches, last month and it was suppose to come in by 2 or 4 weeks in delivery as you guys told me. But I still haven't received my couches yet??

Paula Whaley

We were greeted with a cookie and drink and were helped by Shabree. She made the experience enjoyable. She was so kind and helpful. I know we will love our new furniture.


Jon was very helpful and knew his stuff! Loved our experience!

Barbara Bontrager

Jax was such a wonderful help today when I went in to buy office furniture. Kudos to him!

Jane Metzger

Jackie and Nick were very helpful and made our shopping experience painless. Many thanks to both of them.

Laura Stanley

Denise was my angel Saturday May 6th. I putchased a couch(flexsteel) and I never could get comfortable on it. So that is where Denise became my angel. I told her my story, and she then told Sarah the manager my story and now I own a black lestherb(flexsteel) recliner and I am happy as can be. I would recommend furniture mall of kansas any day of the week verses these big retailers who just want to sale their junk. Small family owned businesses like FM of Kansas make you feel like family and they do care that you are very comfortable on their merchandise. Thanks to my angels Denise and Sarah I am one Happy customer. 110% satisfied. And to boot the cookies and custard was awesome. Thanks Furniture Mall OF Kansas, Topeka

Steve Hicklin

Very good service and they beat the prices of the competition.

Artheia Hageman

A very pleasant experience. Our sales lady was most helpful and very personable.


Our salesperson was Jeff White at the olathe store. He made our experience awesome! He went above and beyond helping us and making us very happy.

Kristin Charland

Very good experience.

Jillian Fisher

Our salesman was Mark Wolf and he was fantastic! He was insightful and patient as we made our furniture decision. We will certainly request his services for future services.

Shana_b8@yahoo.com Burciaga

Our salesman was wonderful. Very helpful and full of knowledge. If you can ask for help look for Jeff White.


My past couple of visits at the Olathe location have been wonderful experiences. Brian Trauer was our sales associate both times and he was super helpful and friendly. Brian worked hard to help me find the perfect pieces to fit our space. He is easy to work with and went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with our purchases and made the furniture buying experience enjoyable.

Cole Cook

Jax was great to work with! Extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

Jonann Ellner

Shambree was amazing to work with, she was patient and helpful. Thank you!

Christina Wright

Shabree was awesome, great help!

Stephanie Ward

Jax was great!! Thank you!

Charles Ayers

Great experience all the way around. Salesman, Jon, was fantastic making sure we found exactly what we needed!


Wanda was great and helped out so much!!


Great customer service by Zach Voss. His level of customer service is exceptional

Elizabeth B

We enjoyed our furniture buying experience and Jesse F.'s help. We feel like we made a good purchase and are in good hands either way.

Lora H

This was our first time at Furniture Mall of KS and it was a pleasure from start to finish. All of the staff couldn't have been more helpful or friendly. We will definitely be back!

Dene' Beck

My experience was great!! Amanda was very helpful and made my shopping experience easy. Will definitely come back!!

Gary Pruitt

Josh was excellent at helping us find exactly what we wanted.

Ashley Monroe

Shabree was great! Extremely helpful and made my experience very enjoyable!

Thomas Stine

Staff was very helpful and courteous. Shabree helped make all our selections easy

Thomas Stine

Staff was very helpful and courteous. Shabree helped make all our selections easy

Y'sondra Dixon

Jax was a great help and very personable! The rest of the staff were also very helpful. Thanks for all you do!


Very friendly employees throughout the store. Got an amazing deal on our furniture. Will be going back in the future to purchase more items. Jeremy, Jackie, Joe, and Terry were all exceptionally nice people to work with!

Jennifer Haynes

Pam was wonderful help!


The staff was great. Joshua was friendly and helpful and worked hard to help us find our furniture and save money in the process. He was very clear with the options that were available and what our choices and costs were. If we need any more furniture in the future, we'll definitely be heading back.


Jeff was great, he helped us find a perfect mattress and explained options without being pushy.


Great service! Found exactly what I was looking for!


Joel was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Awesome service thank you

Kevin Helmer

Rich was amazing to work with. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. We appreciate our experience with him and will shop here again.

Paul English

Joel did a great job! Helped me out when I was really in a bind and put me in the piece I wanted. Will definitely be back!


Great prices and great customer service.

Nita Gottstein

We had not one, but three sweet ladies helping us. Mindy, Amanda and Ruth were all so kind and very helpful. They spent so much time with us, helping us find the right furniture for 2 different rooms. We got to take advantage of the BOGO sale over Memorial week end and bought 6 pieces. I am so excited to see it all put together. A Huge Thank you to 3 great ladies and all the staff.

Sarah Temple

Nick &a Michelle are awesome people to help you with your furniture and mattress shopping!

Lorna Brown

I had a wonderful time shopping for living room and family room furniture. Delores and Wanda were so very helpful. I spent several weeks in making my selections and they were very patient and had great ideas. I am now waiting for everything to come in. So far I have had one delivery, and the delivery men were great. They even brought homemade cookies with my new chair. I am so glad I chose The Furniture Mall of Kansas.

Lorna Brown

I had a wonderful time shopping for living room and family room furniture. Delores and Wanda were so very helpful. I spent several weeks in making my selections and they were very patient and had great ideas. I am now waiting for everything to come in. So far I have had one delivery, and the delivery men were great. They even brought homemade cookies with my new chair. I am so glad I chose The Furniture Mall of Kansas.

Jennifer Burgett

This was a return trip for me. When my daughter put a couch on her registry at Target, I told her that she deserved better quality. I took her to The Furniture Mall. Butch helped us with everything, including saving us money on a couple of ottomans to go with the couch. I'm thrilled with the quality and price. My daughter is thrilled with her new furniture!

Susie Loyd

Wanda and Delores are wonderful! My daughter and I appreciated their expertise and patience. Now I'm looking forward to enjoying my new furniture!

Jennifer K Murphy

Amazing customer service. Bill did a great job working with us.

Lauren Childers

Terry and Jesse were both phenomenal. I had been there before with my mother and had a bad experience but due to those two and their professionalism I will continue to go back. They were both kind, concerned, helpful, and pleasant. In the end, I got a floor model thanks to Jesse and a very nice follow up phone call from Terry where he even remembered specific details regarding my purchase.

Debbie Adkins

Shabree was amazing and very helpful!


I love this place!

Linda Basgall

Pam was a big help and we loved the furniture


Joel and Mindy did an amazing job!!! We will be coming back for sure!

Jessica O'flannagan

Joel and Mindy were so wonderfully patient and knowledgeable. They never pressured us and were so kind to our daughter as well.

Greg Freese

Very happy with how easy it was to buy my new carpeting.

Melissa Lewis

Mindy was very helpful and spent a lot of time with us. She knew what I needed and found it for me

Lindsay Henderson

Andy, Renee, and Janice were all so helpful, patience, and worked hard in finding what we were looking for in our home! We are so excited about our new furniture!

Carol Lehman

Andy was such a great help. He made my shopping experience a breeze.

Gary Shook

Richard was very friendly and personable. He seems quite knowledgeable of your products and was able to answer all our questions.

Doug French

Bill made everything so simple. Had great knowledge of the product and answered all questions, etc. Bill took his time to make sure we got what we wanted compared to how that other furniture stor I town treats you. We will be back in the future. Thanks again for a great shopping experiene.

Tony Lucero

A gentleman named mark helped me and family find the perfect furniture to fit us for our needs and our transaction went through very smooth ty so much we will soon return to purchase more furniture

Shirley Crawshaw

Great experience

Jen Schenk

Joshua was amazing! He helped us so much with purchasing a couch and ottoman!


Shabree Scales was SO helpful today! We were looking for a sofa and recliner. She was so friendly and patient with us! I'm so undecided most times. She was very knowledgeable too. Thanks Shabree, can't wait for our new furniture to be delivered.


Wanda gave us one of the most helpful explanations about recliners. She was kind and so easy to talk, such an awesome personality. Made our experience completely pleasant. She collected most of our information on that visit so when we came back and met Amanda to actually made the purchase, everything was all set up and crystal cleared.. just as we spoke to Wanda the first time. Amanda was very kind and helpful as well with our few last minute changes in our order. They both have great smiles and attitudes. So friendly and easygoing, they made us felt among friends the entire time :o) I'm actually considering to go back soon myself. But I will certainly recommend this store to everyone I know.


Michelle helped us the first of this year and Jax helped us this evening. Both were knowledgeable, helpful and very pleasant.

Michelle Bessey

Jesse was awesome! So informative and not pushy at all! We left feeling like we were family and have a beautiful new couch! Thank you for great service! And Trent was precious, too! Love this store and its workers!

Jake Reno

Super friendly and helpful

Tamara West

First time customer today. We will highly recommend to others (actually already have). From the moment we stepped in your store we were warmly greeted and offered assistance. Andy our sales professional was extremely well versed in product as well as he partnered with us by asking questions so he could give the right guidance. We were there about 3 hours making our purchase decisions and he remained engaged and courteous the whole time. Great experience that has set a nice benchmark for how customers should be cared for. You should be proud of your business model. It works.

Kathy Taylor

Shabree was excellent, she moved furniture around so I could see how they looked together! Love the furniture, and the store. Bonus bucks saved me $700.00!


Jesse Fishman was outstanding. The best experience we have ever had because of Jesse's customer service.

Cynthia Burnett

Susie our sales person was very personable and good to us. Very efficient lady and we appreciated her help. I had tried other places first because they were closer and by the time I got to your store I was tired and ready to give up. You had what I needed and even though it hasn't been delivered yet I think I'll be happy with it. I will recommend your store to others.

Dalene Moser

Becki and Wanda were fabulous. They were very knowledgeable and fun at the same time. I will definitely come back!

Jan Jones

We shopped there several times and found the experience to be positive one.


The delivery men were very professional and did a great job!

Kay Leiker

Great delivery they were really nice. Great experience

Bob Maynard

...the delivery process was efficient and painless...having two professionals delivering and setting up was a great experience...kudos to Furniture Mall for providing such a great service after the fact of consummating the transaction...great experience from the beginning of the purchase to the delivery...


Good service from sales to delivery,

Sandy Gower

Customer service was awesome. Delivery people courteous and friendly.

Sheldon Vazquez

Customer service was a highlight from start to finish. Especially, the delivery! The two delivery men didn't scratch the walls at all even though two of the furniture pieces went to the lower level of the house and the stairs turned a 90 degree corner. Outstanding experience!


Delivery updates were great! Good communication throughout process.

Jonathan Bozarth

Jax was great! We were able to get the furniture we wanted quickly and delivered fast!

Ed Burrow

Dusty was very good. Todd the installer was as well. Only complaint was the carpet supplier was very slow to deliver.


Great guy and very knowledgeable!

Jamie Bloomfield

Great service. Very knowledgeable. Took alot of time with us. Will definitely be back.

Hong Lee

INCREDIBLE! Whether it was in store, over the phone or delivery, every part was done to perfection. I've never had such great customer service even with Nebraska furniture mart! The product came in perfect condition, on time, the delivery team was very meticulous about protecting my home unlike other companies. Covered my wood floors and even the entryway! To top it off I even received some yummy cookies as a thank you when I should be thanking everyone there! Highly recommend Mike and his team (I think their names were Cory and Dale) for delivery! Very friendly, made sure I was 100% satisfied and I loved how they respected my home as much as I did! Thank you!

Tanya Wilson

Sales staff was helpful and polite. We r looking forward to receiving our furniture.

Jonann Ellner

Friendly, helpful and courteous


Sales staff was great. ... and delivery folks were courteous and rightt on time


Catrena was amazing! Took my 91 year old Aunt to look for furniture for her new place and she was very helpful! She is definitely not the easiest person to sell something to either.

Suzanne Fravel

Sales and delivery staff were great. Delivery staff were on time and courteous Great experience.

Diana Hornung

Jordan and Dale were polite, friendly and did a great job!

Diana Hornung

Jordan and Dale were polite, friendly and did a great job!

Jennifer Plummer

Very professional and polite!

Jennifer Plummer

Very professional and polite!

Charlene Williams

Laura Schoen was awesome she was so helpful to my husband and myself. Would seek her out when we come back. Also the delivery guys were very efficient and So far very pleased with our experience. .Laura didn't pressure us at all ....

Charlene Williams

Laura Schoen was awesome she was so helpful to my husband and myself. Would seek her out when we come back. Also the delivery guys were very efficient and So far very pleased with our experience. .Laura didn't pressure us at all ....

Pat Couch

Jax and Nick were very helpful and courteous while in the store. I came in several times. Each time the recognized me and what I had looked at.

Pat Couch

Jax and Nick were very helpful and courteous while in the store. I came in several times. Each time the recognized me and what I had looked at.

Charles Edwards

Good, Better, Best ALL Quality stuff at the price range.. Also, Best Delivery EVER with Jordan and Dale

Charles Edwards

Good, Better, Best ALL Quality stuff at the price range.. Also, Best Delivery EVER with Jordan and Dale

Grace Lyndsey

Gentleman delivering our furniture were very polite and professional! The sales people at the store were thorough and professional and knew their products they were selling!

Grace Lyndsey

Gentleman delivering our furniture were very polite and professional! The sales people at the store were thorough and professional and knew their products they were selling!

Lauren Conner

Overall, the experience was great! My furniture specialist, Derek, was very knowledgeable and thorough without being pushy, and the delivery crew was very efficient, professional, and polite (the cookies at the end were definitely a bonus!). My only constructive comment would be that when I purchased the furniture, the system had a major glitch and the girl at the counter wasn't able to print my receipt. When my furniture was delivered, we realized that an extra chair had been ordered. The guy who delivered the furniture (Earl, I believe) was able to call and get it credited back to my account and took back the extra chair. Would definitely recommend or shop there again. :)

Karla Werth

What a great experience. Tim Nold was such a delight to meet and he did a really good job helping me make my purchase. No pressure, respected my budget limits and I appreciated his sense of humor.

Mary Ellen Kelly

The entire shopping experience at Furniture Mall has been a delightful one. Judy and Dolores have been wonderful to work with. Dolores has been very patient and professional and is very knowledgeable about paint, carpet, as well as furniture pieces, and putting everything together. The carpet installers - Michael and his crew - did an excellent job. The two gentlemen who have delivered the furniture - Michael and Gerald - are friendly and hard workers and also do a great job. We are pleased with our new furniture and will highly recommend Furniture Mall and it's great staff to everyone!

Gayle Addington

We had a very good experience at the Furniture Mall of Kansas shopping for several household items. Were offered help several times and ended up with Tammy, who showed us good options based on our interests and provided cost saving information. We appreciated the excellent service and ended up very happy with our purchases, satisfied customers. We would return to shop in the future.

Chris & Shelly

Thanks to Rich for helping us find our new mattress and box springs. He made an overwhelming task much easier and in a short amount of time. And Stephanie in customer service was absolutely terrific.

Arni And Mike

We appreciate Bill's help in finding the right recliner, loveseat, and chair to replace our old living room furniture. The 4th of July sale sealed the deal. Thanks, Bill, for making the process painless and easy. We plan to return when we are ready to buy a master bedroom set.




Great service all around. Very happy we chose to buy our bedroom furniture here.

Elaine Meyer

I absolutely loved m shopping experience...Tim was great..just wish delivery time was shorter . Over a week and still waiting for deliver of furntiture.

Jovanna Avila

I love how we werent looked different. Other stores have made us looked like we werent there to buy anything and no one would even try to help us

Jamie Howard

Our experience at the store was excellent and our salesman was very helpful. The delivery went just as well. Jordan and Dale were very professional and did a great job.

Marilyn Parker

Each of my experiences at Furniture Mall of Kansas has been outstanding. I appreciate the excellent and careful delivery provided today by Jordan and Dale.

Brian S

Wonderful experience all around. The sales person was knowledgeable about the products we were shopping for and very personable. The delivery crew was courteous and very careful moving our purchase into our home. Also, (my favorite attribute) they were punctual! Great job everyone! I don't need treats while I shop and the tv commercials are beyond obnoxious, but we'll definitely be back.

Mary Lou Harding

Joel Sieff was a wonderful home specialist. He was very friendly and quite knowledgeable. Very professional but also very easy to deal with. Thanks Joel!!!

Renee Flott

Terry was fantastic to work with! He listened to what we were looking for and made an excellent recommendation. The Furniture Mall of Kansas has an amazing selection. My husband and I were very pleased with our shopping experience.


The delivery men were great. Polite, courteous, professional men that knew what they were doing.

Jordan Straits

Dale & Jordan did a great job delivering our furniture!

Lora Korth

Very helpful

Tamara Bower

Saervice was great. Dale and Jordan where the delivery guys and they were friendly and thorough. Thank you.

Laveda Wicks

The guys did an awesome job. Thank you.

Sharon Garbs

5 star rating for Victor and William for their care in moving the old and new sofa and chair. These gentlemen were very professional, showed me how the furniture can be disassembled and answered my questions. This comment is for the company. It's unfortunate that on this very hot July day the company shirt was black. It's a nice looking shirt and both gentlemen wore it well but the it's the wrong color for summer and a fabric that breathes should be used. This is just my unsolicited opinion. Thanks again Victor and William!!

Tarun Bahroos

Quick service. Got the bed as expected. The guys who delivered the bed very professional and courteous. Got the job done perfectly.

Cindy Heacock

Great customer service ordered a beautiful Classic Omish Oak table and we love it !!!

Heather Jessup

Jax was super helpful we got exactly what we wanted!

Jennifer Thomas

This was our first time shopping at Furniture Mall of Kansas, and it was beyond what we expected. Andy listened to what we were looking for, and was very patient, even when we changed our mind on something at the last minute. He went "back to the drawing board" and adjusted according to our request. When I apologized for the hassle, he responded, "I'm not here to sell furniture, I'm here to make sure you can buy exactly what you want." Wow. He made it clear that us leaving happy was his main goal, and that was just so refreshing. Nothing pushy at all, just genuinely kind and helpful. Would recommend Andy & the Furniture Mall of Kansas to anyone searching for quality items and terrific guidance. Thank you!

Patty Birge

Bill was great! You had our table in stock and we were in and out in an hour. Great selection.

Jeremy Jennings

Delivery guys were great CHRIS and MIKE. The wrong furniture got delivered but they were very professional and apologized for the issue and advised would be remedied.

Tim Anderson

Our furniture was delivered at the scheduled time. Jordan and Dale were great to work with. They were efficient and hard working and did a great job.

Jeremy Mildfeldt

Tim was great and the delivery guys was great also


Very good experience buying recliners. Delivery was within timeframe they gave and delivery guysvery nice and efficient.

Brenda Hailey

I had a great experience finding and picking out my chairs

Joe Nickels

Personnel did a great job delivering new sofa. Very courteous and careful not to damage house during delivery. Thank you

Sara Martinez

Thank you for the professional service!


Very good service. Would recommend.


Delivered within two-hour window. Courteous, professional! Placed furniture where requested. Thank you!

Moriah Montano

Dale and Jordan just delivered our living room furniture! They were quick, polite, and listened to our input.

Janice Mcdonald

Delivery of our mattress was very smooth and good

Bert Grigsby

Jordan and Shawn delivered my mattress and bed. Good guys. Made sure I was happy. Took great care delivering. Very happy . Thank you

Karla Werth

This was a great experience from start to finish. From the sales associate who helped me choose my furniture to the men who delivered. I have made several purchases from this family over the years and never been disappointed. Thank you for the great customer service!!!!

Christy Moon

I absolutely love the cafe, its quiet and the drinks are priced perfectly. Lovely furniture and great staff.

Jennifer Evarts

Great coffee


Great experience. Very knowledgeable


Great experience!! Very helpful and professional. Thanks Mike!

Mark Hurst

Rich was awesome was very patient and explained everything to us. Stayed with us even until paper work was all done. With Mattress and bed frame.


Outstanding knowledge of furniture your sales personal took very good care of our needs and wants and we believe we got the right furniture for our home.

Kay Jones

Cody and David are an excellent team. They delivered, set up, cleaned up, were polite, very professional. Very pleased!

Arni And Mike

Our new living room furniture was just delivered and set up by Austin and Joshua. They were very nice and went the extra mile to connect a pin that the factory missed so the sofa recliner would work. Thanks guys!


We got our couch here and it's the best!!

Sharon Yoder

Wonderful 2 guys


Great job on excellent delivery and setup. Gentlemen were very smooth and quick.

Jennifer Burgett

I love walking through the mall and looking for what I am interested in without being pestered by salespeople. The only issue I had was; I was promised a phone call when the rest of my order came, so that my daughter could pick it up. Six weeks later, she called the mall and found out that the order had been in over a month. Hopefully, this is an isolated incident.

Richard Katzer

We had a specific size dining table and chair set we were looking for and Lori was of great help in showing us everything the store carried. She was very helpful both in showing us dining sets and in answering our questions.


Laurie was fantastic and helped me find a couch I loved!!!

Janet Heimbach

Delivery showed up when they said they would. Polite delivery men. Sofa we ordered put together quickly. We would buy from Furniture Mall of Kansas again.

Kay Ireland

The service was great! We look forward to using our beautiful new furniture! Thank you Judy, Joel and Kenzie! We will be back!

Raynora Charles

Jax, Nick, and Emily are amazing!! I felt comfortable and i did not feel like i was being taken advantage and they were very friendly!!!

Jessica Menge

I stopped in a few weeks ago just to check it out. I ended up working with Jessica who was extremely patient and helpful. She gave me honest customer service and guided shopping experience. Today I received my furniture earlier than my window given to me and Vick and Deron moved around everything I needed and did it with a smile. To seal the deal they left me with some delicious cookies. I was blown away by the service all around. Today's world lingers negativity and I'm so impressed with this company's dedicated service and welcoming atmosphere. A perfect example to where the sales industry needs to be. Way to go FMOK! Thank you, I will spread the word!


Great service great people....i love the way they are so personal and have empathy in regards to your furniture needs. Our salesman Gabe really assisted with helping us that stellar piece. He was very patient and very kind. I will recommend this store to everyone!!!

Reed Plate

Dale and Jordan did great job on the delivery of our furniture. They put down floor protection, etc. Good representattives for your company.

David Johnson

Love the service, you must see Paula, she's the best! She really DOES know what she's talking about and does her job very well! She will make your home look more beautiful and comfortable for days to come!

Roger Duncan

The people that decorate the showroom do an excellent job and everyone there is so helpful and knowledgeable! See Judy and Paula for all of your home furnishing needs. Great Job Girls!

Sheila Coons

Chase did an excellent job and took the time to help us find exactly what we were looking for. We will definitely return in the future.

Annette Birk

Thank you Jax for your wonderful help and made furniture shopping a joy!

Jack Mcdonald

Great service, no pressure. Shelley was attentive but not pushy. Management was quick to help.

Eddie Henault

Great experience all around, from the salesman Tim to the delivery guys Earl and Cody. Very satisfied customer.

Libby England

Andy Davis was extremely helpful and accommodating to our needs. We will definitely be back!

Billie Anderson

Great experience! Found exactly what we were looking for and the sales men were very knowledgeable and fantastic to work with.


Catrina with a "C" made the whole experience of shopping for my furniture needs better than a day at the spa. A no pressure and completely enjoyable experience! Employees like her will keep me coming back. Tara, who processed the paperwork, was just as enjoyable. Thanks you two for the "vacation" experience!

Melinda Lundgren

Mike Horton and Chris Banks did a great job on the delivery today! They were here and gone in less than an hour and I never heard any complaining and they were very courteous!! Thank you!!

Patricia Kirkman

Great experience with you Judy Knable she was so very knowledgeable about the furniture in the store.

Robert Lewis

Love the furniture we bought. Sales people very helpful. Delivery was fantastic. On time, courteous, competent, and careful

Chris & Shelly

Great sales staff at the Topeka store and great and efficient delivery and set up of our recent purchase means we will be return customers in the future.

Leora Martell

The lady who sold us the mattress was absolutely fantastic. She knew every inch of the products!

Barbara Koelling

Delivery was made as promised and delivery men were polite and considerate.

Donna Loyd

Kyle and Kyle did fabulous. Very nice and did a great job they were on time and fast. Thanks so much

Don Schultz

it was great. Everyone was very helpful.

Milton & Roberta Steward

We were very satisfied with the service we received. This was our second purchased in six weeks. Tammy was our home specialist yesterday and she was very helpful . Thank You so much.

Judi Schultz

All the people are great.. Everyone did a great job. Thanks for kind people that work there.


Great service and timely delivery!

Teresa Von Hagel

Wonderful experience from being to end! First we were greeted and store lay out explained by Ron. Was offered homemade cookies and custard. Rafe our sales associate was awesome! He listened to what we wanted...he was very knowledgeable and educated us on the furniture we were insterested in. Never once did he try to pressure us. Rafe went over all the fine details regarding price, delivery, and protection plan (very detail oriented). We will always make Furniture Mall of Kansas our first choice in the future. A special heart felt "thank you" to Ron and Rafe!

Charles Morgan

The in store service was exceptional. Really nice folks. Ordered two power recliners in colors and fabric that we wanted. Chairs came delivered within the time window they told us when we ordered them. The delivery people were very pleasant, hooked everything up and placed the chairs where we requested. Overall we had a 5 star experience and will return for more.

Linda Lane

Great service. Technicians were very nice; also very helpful.

Craig Meader

Earl and Colt did a great job of delivery. clean, polite, careful etc.

Shana Burciaga

Jordon and Dale were both very nice. Table and chairs are beautiful. However it was very dusty when delivered.

Marvellee Self

Joe P. Was very nice and went all out for us.

Chad Nagel

Joe was fantastic! He was knowledgable, eager to assist yet not pushy. Excellent salesman; five stars!

Pamela Kuzanek

Delivery experience was exceptional. On time, very efficient, polite and the set up of the furniture was done well.

Debbie Haas

Delivery guys were great and very professional.

Otis Connell

Very pleased with the service.

Vanessa Dudley-miller

Mr. Earl and his assistant did a wonderful job delivering our furniture today. They were so kind, aware of preserving the items, our floors (avoided scuffing), and went above and beyond. Very happy with their services. Thank you.

Kathy Taylor

Every aspect of my shopping experience has been excellent. From the j itisl customer service, to the follow up, to delivery its has been wonderful. I don't know why NFM is still in business. Once you shop at the furniture mall of Kansas you won't go back to NFM!

Kent Mcdonald

Jordon and Dale delivered and set up our furniture and great job. They were very courteous and friendly.



Peggy Hansen-nagy

Terry was our sales rep and he did a Fabulous job of assisting us with our furniture purchase....knowledge but no pressure...my type of sales person.

Kim Hurley

We had our power reclining sofa delivered this week by 2 of the best guys ever!! They looked around and accessed my house before they even began to move it in. It was really heavy and my doorways are a little narrow but they took every precaution to not bang up my walls. Thank you so much for a great experience in the store and at my home with the delivery! Give those delivery guys a raise!!!! Lol!!

Lawrence Gene Iams

Loved our sales lady Wanda...she went out of her way to help us and answered all of questions...the ease in getting the sale completed was awesome...lived the cookies too!! Nice touch

Mallory Works

Had an amazing experience and got a very good couch thank you so much

Hannelore Herman

Very pleasant delivery person, like my table.


Great furniture and delivery men, Dale and Jordan, were awesome. Would definitely recommend this company to others!

Sandy Cornelison

Jordon and Dale delivered and set up our furniture. They were very courteous and friendly even though you could tell it was very heavy and not easy to maneuver through the house. Janice was our designer. Very nice and gave me great ideas and suggestions on how to decorate around my new furniture.


Earl and Cody delivered my mattress and hauled off the old one. We're very friendly and helpful. Were careful navigating through the house. Ensured I was satisfied before they left. Awesome service. Highly recommended!

Heidi Carter

Kelly was fantastic!! Could not have asked for a better experience from start to end. Very knowledgeable about the products and honest. We will return for sure! Fabulous customer service!!! Thank you.

Monica Brown

Had excellent customer service with Kris Bolton!

John And Carol

We were treated like gold today at the Topeka location. From the greeter who located a wheelchair for us, to Jack (or Jax?) who sold us a table and chairs, to Paula who showed us rugs. And then later, when we returned after hours to find a bag we thought we left. Everyone stopped and helped. Please let everyone know we found it in the back of our car, under some things. We will recommend this store to everyone we know!! The best furniture buying experience ever!


Great Experience starting from when you were greeted at the door to being thanked and escorted to the door. Excellent customer service from everyone we were in contact with. Loved the lay out of the showroom and the great Bogo sale. Thank you to everyone that assisted us In the past couple of weeks. Can't wait for the furniture to start arriving.


These folks, especially Amanda G., made our shopping experience stellar. They provided amazing customer service, attention to detail, individualized support and advice and more. They personalized our search, helped with pricing and were so respectful of our tastes and budget. Amanda was kind, knowledgeable, honest, open and up-to-date with decorating trends. Their patience was amazing. They spent so much time with us! We thank you so much.

Joe Kulbiski

Excellent service and delivery.

Jennifer Gentry

Great job!

Glenn Diedel

Service was done timely and complete. A very pleasant experience.

Lynda Hoffsommer

Sales lady was very helpful in answering questions and helping us make our decision.

Mary Ellen Kelly

Service was completed quick and painlessly - service technician was friendly and professional.

Joyce Butts

Jeremy was absolutely wonderful in his service to my mother-in-law and myself. We could not have asked for any better help and service. Our experience was GREAT and Jeremy deserves a raise!!!!!!

Kyle Makin

We purchased a new mattress. Bill was very helpful and knowledgable and after a few questions was able to find exactly what we were looking for.

Alice Ham

Derek and Ruth gave us many options when selecting a living room sofa, love seat and chairs. They were very professional and sent us a floor plan to help us determine how to place the furniture. Very helpful and with their input we were able to complete our purchase. A pleasant experience. The customer service that they provided could not have been better.

Janie Sackrider

great experience! Delivery guys were the best-quick and efficient!

Bruce Forbes

Excellent service!

Julie Suther

Tim answered all our questions and made our purchase so easy!

Brock A

Excellent customer service!

Louis Faller

Mike and his partner did an outstanding job.

Beverly Davis

Fine job.

Erin Powell

Mike and Chris did great!

Karen Sample

The guys did a great job I have an extra small front door that they had to take part of it off to get the sofa inside. I am very happy with the sofa and the service.

Wendy Mccarthy

Excellent job!!

Michael Smerchek

Missing screws to attach slats to beframe. Installers said I could get at store. Otherwise good job

Connie Groce

Great job very helpful thank you

Sandra Victoria Howell

Great customer service!

Jerri Shields

The guys moved ou old mattresses down two flights of stairs and then had to move our new mechanical mattress set up stairs. I didn't think about how the mechanical base would not be flexible. It was a challenge but they got it done while maintaining a sense of humor! Thanks!

Art Brennan

Very pleased

Cassidy Bartholomew

Great service!!!

Rw Miller

Great guys Very knowledgable

Lynne Saunders

Delivery guys were polite and helpful. A very hot day and I was delivery number 12. Great service.

Melissa Pierce

Mike and Chris did a great job delivering our items.

Susan Koch

Received the best service I could ever ask for from Rich Douglass! I would recommend him to anyone!

Billie Shotts

Great job. Very friendly. Would order again. Nice loveseat.

Barbara Troy

Andy is the greatest! Helpful, knowledgeable, and very PATIENT! I would recommend him to any of my friends or family.

Jeff Johnson

Quick set up and very friendly


The service repair men who came were very helpful and courteous. They did a great job!!!

Nora J Peterson

We drove up from Emporia to get mom a lift chair. Due to a recent fall she has an arm sling and it makes it hard for her to sleep in a bed and it is difficult to stand up from her couch. Chase was so patient while she tried all the lift chairs. He was very knowledgeable too. He and his manager went above and beyond to get a next day delivery to Emporia. Thanks to Tim too for his personal attention and being so nice.

Sharrell Drane

The delivery guys were excellent! They did everything I asked Both gentlemen were professional, friendly, and courteous.

Kathy Moulin

Everything went great & on a timely manner. I would recommend Furniture Mall of KS

Elesia Taylor

Our salesperson Bill was extremely helpful & knowledge. He understood our needs and took the time to make sure we had everything needed and was completely satisfied. The staff overall and especially Dan were very friendly and made our shopping experience enjoyable.

Kevin Pitts

I appreciate the professionalism, care, guidance, and honesty of Tim Nold. Also Rich Douglass. I rate the Specialist who assisted me today well above 5 srars. I am now a life customer of F M of KS.....

Leslie W David

Very plesant experence Kenzie was very nice andcompent sales rep will be back. Les

Becky Painter

Jordan and Dale were AWESOME!! They were exceptional from the moment they got there until the moment they gave us the famous Furniture Mall of Kansas cookies!

Brenda Dyer

The delivery guys were awesome and very helpful in getting my furniture delivered and placed were I wanted. They were extremely nice and helpful. And the cookies were delicious.

Jessica Diller

Very professional and quick


Tyler did everything in his power to help us he was wonderful great we need more people like him in our WORLD thank you thank ❤❤❤❤

Jane Limbach

Butch was so helpful and patient while I looked for a couch and loveseat. He went above and beyond doing research and answering my questions. You have a fantastic employee who deserves recognition!

Kathy Moulin

The deliver & installers were great both times they came out. Very professional & worked quickly.

Roy Davis


Gennene Williams

So, I searched several websites for my ideal dinning table, no such luck. My 11year old guided me to the Furniture Mall website. I Never shopped there before. I began surfing. There were many nice table but none that caught my eye. Then a chat bubble popped up, it was Jacob. I explained what I was looking for and my price limit. He then went to work. He sent me a link and there it was, my dream table. Not only did he help with the table but finding just the right chairs I was looking for as well. Before purchasing I had to see it in person. When I arrived I was warmly greeted by the host with complimentry sweet treats and beverages, Yum! I then asked for my super-internet hero, Jacob. At the time he was unavailable. So his co-worker, Joey tag teamed and led me to my dream table (Display). YES!, it was as beautiful in person than the internet. After ordering and purchacing my table Joey further assisted me with finding just the perfect assessories to match. Again, I told him what I was looking for and again he went to work. Finding it was a success. I told Jacob and his co-worker, Joey that they went far beyond the call of duty to help me. Their comment to me, "No, it is our pleasure to make sure you love your shopping experience as well as the items you purchaced". They made their work seem effortless. This duo is a grand slam! The Furniture Mall "ROCKS"in Customer Service.

Jim Elliott

The guys did a great job and were very carefull in their work. We love our new furniture and the price was great.

Bailey Gilbreath

The delivery guys did a great job. They were right on time, quick and efficient.

Brian Logan

Delivery guys were very professional and treated our home with care and respect. They took the time to talk with us about the chair and made sure we were happy before they left.

J & J

Paula was amazing to work with, down to every fabric and detail! Mike and Jerrol made our delivery a wonderful experience! This was at least our third outstanding experience with Furniture Mall of Kansas and it won't be our last!

Lawrence Iams

Awesome furniture...love the calls giving you exact date and time furniture will arrive...the delivery guys were very nice and helpful.

Donna Bottom

My sister and I had a very pleasant experience while shopping for furniture at the Topeka store on Wednesday. Your employee, Joe, was very helpful and patient while showing us the different lines of furniture and explaining the qualities of each, helping pick out the materials for the furniture I purchased and explaining the completed order and savings. We got there around 11 and left at 5 and his patience was amazing. I will ask for him when I come shopping again and will recommend to my friends to also ask for Joe when shopping in your store.

Kyle Roberts

All good

Pamela Podawiltz

Good service

Rodney Wagner

Very satisfied with furniture. Delivery personnel were very careful,kind,and professional.

Stephen And Kelly Barber

Micheli and her team did an amazing job with our master bedroom...they listened and patiently worked with us and we love it!!!

Elizabeth V. Wunder

David & Josh were very professional in setting up my Sterns & Foster bed.

Kathie Bletscher

The delivery guys did a great job. We were very satisfied with everything!

Monica Brown

My furniture was delivered today and the guys where awesome...they where kind enough to take my other furniture to the garage for me!

Deborah K Debenham

Earl Dorsey and Cody were very polite and professional. Both cared about being helpful and doing there job well. We couldn’t have asked for better. We appreciated their kind and efficient service.

Glenda Kuhl

Larry was absolutely wonderful. He explained what was wrong with the chair, and showed me. He fixed it graciously and we even had a bit of fun in the process. Not often that you can actually enjoy a service call! I could not be more pleased.

Dave Tew

Very helpful

Elesia Taylor

Matt was very helpful, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Liz Ross

Janna was very friendly in the store at the mall. she helped us pick everything out and was very patient with us. however, i didn’t receive the correct pillows with my couch. my coffee table has a piece of wood chipped out of it and hot glue on the surface. i sent photos to the consultant and didn’t hear back. i called when i received the wrong pillows(table and couch were delivered separately) and i believe jennifer? answered and she is also the same lady that handled all the deliveries i do believe. she was very polite and apologetic about the error. i haven’t got the table issue fixed yet. i’m overall satisified except for the errors, which they do happen.

Michelle Shippert

Carol Bradley was wonderful and friendly. Quick service and loved her work and raved about the co. She works for. I will always ask for Carol when I come again.

Tracey Meredith

Our salesman was great and the 2 gentlemen who delivered our furniture were very nice and informative. Overall it was a great experience.

Sherley Mcguire

courteous and friendly help


Did a great job repairing the sofa. Very courteous and professional.

Jerry Jackson

The two gentlemen that delivered the love seat were very friendly and courteous.


The delivery crew did a great job!

Tricia Turner

The guys that delivered the furniture were awesome. The couch was heavy and they did a proffesional job of bringing it up the stairs with a hard turn. Glad these 2 were on thr job. Most people would not have been able to do it. Thank you for wonderful service.

John Clark

Delivery was fantastic

Shawn Miller

Guys were very nice. Put the furniture right where we wanted it. Made sure everything was what we ordered.


Tim did an awesome job listening to what I needed and then showing me something even better than what I imagined! He answered all my questions and was very helpful. Star was great in getting my recliner/loveseat ordered. I am happily anticipating many years of enjoyment from my purchase.


Love the wide variety of selections!


Love the cafe and the atmosphere


If you are in need of furniture you must ask for Jessica! She listened and made a list of my must-haves, she reassured us every step of the way, and she found us the perfect table!!! She was amazing with colors and her product knowledge was through the roof! I swore she was the Amish manager but she humbly told me no, she just loved the product. She made it to where we felt like we hit the jackpot after leaving the store! Thank you Jessica for spending so much time with us and caring about us! The custard was amazing too!

Ron Reust

Kinsey was very knowledable and friendly! We will ask for her again.

Paul Sterrett

Friendly, knowledgeable sales people. Great selection. Good prices. Clay was very helpful.


Nick was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us fine our new mattress!


We continue to return to the furniture mall because of Will. His knowledge coupled with his no-pressure attitude have made buying our bedroom sets the perfect experience. Oh, the cookies are pretty great too!

James Stevens

The staff was amazong. They were helpful without being pushy. They even gave us cookies. Buying process was very easy.

Leisa Burk

Great experience thanks to the wonderful help and assistance from Rafe! First time shopping there and definitely not our last.


Friendly greeting. Excellent assistance from Will. Good quality choices. Prompt delivery. Tasty cookies and coffee.

Patti O'neill

Carol did a great job! She was attentive and interested in what I was looking for and gave me thorough information.

Donnie Byers

Will was very helpful. Fast and efficient service. Great cookies and custard on the way out. Thanks

Chantelle Lewis

We were looking for a lift recliner for our 83 yr old mother. Tim was so knowledgeable about the options and was so patient with her, explaining how to use it and making her very comfortable. Madison was enjoyable and friendly and helped us with the checkout process. Our mother enjoyed the visit very much. Thank you.


Friendly and professional, Larry and Mike did a great repair job on our loveseat


Lori was wonderful! She was helpful, and checkout was very quick


Lori was extremely helpful and patient with my busy wife. Truly, if Furniture Mall gave out medals, I would recommend her for the highest honors for tolerating both a physically and mentally challenging event, such as furniture shopping with my loving wife.


Excellent customer service


Larry and Mike came to my home to repair a Chester drawer that was broken. They were both very courteous and friendly. Their expertise was greatly appreciated on some questions I had. I would give them 10 stars if that was possible. Thanks guys!!!


Coral was great answered all are questions. We will be returning soon. Great experience.


Great service! Delivered at the time they said they would and got everything put together quickly and were very professional!

Kathy Tanner

Hard working delivery team set up my furniture quickly and expertly.

Dan Lill

Great service!


Mike was very helpful

Mark Dodds

Great experience. Marilynn was terrific. Thanks!!

Wayne Davis

Carol was good to work with

Karissa Stiers

Excellent service!!!

Sherrill Martinez

The delivery went smoothly and the gentlemen who made the delivery were very polite and efficient.

Rachel Evans

Excellent customer service. Matt was extremely helpful and able to get us exactly what we needed, when we needed it.

Benjamin Grover

great service! Jon helped us and showed us exactly what we were looking for! friendly and easy to talk to!

Scott Brunkow

Everything went very smooth. Good guys.

Ewing Larry D - Topeka Ks

The task was more than expected but the guys took the time to do it right. Very pleased with the service once the parts were secured.

Teresa B

Great experience! Outstanding customer service! If you have not been to the Furniture Mall of Kansas you should go!

Karen Bargabu

Joe Punches was very personable and helpful. I will be back after Christmas!


Matt was very informative and knowledgeable. Looking forward to shopping with him again.

Vicki Conway

My husband and I purchased a new bedroom set from your store. We had found it at Nebraska Furniture Mart but our sales person, whose name is Kaprice, looked up that specific set and said he could order it and match the price. He was so helpful and nice and not just concerned with making the sale!! Plus the personal and welcoming feeling of the store is refreshing. The cookies and beverages are a nice touch also. We will be back. We need living room furniture.

Roy Lambright

Matt was awesome. 6stars

Pete Brumbaugh

From entering the Olathe to exiting (after purchasing a queen mattress set), we had a very enjoyable experience and will be back for a living room set.

Jan Fountain

The guys were punctual and professional. Very nice


Awesome service, great job from Matt and Janice!

Thomas L Ortiz Jr

Awesome service. David and Josh was great. They handled everything and was nice. Thanks guys.

Peggy Griffith

Great Customer Service. Knowledgeable and professional.

Chris Meisberger

Excellent variety of living room sets to choose from! Enjoyed the buying experience, Matt was very knowledgeable. Answered all of our questions. Excellent experience highly recommend.

Rich Evans

Kenzie Hurley went above and beyond!

Debbie Girard

Wonderful help and took a lot of time to help choose something that would make me happy. Answered all of my questions. Always love shopping experience. Just wish they could have offered a bit linger financing option for the amount I spent. But enjoyed my experience and will be shopping there again.

Sarah Lundeen

We couldn’t be happier with our experience. We came back several times while making a decision on our sectional and each time we were greeted with helpful, cheerful, and patient assistance. Derek was especially helpful, walking us through the process and answering all our questions. We never felt pressured and he worked with us to the very detail to make sure we walked away completely happy!

Stephen Lusk

The delivery guys were in and out quickly and efficiently.

Cindy Brown

Very professional and friendly.

Jeff Burgos

Hreat service


Good service all around

Adam Dirks

Great service!

Rudy Serrano

Jax was very patient and he helped us get through a difficult sale and didn’t push us was very relaxed and didn’t force us into anything.

Glenda Browning

Everything courteous and professional.

Karen Schiffelbein

Very pleased with service. Tammy was knowledgeable on the recliners. Ended up buying couch and loveseat also. Once we get them will be back for possible lamp.

Becky Holm

Jeremy and Brenda helped us with recliners and were especially helpful in color selection and style. They were making sure we were both comfortable as far as how the chairs fit us! They were very helpful!

Lisa Peavler

Everyone was helpful, knowledgable, and very nice. Would diffently shop there again.

Anna Yoho

This is the 2nd delivery we’ve taken from Furniture Mall- both times have been most excellent. The delivery of a new recliner on my husband Stuart’s 60th Birthday made it perfect!

Jamie S

Great service from Daryl! We purchased a bedroom set.

Tracy D Cox

Larry Latham, service manager, came to my house to do a service repair on a Flexsteel recliner. It required a new electrical switch. It was a bigger job than I thought,but Larry knew exactly what he was doing. His expertise was much appreciated.

Tracy D.

Larry Latham, service manager, came to my house to do a service repair on a Flexsteel recliner. It required a new electrical switch. It was a bigger job than I thought,but Larry knew exactly what he was doing. His expertise was much appreciated.

Dale Lake

Daryl was extremely helpful and friendly. We were able to find a new bedroom set and comfortable mattress. We were happy with the service.

Larry Moss

Delivery was polite, friendly and professional. From purchase to delivery a very good experience. Would highly recommend this company.

April Gaer

Excellent products, Kenzie and Terry we amazing and so helpful to us!!


Nick was very knowledgeable about the living room furniture even though his specialty was mattresses. Thanks or your patience as we selected our pieces!

Steve Rezin

I live close to the Mart but we keep going to the furniture mall Sales people are helpful and knowledgeable Delivery people are courteous and on time.

Shawn Maisberger

Had a great experience. It was easy and fast process to purchase. Of course appreciated the BOGO!

Mark Myers

What an amazing furniture buying experience. Ron met us at the door and could not have been friendlier. He told us all about the store, offered us cookies and drinks. He pointed us in the right direction for the recliners we were looking for. The store layout is perfect. Not a huge mega building but exactly the right size with SO much to see and to choose from. Great inventory of beautiful quality furniture. We then met Rebecca. She was SO wonderful to meet and work with. She was so patient with us as we looked at all the recliners. She helped my wife with fabric choices. She took time to make sure everyone of our questions were answered. Rebecca is an asset to your store and we really appreciated her. In all of our furniture buying experiences here in the metro, this was truly the very best! We are telling all our friends of our wonderful experience at FMOK. Thank you Ron and Rebecca!

Mike Balint

Delivery personnel were great. Friendly and took care to move furniture Arrived on time and called ahead


The delivery guys were awesome. They arrived on time and were quick.


Joe was incredible and very patient. Made the shopping experience awesome!


After buying a sofa, chair, etc I came back and asked for the same sales people..Greg, Julie and I spent time trying to find the right furniture for me. They were just as patient with me the second time around as the first. Thank you so much for a great experience. I had tried Neb Furniture Mart and no where near the experience I had with Greg and Julie. I wish them success at your store and feel they are fortunate to be employed by you and you are fortunate to have them on your team. God Bless


After buying a sofa, chair, etc I came back and asked for the same sales people..Greg, Julie and I spent time trying to find the right furniture for me. They were just as patient with me the second time around as the first. Thank you so much for a great experience. I had tried Neb Furniture Mart and no where near the experience I had with Greg and Julie. I wish them success at your store and feel they are fortunate to be employed by you and you are fortunate to have them on your team. God Bless

Shelly Pickett

Great service.

Jan Nichols

Jax was very helpful and hospitable. It was a pleasure doing business with him.


Sales person Kenzie was very helpful an took all the time neede to get what we wanted. The delivery crew were great and on time as promised, actually they were early but called ahead to make sure being early was ok.

John Kotulak

We had a very good experience

Amanda Gallegos

Great place to shop

Tracy Movk

Always a pleasure to shop here and customer service is great!

Carolyn Francis

Wonderful service.

Sarah E

The furniture delivery team was awesome! When getting a king size bed delivered I had problems in setting up the bed frame, but David jumped right in and provided the best customer service. Everything was set up perfectly before they left!

Cheryl Farmer

Sales staff was very informative. Pleasant to work with.


Website confusing...how do I log out?

Sarah Williams

Jax and Sarah were extremely helpful when we came in for a new living room set. I would highly recommend!

Brenda Allen

We came in not looking to buy at this time. Laurie Goertz impressed me with her approach, not intrusive and comfortable, made it easy and enjoyable to discuss our ideas with her. I was especially impressed when she noticed what we were looking at and got us more for our money, plus now we have a brand new living room which exceeded our expectations. Her professionalism and knowledge were right on key and we will definitely look for her assistance the next time we are in your store. Thank you so much for a Happy New Year surprise!

Barbara Spicer

Devon & Josh just delivered our new furniture- couch, chair & recliner. They were very professional, courteous, helpful & friendly. All in all we have had a great experience buying from the Furniture Mall of Kansas!!

Mary Blodgett

We were pleased with the gentlemen who delivered our furniture. They were very courteous and on time and did an excellent job of getting the new furniture in and placed where we requested. Your sales personnel were all very professional and friendly. Thank you for a great buying experience.

Hannelore Herman

I recently bought a sleeper couch and when it was delivered they could not get it in the room even after 4 times trying. They took it back and when I went to the store they told me since it was a special order I would loose 20% . A young man that was listening to my story, said he could get it into the room. They came and got it in on the first try , saved me money and I got my couch. All they did is take the feet off and the door to the room.

Dawn Murray

Very professional delivery. Nice and polite gentlemen.

K Rogers

Great prices and service!

Vickie Combs

happy with service & delivery, very nice!!


Just bought furniture yesterday spend 6 hours trying to decide what we wanted to fit our living room. Melinda was great never felt pressured ask her to let us talk she left gave us time. It was a wonderful experience so far. We special ordered one item so it will be awhile before we receive furniture so can't speak to delivery or product yet will update at a later time.

Rowena Regier

Olivia and Jeremy did a great job listening to what we wanted and helped find the right pieces. We enjoyed the experience.

Laura Bryce

Kristopher, Joe, Jenn and Jax were the most awesome folks we have ever worked with. Lively, helpful, and courteous. THANK YOU to them for making our experience a great one!


Kristopher, Jax, Joe and Jennifer were all so very friendly and helpful. Our experience at Furniture Mall of Topeka couldn’t have been any better. These folks deserve recognition!!!

Maryjo Anemaat

OMG! Best shopping experience ever! Tim Nold was patient and followed me around the store while I was on my mission to find the perfect accent chair to compliment the sectional we picked out. Once we added Paula to the mix, it was design success! Thank you also Jordan and Kris for all the attention during check out. Selection and quality was amazing. So happy we made the trip to the Topeka store.

Jason Schutter

Jax was very helpful and enjoyed all the help he offered us.


Kenzie helped me pick out a beautiful rug for my living room. The rug was hanging and she had some other employees to take it down so I could see it on the ground. They were all so happy to be helping. After deciding on a rug that I wanted, she walked around the store with me for about an hour helping me find accessories and pillows that matched the rug. After paying, zhe also had 2 other employees carry the large rug to my vehicle. She was so personable and helpful during the whole process, giving design, color, and pattern tips. I give this store 5 stars, as well as all their employees, especially Kenzie.

Jane Kelly

Delivery was much sooner than I expected & earlier than expected!

Jane Kelly

Delivery was much sooner than I expected & earlier than expected! And Joe at the store was great to work with & very helpful.

Lisa Sandmeyer

After receiving a voice mail saying I needed to set up delivery, I called four times and couldn’t get a human. I left a voice mail to which no one responded. When I did talk with a live person, he said he personally listened to all the voice mails and there wasn’t one from me. Delivery was delayed probably at least a week because of this.


Butch was super helpful. Found be just the right couch and loveseat I needed to fit my space. Delivery was not as quick as I would have liked but resonabile and the guys that delivered were great. Fast, friendly and even brought me a cookie. Overall was an excellent experience. Will definitely shop here again!


Delivery staff were very friendly and did an excellent job of getting my sectional set up. Only thing I would suggest is when wet/snowy out to have one worker stay inside with shoes off to decrease all the tracks.

Craig Bucl

Guys did well never complained about the situation Great full


Kenzie was so helpful in the process of choosing a sectional and the leather we wanted. All of the staff is knowledgable, kind and patient! We will definitely be back again soon! Thank you Furniture Mall of Kansas!!

Susan Gillam

Very warm friendly abd helpful people. No pressure sales and a homey environment make it a very relaxing place to look around and see things. Judy was awesome and nick very helpful. The only problem we encountered was the headboard pkg we purchased did not contain any of the screws, nuts, bolts, brackets that are required for assembly. We called immediately and they are looking into why this pkg was not complete?? Very odd.

Kevin Heimiller

Professional and courteous. Great experience with the delivery crew.


Kenzie and Mark at the topeka location are awesome and super helpful!

Lux Sands

The best snickerdoodles ever, and served warm😋😋

Tim Eaton

Carol provided a great experience while shopping for floor covering. Very knowledgeable and in tune to our needs. Also was the most affordable of 4 other retailers.

Gay And Ron Newton

Sunday Feb 11 at 12:23 AM Judy , was great , have been working several months with her. She goes extra mile helping, been shopping since October, found your store in December , and met her, knew that I was going to deal with her. We drove from St Joseph instead closer Topeka ,because of her knowledge , and was such a nice sales person, not pushie.. you And her will be our choice from now on. Yesterday ,we met Ruth, she put furniture in room on computer, that was so neat, and she was such a pleasant person, she suggested a lamp or table, so we could have more light in room,since I mentioned room always dark. There was not enough room fit table in ,to put lamp on, after her working to fit in on computer.Judy then went to look for torchure lamp which love and purchased. The next thing was buying a mattress,Judy wanted us to talk to Becky, since needed a knowledgeable person, she was somuch fun, and so full of knowledge. Her flamboyant personality was so fun. She showed the difference in quality, and then said wanted. Us to be comfortable with what spent. She explained difference very well and found one that fit out budget. The greeter with the cookies was such a nice touch.. , Judy and the other 2 made such a fun experience, for purchasing furniture,the way it should be. Can't say enough about the store, Judy, Becky Ruth absolutely love it.. I am not internet savvy , but hope you can post this on your website or Facebook . Thanks so much, sincerely Ron and Gay Gay Newton 1:07 pm Sun FEBRUARY 12 Gay and Ron. We are so excited for you to have found the furniture you wanted and needed in an environment that is so creative and inviting. So glad that you saw Judy's dedication to your satisfaction early on. We hope you enjoy your purchase for a long time, Stop in again soon for a fresh cookie and custard and check out our ever changing store.

Cindy Jones

They did very good and were very nice! They helped us a lot. :)


Super good soft cookies even served warm

Bruce & Mary Files

Tammy of your Topeka location was extremely helpful in our latest Furniture Mall purchase. We came to your store looking for a style of furniture that wasn't typical for us for one of our rooms. She listened keenly to what we thought we wanted, guided us with her excellent knowledge and showed us several beautiful pieces that we liked. However, halfway through our time with her, we totally changed gears on her after seeing a piece of furniture totally unrelated to why we came into the store. She did not become flustered, impatient or confused. Instead, she quickly adjusted to our new and different furniture search, which was for an entirely different room, and helped us make a purchase for that room. We will be back to work with Tammy on the original reason we came to the Furniture Mall soon. Also, lastly, we would be remiss to mention that we greatly appreciated the lady who greeted us warmly at the front of the store, offered us refreshments, AND introduced us to Tammy. Thank you very much, Tammy!


Thank you to Tammy and Delores for their patience while I was repeatedly indecisive and took many trips back to the store to make my ultimate decision. Both were knowledgeable and offered great ideas. I appreciate the assistance and am looking forward to my delivery!

Erica Wyatt

Jeff and Kenzie were amazing and very knowledgeable on beds and mattresses that we were looking at. They helped use stay in budget.

Rae Ann

We got a good couch and Derek is the bomb.

Jessica Gisick

Thank you Jeremy for your amazing help getting me the perfect bed

Megan Scott

Mark was very helpful in helping me pick out my new living room furniture very personable thanks Mark!!!


Very warm atmosphere. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful. The guy who helped us was great!! Looking forward to getting our new furniture and any more we would need in the future.

Anita Robb


Ashley Teneyck

Great quick and easy

Dorothy Bryan

Jax was wonderful. When I came in, I walked around downstairs twice and no one asked if I needed anything. I went upstairs and Jax helped me completely. Not pushy -spent his time and overlapped his lunch to assist me in picking out the perfect piece.

Pamala Miller

Jax and mike have been super helpful and i would recommend both of them!

Randy Goldsmith

The guys were super. They made sure we were pleased. The did a fantastic job getting our new furniture in the house and arranged where we wanted it. Always a pleasure to shop and purchase at Furniture Mall of Kansas. We will be back got our next purchase. Always great salespeople at the store that are fantastic to work with.

Donovan Grace

Excellent job and very helpful

Kyra Stromgren

Jax was super helpful and informative. He was also very friendly. We have always had wonderful experiences here at Furniture Mall of Kansas.

Amy Stierhoff

My husband and I went here for the first time today looking to buy a new couch and we had such an awesome experience! They had a very big selection to chose from. We worked with Brenda and Stephanie and they were extremely helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. Brenda spent a lot of time trying to find us exactly what we wanted and Stephanie helped us with financing and was very great with our kids who were getting impatient! We also ended up buying an entire living room set because their prices were VERY reasonable. We plan on returning here for any of our future furniture purchases!

Flo Beasley

Delivery went well. Polite men. Had to staple backing on the foundation. Off from factory not their fault. They did a very nice job.

Alice Smith

Just purchased a couple of chairs. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Brenda, Joe and Kenzi were very professional and knowledgeable. Great experience!


Great selection and very helpful staff! Excellent delivery team!

Sammy Smith

Helped to find a great new mattress to replace the old tired one! Definitely helpful and listened to what we need!


Thanks joe for helping find a new dresser!

Steven D

Mark was very helpful and personable.

Artijane Crain

Customer service was great! Delivery was even better. Very helpful. Love my quality new couch! Would recommend!

Artijane Crain

Customer service was great! Delivery was even better. Very helpful. Love my quality new couch! Would recommend!

Mark Laird

Our sales presentative Julie spent 3 hours with us one day measuring, picking out fabrics and accessories. Paige helped us for another hour and they both did an excellent job

Nathan Brown

Willing to help with whatever was needed

Traveon D Stewart

Olivia's service was amazing. She was very helpful with our now not impossible task of furnishing our home.

Regina Ann Nickelson

Words are indescribable for my experience and genuinely compassionate authentic expertise family and team-players from Tim, Jess, and the cashier(for got this beautiful souls name) so sorry. Very grateful/appreciative splendid shopping experience ever! Keep up this fantastic reputation. As always, with peace, sincerely, Regina

Maureen B

This family furniture store is wonderful..from friendliness of staff (thanks Kenzie!) to the local goodies at the cafe, this is the place to shop!

Vikki L. Mitcheltree

So much better and different from Nebraska Furniture.

Dawn Palmberg

Very friendly and careful bringing furniture into my house.

Tammy Anderson

I have been buying furniture at the Furniture Mall for over 10 years. Have furnished my home. And wouldn’t think of going any place else. Best customer service ever. I would highly recommend this place to everyone and already do. Thanks for the great furniture and great customer service.

Erica Hughes

Beautiful furniture and awesome movers. Very nice, polite, and courteous. High quality customer service from the purchase to the door! Highly recommended!

Linda Hill

I was a little concerned that the delivery was made in a Penske rental truck and the employees wore nothing that signified they were from the store. Otherwise the delivery was great !


Excellent customer service at the store as well as great delivery services.

Augustine Martinez

The deliver guys were professional and quick. The salesman was very helpful and personable. Would do business with him again.

Tara Murphy

Howdy come in cafe is grwat. Autumn made the most scrumptious jazzy java!! I will be craving them!! #moveoverstarbucks


Jax was amazing! Looking forward to doing more business in the future!


My husband and I stopped by the store and purchased a sofa. Our salesperson Butch Howze was very knowledgeable about the products and provided excellent customer service.

Paul Brown

The service persons that delivered the mattress were very professional and efficient.

Maria Riddle

Super friendly salesman Rich. Great delivery team. 5 stars all the way around!


I have bought fromFMK several times before, but my most recent purchase was the best by far. The team of designers helped me put an entire apartment full of quality furniture tithed on an extremely tight budget within a matter of three days. I would like to give a special thanks to my salesperson Laurie Goertz who even came in on her day off to make sure I was happy with my purchase then helped me make moving arrangements to my new home. Thanks again! What a great bunch of team players!

Jan Rayl

Great customer service. Very personable and knowledgeable. Thanks much.

Judy Lacock

Knowing Joe for a while and he was super great and finding us the chairs we needed!!

Ron Dewitt

As a returning customer I have certain expectations from the staff.Theyexceed them every time. Joe is knowledgeable courteous and a professional. Thanks.

Tava Weidenbaker

Joe spent so much time with us today. He helped us put the room together by moving laps and even rugs. He did all this with a smile. He gets an A+ for his awesome customer service.

Deena Ford

Joe was very helpful and patient in helping me decide on the purchase that was right for me.

Austin Burrow

Greg was extremely helpful in helping us find a living room furniture set. Thanks Greg!

Carla Crowder

Excellent service


Jax made the experience easy1

Jennifer Cain

Good service polite

Lorenzo Antley

Joe Punches was phenomenal. His knowledge of product was astounding that I purchased more things we needed for the home. I'll give him 6stars if I can.

Bruce Cook

Very efficient and polite

Dinah Dykes

Great help from Joe. And cookies are delicious.

Anita Evans

The delivery crew did a great job with setting up the couch and chair. They were very friendly and courteous. They even brought me cookies! Thanks!

Kay Kopp

Joel our sales associate made our 1st visit to FMOK a wonderful experience. He was helpful beyond belief, his knowledge of furniture was so impressive. My husband and I will definitely be return customers due to Joel.


Thank you, Jeremy, for a great customer experience for a second time. We appreciate that you always ensure our needs are met. We will continue to request your help during future visits.


Jax is great and really helpful

Lesley Howe

Great customer service. Let us look around for as long as we wanted. Jax helped us figure out exactly what we wanted and how things would look. It was a great stress-free experience.


Jax did a great job helping my family and I!


Jax was informative and great to work with.

Randy And Denise

Tim gave us excellent service...very patient and explained options well.....Will definitely buy from him again !!

Christine Todd

Charlotte assisted me in deciding my outdoor furniture purchase.Her knowledge of the products and being able to get a feel for my style sense was much appreciated. I won’t shop anywhere else

Steve And Deb Debusk

This was the easiest shopping experience I have ever had. went there to buy 2 recliners, but instead bought sofa and 2 recliners. Great service by Kelly and Clay, ask for them. the best. Got great deal, and short term financing. I normally dont get the warranty, but after they explained, it was a no brainer. thanks for easy shopping.

Marcandcathi Wilson

The guys were on time, friendly and hard working! Got some more cookies, great!. Very helpful and efficient. It was not easy furniture to move!


Jax did a great job helping us pick out bar stools.


Outstanding experience, customer service as it should be and quality merchandise abounding! Will definitely recommend FMK to everyone and shop there for our future furniture needs.

Damien And Stacey Mauck

We had a wonderful experience today! Jax was super helpful and patient with us as we waded through many options. We were truly satisfied with our visit and cannot wait for our new furniture. Over all great experience, very smooth and pleasant! Again Jax was fabulous and fun!


Appreciate the delivery guys going the extra distance (literally!) to remove our old couch and put the new one in place.

Steve & Becky

Paula helped find several items and is excellent with home accessories!


Pleased with sales floor assistance and patience when selecting a mattress. Delivery and set up was on schedule and as expected.

Loren Lane

Jax Very helpful and informative

Liz Chandler

This is my first experience with your company. I'm very pleased from the purchase through the delivery. Kelly did not pressure me in any way to make my purchase. It was like working with a friend as she would help me find my sofa and then grab the cushion and say, "let's go find a chair to go with this." Then, the gentlemen who delivered the chair and sofa really went out of their way to deliver what I ordered in time for my dinner party. Thank you, Dan, for helping me as well. I'm glad I came in to your store.

Denise Yonts

Joe Punches was great to work with. Very professional and not pushy at all. Very pleased with the service I received.

Shelly Fruits

Very professional and kind gentlemen who delivered and put item together!!

Karen Smith

Melissa Hemphill and Jon Long were very helpful and patient. We are furnishing a new home and they made this difficult task exceptional easy. Thanks to both.

Deb Eakes



Autumn initially greeted us and was phenomenal to talk with and a great employee! Brenda then helped us look around at furniture and sign up to have Ruth the interior designer come to our home! Everyone we worked with was helpful! Thank you!!


Brenda is awesome and very helpful with ideas and helping me find the perfect furniture at the best price. The delivery guys were very polite and professional. The only complaint I have is the guy at the desk. He was rude and did not want to help me get my furniture delivered. He could have cared less if i even picked it up. He is hurting the Topeka location.

Johnathon Lewis

We had Josh help us out on the floor looking for a new couch. He was great to work with, and took his time to make sure we were happy with our purchase. Would recommend his help to anyone.

Bradley A Coon

Jax was Awesome service and Very knowlageable


Jax did great attttttttt


We were extremely pleased with Kory. He was very organized and extremely knowledgeable about the mattresses and bedroom furniture. He was friendly and helpful yet not overly pushy or intrusive. The entire experience has a “small store” feel which we really enjoyed. The ice cream and cookie was a nice little extra. I highly recommend The Furniture Mall of Kansas. You exceeded expectations.

Paula J

Fantastic service!

Brianda Yanez


Marc & Joe

Josh was a great guy to work with. We enjoyed our experience with him and this was the second time we've bought furniture from the Furniture Mall of Kansas. It's our go to place for furniture.


Joshua was great to work with! This is our second furniture purchase with him and he took care to answer all of our questions over text and phone since we are from out of town. When we arrived to sign the papers we were done in less than 10 minutes! Great work JOSH! Can’t wait to get my new couch!! :)


Staff was very friendly. Like that they will price match. Makes my shopping easier as I have small children that are with me.

Kathleen Sciortino

From the time I walked in the door to leaving, the customer service was exceptional!! Joshua making additional phone calls to the central warehouse, to talking to the manager onsite was above and beyond!! My other Customer Representative as well was very professional and helpful with talking about the types of furniture, and the manufacturer helped with selecting a few pieces that I purchased today. I’m looking forward to meeting my interior designer to start the next phase of or my new home.


The cookies are always fresh and so good 😋


My sales person Ms. Kenzie is the best told her what we are looking for she listen and now we got it.

Rebecca Layne

Nice delivery men


Josh Harrell did a great job showing us around and helped us find just what we were looking for. We would recommend him to anyone wanting to shop there.

Bernita Gray

Home Specialist Charlotte was awesome! Charlotte and the other Home Specialist I encountered were welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable about the products and services. I highly recommend purchasing your furniture from Furniture Mall of Kansas.

Connie Humes

Called before arrival and arrived on time. Everything went smoothly.

Lavon Delp

Excellent quality of merchandise and superb customer service made my lift recliner purchase easy and enjoyable

Chris Herrick

Jennifer was Very pleasant and knowledgeable and a joy to work with.

Susan Herrick

Excellent help and products!

Keith Olson

Very good

Mark & Joan Mcmanigal

Carol, thank you so much for working tirelessly to help us find the perfect rug for our living room. Your friendly help was much appreciated.

Alli Poole

This was my husband and my first time shopping for furniture and the experience was amazing! Kenzie Hutley helped us find our dream couch and made the process super smooth and easy. We will be back in the future!

Linda Lees

Excellent delivery staff, very polite, very on time, and professional, thank you!

Chris G

Charlotte is great to work with. Excellent people to work with

Chris G

Charlotte is great to work with. Excellent people to work with

Jessica Lundin

Give 10 *


Got furniture guys were great they did a lot of hard work in very hot tempture.

Connie Humes

Looks great!

Randy L Temple

Derek Knable was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and patient. He helped walk us through the options available and ask questions to help us choose the correct recliner for our needs. Thank you Furniture Mall for having Derek on your team.


Jason Smith was awesome!! Excellent service!!!! We will be back for our furniture needs.


Samantha was great to work with! Will be back when it’s time to update furniture.


My sales person was very good and patient through the decision making process. He was great about answering (or finding answers) to all my questions. He was enjoyable to work with.


We visited for the first time and immediately found the perfect sectional. Much thanks to Charlotte for helping us find exactly what we were looking for in record time!


This was my first visit. I was greeted at the front door by very friendly folks and pointed in the right direction. Josh was my salesperson and he was amazing! He helped me find the perfect rug and continued to assist me was looking at other items of furniture. There is a nice selection of furniture and I will certainly come back and look to have Josh as my salesperson.

Jay Biggs

The guys did a great job. Very polite and professional.

Blair Cokerr

Excellent experiance Scheduling was easy, I received a call minutes before they arrived: thus not expecting me to wait alll day. The gentleman took great care to make sure my home was the same before as after. Much Thanks !!

Mark Rosen

Great experience, the sales folks really knew their products and were honest and did not push us.

Sarah Plummer

Mark was amazing!! So helpful and knowledgeable. Was not pushy. Very easy to visit with. I appreciate all of his assistance. Wonderful experience!! Would return to your store. Everyone I encountered was very friendly and helpful. Thank you Mark!!

Eugene Ray

Was awesome!!!! Was handled very quickly and Samantha was very helpful.

Carol Glendening

What an awesome experience we had with Ruth and Judy who put together our great room and dining area!!! The day our furniture and rugs arrived we were so excited! WOW, absolutely beautiful!!!! I Can’t say enough about the professional and knowledgeable experience they provided for us. Thank you Ruth, Judy and Furniture Mall of Kansas in Topeka!!! You have an awesome store and wonderful people who work there!!!

Adam Gross

Amazing service by Samantha Hutsell and Janice Norris. They both were so knowledgeable and helpful in picking out items for multiple rooms. Also, very kid friendly Place with cookies and lemonade. Will go back for sure


Jamie served us with a smile and made our entire visit well informed and welcoming.

Dave & Suzanne

Our salesman, Jon Long, was very nice to work with. He was not pushy, and answered or got the answer to any questions we had. We will very likely shop at the Furniture Mall of Kansas again.

Jennifer Graham

Laurie was fantastic helping us crunch numbers & explaining warranty. We just wish we could get our furniture delivered sooner than Saturday knowing it’s in stock. Like a kid ready to open up your present😉


Laurie was fantastic helping us crunch numbers & explaining warranty. We just wish we could get our furniture delivered sooner than Saturday knowing it’s in stock. Like a kid ready to open up your present😉

Jeff Noll

Faye did an awesome job at helping us with our needs!!!!!

Leslie Inghram

Lisa Jones was a stellar representative of the furniture store from beginning to end. Everybody should be as fortunate as I to have her design expertise, patience, and kind demeanor while picking out a sectional and tables. Lisa is a superior associate and should be recognized for it!

Shelley Albright

As always the sales staff was very helpful and answered all our questions, but they weren't pushy about forcing us in to a decision. I definitely recommend coming here over other furniture stores.

Ronda Adams

We had just gone to another big retailer located in the Legends and didn’t find what we were looking for or the price point we wanted to pay. The customer service was great!

Dan Hernandez

Charlotte was very patient. She answered all are questions and explained everything. She deserves the highest rating possible. 9....


Jon was very kind and patient. I went there to look at a dresser and chest but fell in love with a different set. Everyone was great, they were attentive but not pushy. Would highly recommend.


Chase was extremely helpful with my boyfriend and I’s decisions on a couple home items this weekend! He was very friendly and respectful of our furniture “taste” and budget. Chase had an abundance of information on furniture and bed sets that we never even knew existed! Without him I don’t think we would have come out of the store as happy, confident and content with our purchases as we did. Thank you Chase for being such a big part of this special time for us!!! :)

Kelly Seuell

Tammy was awesome and very patient with me! I’m glad we decided to go there and found our living room furniture!

Savannah Whipple

The two staff that delivered our furniture were wonderful! They were prompt, respectful, and very quick with putting the furniture together.

Fred Broski

Great store and wonderful selection of merchandise. No high pressure salespeople. Cannot say enough good things about this company. And, as a bonus, we received homemade cookies and coffee. This is the second time we purchased from the Furniture Mall and will continue in the future.

Kimberly S Weems

I was stressed about buying an adjustable bed for my dad, but I had so much help from Mike Gordon. He went above and beyond to make sure we got exactly what we needed! I will be back!

Peggy Nelson

Carol helped me look for what I needed and was so so great. She is a great helper.

Bert Miller

Purchase was easy and quick. Sales person was very helpful in finding what we wanted. Our second purchasing experience.

Sherry Lysaught

I had never been to this store before, so I didn't know what to expect. The furniture is beautiful. Charlotte helped me locate the perfect small desk and chair which met my needs. She was so helpful and knowledgeable. I will return!

Teri Carmody



John Schafer was great,he was very helpful with finding us right computer for our son.

Maggie Fieger

Everything went perfectly and the chair looks great! Thanks

Clint Koch

Great delivery service


Excellent delivery service. The two men were extremely skilled with getting our mattress into a tight spot. Very much appreciated!

Shirley And Jim Vickers

Very happy with the furniture purchases we have made and the great service we have received! Charlotte at the Olathe store helped us both times we have made purchases at the store The delivery guys were great too. And the cookies they brought with the furniture were a nice touch!


Samantha helped us at the Olathe store… Not only was she so friendly, but so helpful....... making sure we liked the fabric etc.before ordering. She made our experience a wonderful one at Furniture Mall of Kansas. The right person helping you makes all the difference. Thank you Samantha


Our experience at Furniture Mall of Kansas was good. Charlotte was very kind, patient and helpful!

Fran.j. Bueltel

Nick was very friendly and knowledgeable. We are very happy and satisfied

Leann Medley

Ethan and Walker did s great job on our delivery! They were quick, efficient and very professional.

Joe Abrams

Joe set us up with an awesome new sectional and dining room table

Paula Franken

We enjoyed working with Charlotte.


First time coming to Furniture Mall of Kansas and it definitely won’t be our last! We first went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and were extremely disappointed with their selection and service. Googled furniture stores and off we went. Stacy was great to work with and the store price matched with Nebraska Furniture Mart. Loved the selection and customer service 100%!! We will be back!!!

Marie Hrabe

Very impressed with the Furniture Mall of Kansas in Olathe. This was our 1st time visiting the store. We were shopping for new carpet. Carol Bradley helped us so much. We learn more than we ever expected about carpet and pads. Thanks Furniture Mall of Kansas for having a beautiful store and nice informative sales people. Great first impression. We will.be back.

Ross Kurz

The delivery guys were exceptional! They help move all the old furniture and were patient enough to deal with the delays I caused in picking up the room. Their patients was outstanding! I appreciate all the extra effort! I would highly recommend Furniture mall of Kansas to anyone looking for a great product and great service.


Nick was a great salesman, and a good people person. Not pushy, very knowledgeable and thorough! Can’t wait to get my purchase delivered.

Larry And Janice Smith

Charolette was great to work with.First time to visit the store and will return.

Marc Tennant

Tim Nold made our furniture buying experience absolutely awesome. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and personable. He answered all of our questions and wasn’t pushy at all. We left the store with new furniture and a new friendship.

Sandra Allen

Paige was great to work with!

Bill & Nancy Euler

My wife and i drove to the Furniture Mall to see if we could save any money over NFM. We were able to structure the purchase with savings approaching $2,000. Our Home Specialist Jason Smith was awesome, explained the mattress selection, and brought in Kelly Hand sales manager to get us where we needed to be. Very pleased with the treatment we received from beginning to end and if you live in Missouri you should experience a sales tax savings as well if you take delivery from them. First purchase at the Mall, and we will certainly be back!


Joe was excellent, excellent help. He wasn't pushy, but was more than willing to answer each and every question, and we had many. He was so accommodating! We would never hesitate to look him up for help again in the future!

Phyllis J Bennett

Allison and Jamie were SUPER! Great to work with, and really helped us out after the nightmare of dealing with Topeka store

Marsha Oyer

Amazing service by MELISSA. She was kind,patient and very thorough. Went to NFM first and service was poor and not as good of a selection. Enjoyed our shopping experience.

Russ And Becky Hines

We were very pleased with the service we received from Peggy Ondrush. She was extremely helpful and went way beyond the "call of duty" in helping us make a decision concerning the best options for our home. Nit only that, but after the sale, Peggy was very attentive and showed concern for our satisfaction.

Cheryl Tarwater

We had a wonderful experience today very helpful and friendly service!!!

Lisa Toslin

Michelle & Joe are the best salespeople I had in a very very long time.

Anthony Galate

We like the new store and the selection, And the service was fantastic and our sale rep was Charlotte she was very patient with us helping us choose our furniture. She was very pleasant to work with. Thanks again Charlotte

Brad Mccall

Joe had answers for every question I had was really nice and professional.

Jennifer Green

Sales associate was AMAZING in helping me find the exact product I was looking for.

Suzanne Curtis

Very helpful

Danielle Frakes

Mike was very helpful while I shopped for a new bed. He knew which beds I should try and he stuck to my price range. He was very patient and friendly!

Tana Akers

Kenzie and Nick helped us pick out a lot of furniture for our studio in record speed! They were super helpful and patient with us and our slow decision process.

Lashone Thomas

Charlotte help us in shopping experience. She was super helpful and friendly.

Tom Shearon

Can't say enough how helpful and professional Charlotte was. She and Tim (sales mgr.) went the extra mile in every area and detail to make my FM of Ks experience both pleasant and beneficial.

Kathleen Spratt

Brenda and Melissa were very pleasant and patient. Everyone at the olathe store were kind. I would refer anyone looking for furniture to visit there first.


Great at helping us find exactly what we were looking for.


Jason was great in helping me find exactly what I needed.

Debra Mcmullin

Wonderful experience and Josh Harrell was amazing. Thank you for a very enjoyable visit. I also purchased and brought a friend with me the second time. She will be buying in the near future as well.

Leslie Cook

So many great items to choose from! Melissa Hemphill was very helpful. Just the right amount of being there to answer questions and letting you look for yourself. Not pushy at all! Loved knowing that I had a "person" when I needed her


hello all. thanks for approved.

Kyleah Browning

April helped us she was great!


Dean & Brenda helped us pick out a full living room set. They were perfect!


Hello. And Bye.

Rita Bock

Peggy is a wonderful sales Lady!! We have worked with her since January 2018 and bought a sofa, leather chair, accent chair and a dining room set for our new home. We just came back today 11-13-18 and bought another 2 accent chairs. She is very knowledgeable about furniture, material and keeping in your budget. She is not pushy like car salesmen when you are spending a lot of money. A true asset, she is a true person. Thank you.


Sales person was great. Loved working with Jason


Great experience with Charlotte! Found everything I needed for my new home at a great price! She made sure we ordered thing right so I can host Christmas with my new dinning table!

Rebecca Mace

They are all very friendly and always helpful when we come in .

Linda Genail

Adrian was very helpful and knew his merchandise

Linda Genail

Very helpful knew his furniture


A little mix up on the delivery part, but they were quick to correct it. Their main goal is to make sure we receive our furniture asap! They did an excellent job doing it. Services from the front desk, sales and delivery were satisfactory all the way around! Thank you and Happy Holidays! From The Paz Familia :)

Carol Sprague & Chuck Wilson

Excellent customer service. Tyler was very knowledgeable about the furniture that we purchased. Thank you!

Jeffrey Farson

My daughter Ella and I came in to buy a new bed for my wife. What we had was a delightful experience. Jason walked us through the myriad of options and he helped us choose an outstanding product for our family. His service made us feel special and he ensured that we added all of the peripheral accessories necessary to compliment our purchase. He explained the benefits of the protection plan and made the decision to add the plan an easy one. He explained the benefits of financing and we choose to do so. Kelly, the manager, was warm and professional. The team built an emotional connection with us the entire visit. We will definitely hop with you again! Bravo!

Ashley Previty

I had a problem with the mattress that I purchased a few years ago. Jennifer Johnson helped me with the warrantee information and then lined me up with a sales person at the store. Mike Gordon was the person at the store who helped me. he made the exchange due to warranty very easy. I would highly recommend them as they stand behind their business .


Hello. And Bye.

Christina Vannatta

Wonderful experience! Sara and Michelle in flooring are exceptional. Went above and beyond to get us the carpet we wanted. Very happy customers and will definitely return!

Sylvia Babylon



Scott was amazing in helping us finding our bed, we will for sure be back to get our living room set up

Julie Dalsing

Brenda is an excellent sales associate. My husband and I went into Furniture Mall of Kansas to look at sofa, loveseat, and armchair for our living room. Brenda answered all of our questions, showed us comparable furniture sets, and was no pressure sales. We left and shopped at other competitors stores. What brought us back to Furniture Mall of Kansas was Brenda! We were impressed with her customer service and no pressure sales! Thank you Brenda Kappelman!!!!

Gaelynn Patton

Scott Spring was very helpful and made sure that I got exactly what I needed (nothing less). He was patient and willing to guide me through the selection. He had great customer arrive and people skills. Would definitely come back to shop and recommend Scott!

Fritz Barlow

Smith Brothers recommended FMOK Service and I am so very pleased that they did. Service was very friendly and detailed! Special thanks to Josh and Austin for delivery and pick-up. We will see FMOK for our next furniture needs!!

Steve Williams


Ashley Dick

Brenda was great! Answered all our questions. Everyone was so happy it was the happiest place on earth besides Disneyland!

Lannie Zweimiller

Wanda (salesperson) provided helpful and excellent service. Store was clean, friendly and provided excellent selection.

Lannie Zweimiller

Wanda was very helpful and courteous.

Gina Mcbride

Charlotte was very helpful. The staff at the furniture malll is helpful but not pushy. They will price match with other stores and they carry a nice selection of furniture and accessories.

Gina Mcbride

Charlotte was very helpful. The staff at the furniture mall is helpful but not pushy. They will price match with other stores and they carry a nice selection of furniture and accessories.

Dianne Alford

Service was great, very helpful, got just what I wanted with some added changes. Donna was very sweet and not pushy. Have bought several things from here already, will be back for sure.


Tim was an awesome person. Provided great service and knew exactly what fitted my needs. Everyone was nice:)

Jeff Johnston

Great service vary friendly staff


Judy and Tammy were truly enjoyable to work with. Judy's patience as I picked out fabric was top-notch.

Joan Covitz

We were impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of our mattress salesman Ken. He understood our wants and needs and worked hard to make it happen. I would heartily recommend Furniture Mall and will shop there again.

Carol Lane

Nick is a great guy!

William T. Alberts

Very pleased with how our problem was handled. Tim and Dakota took good care of us.

Dickie Hanson

It was great working with Josh throughout our purchase.


Everyone was friendly and helpful from the moment we walked in the store

Pam Manning

Have had very good service today. Informative and helpful

Cate Schiller

Great salesman Butch

Rebekah Savage

Josh Baker was a rock star! He was beyond patient with us as we didn’t know what we wanted. Found us a great deal and a amazing bonus buy!!!

Jena Harrison

They were able to find the right couch for us and it was quick and simple. Mary was very kind to us! :)

Kim Gabauer

We bought a couch and 2- lift recliners. Wanda our sales rep was wonderful! I told what I wanted, a couch that had reversible cushions. That’s all she showed us all they had. Wanted our recliners custom matching materials. I got that. Not once did we feel pressured. I must wait 6 weeks for my furniture because of the custom fabric. Will post more when I get my furniture. Very, very satisfied so far.

Sherri Tubbs

My brother and I had a delightful experience working with Kelly Hand! He was great. We had exceptional customer service!!

Betty Hillier

My salesperson, Charlotte, was very knowledgeable about bedding. She made the shopping experience easy and pleasant. I felt very comfortable in the store and enjoyed the atmosphere. I will return for my next furniture purchase.


Jason was very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me pick out the right mattress that I needed. I will come back again the next time I need to purchase home furnishings

Dena Brake

Olivia is the best!! Very nice, patient, and knows her stuff!!

Shannon Kellner

Melissa was amazing to work with. She was available to help us immediately upon entering the store, was Knowledgable about furniture options, and worked with us to get the best product for price.

Cindy Glenn

Austin did a fantastic job helping me find the perfect living room furniture!! He was very patient while my sister and I looped the store SEVERAL times trying out lots and lots of sofas. He also helped me get the best deal for my Mall Cash!! I also need to give a huge Shout Out to Sarah (manager) for making us feel like family and to Andrew for a smooth checkout process! I will definitely be back!!

Pamela Edlin

Joshua Harrell is a great guy to work with. His eye for color and style is such a help when it comes to choosing furniture and fabrics. I would recommend him to anyone. Our experience was fun and we accomplished what we wanted. Thanks so much!!! We will be back!

Sue Huston

Found Wanda to be very helpful! Disappointed we were given a fabric to choose that was not available. Then disappointed I was not given clear explanation of protection plan and credit. Told protection plan would be refunded in 5 years if not used and a gift card for $100 in a year. Was NOT told it was only for in store purchases. But you did refund it to me as requested which is good. Also told the $350 credit for purchase was to be used the day of purchase but made exception to return within a week when husband could come. Couldn't find enough accessories we wanted so said we would forfeit the balance but then we're told we could just have the credit to use later. Had I known that I would have waited for furniture to be delivered and then decide what we might want to go with the new furniture

Ruth Carrier

I had a great experience. Tyler Dent spent over three hours with me, not once showing any signs of impatience or frustration. He's a jewel! I'm in a wheelchair and had some challenges getting around the store. After looking at a few pieces and discussing my style/preferences, he went and took pictures of furniture I might like, to narrow things down for me. That was very helpful for me. I bought a couch and loveseat. The couch had to be ordered so it will be the end of April/first of May before I get them. There were several comments in these reviews about delivery times/problems. I will reserve my evaluation of that aspect until I see what happens. On the front end of things, I had an "Ohhh Yeah!" experience. Thanks!

Amy Fryar

Brenda was friendly, helpful and great to work with.

Janice Lewis

From the moment we stepped into the store we were treated with respect. The personnel listened to our needs and were very helpful and delightful. They were patient an d polite, providing helpful information. We felt like we were the only customers in the store and not hurried or pushed to make a purchase. I recommend FMOK for any furniture purchase and I will be back in the future. You get homemade cookies and ice cream too!

Janet Barnett

Please dress the lady in your commercial better. I suggest more professional. She is attractive and has a nice figure but the clothes she has on don’t reflect that

Hope Bafford

The store is ok..however trying to get delivery has been a nightmare. Ive waited 6 weeks on a bed(headboard and footboard w side rails) and now they scheduled delivery while im at work.! Now they want me to reschedule delivery for another daye..yes wait longer..ugh!! I recommend you tranport your own stuff or its a mess!! Unsatisfied

Teresa Reed

My husband and I had never been in the store before and we were very impressed. As soon as we walked in there was a very nice gentleman that greeted us and let us know the layout of the store. We were looking for two nice recliners as I have health problems. There was a huge variety. I loved that they had all different fabrics, colors, sizes, and prices! We found two 1,400 dollar power recliner in the color we wanted on clearance for 454 dollars a piece! An associate, Brenda, came over and asked if she could be of service and she was full of information. We were afraid of power because there was more that could go wrong until she told us about the awesome warranty! She then told us about delivery, gift cards, etc. She was never pushy and you could tell she didn’t work on commission. I highly recommended this furniture store!

Jeanne Eastman

Great service from everyone involved from start to finish! Butch helped us tremendously in selecting our furniture, was very patient with my 88-ur old mom who was furnishing her new apt. The delivery guys were efficient, polite and friendly. And of course, the furniture is beautiful and excellent quality. Thank you all!

Louann Meiries

Such a fun day. Carl, our salesman, was great to guide us in the right direction for exactly what we were looking for. We enjoyed how easy it was to look our way around the store. Everyone was friendly and helpful. By the time we made our purchase we felt like family there. It was a fun adventure. We have never spent that much time in a furniture store before. The sales and office personnel were great and the cookies were exceptional. It was a Great Day. Thanks to Carl and everyone there.

Christine Baker

I had a fantastic buying experience at FMOKS and will definitely be back. Carl was very knowledgeable, pleasant and not pushy at all. We had a deadline for needing the couch we chose, our son was moving out of the state and moving day was quickly approaching. Not only did Carl make some extra calls to the warehouse... Megan... who coordinates shipping between suppliers, warehouses, and both stores... also stepped in to put our worries to rest. I’ve been shopping with them since they were in Lawrence and have even trekked out to the Topeka store as well. Great selections for every budget and I can’t say enough good things about the folks who work there! Oh... and did I mention the warm cookies?!?

Victoria Tague

Everyone was very helpful and the selection was great! Butch made sure we had a great experience and ordered exactly what we wanted! The cookies, drinks and ice cream were a great surprise!

Gary And Teresa Henny

This was our first time at Furniture Mall of Kansas. We had intended to just look but stopped to ask an associate a question about a particular brand of furniture we had seen at another store. Bill Jennings walked us to the area we were looking for and was able to help us find our style. He was just awesome at listening to what we wanted as far as style and color and helping us find exactly what we wanted. The whole process was great! Thank you, Bill!!

Teresa Self

I had a great experience at the furniture mall of Kansas. Great salesman Nick who helped us find the recliners perfect for us . Not only did we get a great deal on the recliners we also got an excellent price on a new mattress with the salesman Mike who was very helpful and informative. Wonderful shopping experience. I would highly recommend the furniture mall of Kansas.


The Furniture Mall of Kansas in Olathe had a great selection of home furnishings. We appreciated that there was plenty of associates to answer questions throughout the store but never felt pressured to make a purchase. We did decide to make a purchase and at that time Brenda was super friendly and helpful in getting the transaction completed. Thanks Brenda!


I recently ordered 3 couch cushion covers for my Ashley couch after spilling nail polish on two of them. I didn't know if I would be able to order just the covers but not only was able to, I was given amazing assistance from Charles. He was very polite and patient and promptly found exactly what I needed. He explained that it would be between 2-6 weeks before they would be in but it only took the 2 and he called, leaving me a detailed message. I called back and spoke with Meagan and she went above and beyond to ensure I got my cushions the same day and I live out of town!! I cannot say enough amazing things about the service I was provided from the team at this Topeka location. It was such an easy and fast process. I will be using their store from now on when I'm in the market for new furniture and will be recommending them to everyone I know! Thank you Charles and Meagan and the rest of the team at the FMOK in Topeka!!!

Larry Sumner

Charlotte was very nice, got us the best deal for what we purchased.

Kourtney Goss

Josh Bakes was very helpful!

Warren Schriner

Mike and Nick made our transaction quick and easy. We do not buy if we feel pressure and we felt none of that today. We would highly recommend them to anyone for mattresses and furniture! Thanks so much!

Angela White

Mindy made my shopping experience at The Furniture Mall of Kansas quick and easy with her friendly service! The selection was large without feeling overwhelming! I’m so excited to see my purchase in my home!

J George

Great service from Josh and Jeff. We found just what we were looking for. The only disappointment was the 8-10 week wait to receive our furniture.

Lisa Knight

Nick was.very personable . Great experience

David Harland

Lina did an exceptional job helping us find exactly what we wanted and pick all the right products. She is very knowledgeable and patient, as we looked at a lot of stuff. In the end, we know she helped us make the right decision.

John Schneider

Our shopping experience with Amber and Dakota made us feel like they wanted the best for us. They took the time and had the patience, which allowed us to decide what we wanted and kept us in our budget.

Julie Russell

Jake was so helpful, Knowledgable, and patient with helping us find the perfect living room furniture. Sean and Jeremiah delivered the furniture, fantastic job! They were on time, professional, and friendly. Great experience all the way around. Thank You


Thank you for good service

William Patty

Great selection

Lisa Dewitt

Nick was really friendly, knowledgeable thorough and a great salesman!! I would definitely recommend buying from Nick!!


Had some support slats break after 5 months and they replaced them without blinking an eye. Next piece of furniture I buy will be from these guys!

Haleigh Peterson

Everyone was so happy and easy to talk to. Our salesperson, Mary, was very helpful!!

Barb Johnson

We had a great experience here! Joel helped us with many questions and Nick took over and was very friendly and knowledgeable as well! We will definitely come back for our future purchases!

Kim Smerchek

Josh Baker was very helpful and great to work with. FMOK had many furniture options to choose from.


I love my relationship with a sales rep, Catrena, that helps me all the time with my clients. Her expertise and customer service is awesome!

Penni Hansen

I had an excellent experience. My sales associate Wanda was knowledgeable and fun. She directed me to all the different areas. Found what I was looking for. Pleasant time at the Furniture Mall, OH YEAH!

Mason Robert

Hello, I am interested in shipping some items from your webpage to Australia. I want to know if you can work with my shipping company on this for them to pick up my shipment from you and if i can pay you with my US issued credit card. Your earliest response would be appreciated so i can get list of products needed to you at once. Thanks Mason Robert

James L. Black

Tyler at the Olathe store did an amazing job helping me find what I needed. It is hard to find good customer service now days in my opinion but Tyler knocked it out of the park! I will not buy any furniture from here unless it is from Tyler. Thank you again so much!

Jessica B

Great service from your wonderful team!


Great friendly service. Went to multiple stores and came here and felt like home. Big thank you to Nick and Donna for all the help!

Gary Barker

We have mixed reviews. We purchased a living room set. Karl was our salesman. He was fantastic. We also looked at mattress and box springs. I don’t know the mans name who was our salesman. He was in his 60’s, silver hair and slim built with a ridiculous dr’s coat on. Karl advised him I recently had back surgery. This was my first day out. The salesman pushed me to try the mattress that gave the pressure points. I told him my back was very tender. He said “go slow”. He then said you will find instant relief with your back pain. He started cranking my legs up and then my back! I had surgery the week before!!! I felt like a pretzel! I said STOP, we are not buying this style. He became perturb with me because I would Not test the other mattress’ with my husband. After the tilt a whirl ride on the electric bed I was in no shape to be laying down and getting up over and over again. I finally said to my husband, I need to go home and do this another day. My husband could see the pain in my eyes. Dr. Jekyl became rude and obnoxious. He delivered us back to Karl, who after hearing what happened apologized profusely. We give Karl an A+ and Dr Hyde an F with a side not that your lucky you didn’t have a lawsuit on your hands.

Jerry Lewman

We purchased 2 chairs and an ottoman. Nick was our salesman and was very helpful. He was very patient while we tried to decide on the fabric that we wanted. After a lot of time helping us we finally decided on something. Nick was very nice and helpful in the process.

Michelle Waters

This is the second time that Nick has helped us with our furniture purchase. He is always very patient in listening to us as to what we are looking for and showing us different options. When he felt that we weren’t finding what we were looking for he took us to a different section of store and what he showed us fit our needs exactly! Nick is always very professional, but makes you feel like family in how he treats you!!

Mitchell Soden

Amanda was Knowledgable on the tempurpedic beds.

Larae Kraemer

Tyler was so patient and resourceful and helped us find multi-room furniture pieces. Amanda helped us with mattresses and box springs! Loved the family owned business and the kids got to ride tricycles around the store! Amazing place and amazing service!

Susana Ortiz

Appreciate the great customer service from Josh and will return for future purchases!

Jenalea Randall

Josh was terrific! Well informed, helpful and efficient! Looking forward to getting my table and chairs into my house!!!

Steve Robinson

Good experience friendly. Good knowledge of product.

Sharon Kuba

Excellent customer service & selection.


It was great! Thank you FMOK!!


Dakota and Mary were extremely helpful with the purchase of our new furniture!

Shantella Sappington

Best customer service ever!! From the customer service to salespersons also the management all went above and beyond to accommodate all my needs. I bought furniture from there twice and will definitely go back for all my other furniture needs!!


Good experience. Everyone was really friendly and great to work with.


Jason (Sleep Specialist) is truly an exceptional salesperson! We visited the Furniture Mall of Kansas just to browse. Even though it was only an hour before closing, Jason took his time to really explain the beds to my husband and I. Jason was exceptionally knowledgeable about how to properly fit someone to the right bed. We previously visited another furniture store, and were not treated to the type of customer service that Jason served us at the Furniture Mall of Kansas. We're so glad we chose to purchase our new bed from the Furniture Mall of Kansas!! If you're looking for an expert & a genuine salesperson, you must see Jason at the Furniture Mall of Kansas. This company is lucky to have an employee like Jason!

Fred King

My wife and I purchased a sofa today. This was our first visit to FMK, so Ron greeted us at the entrance and gave us a virtual tour of the store. We went to the sofa showroom area and were greeted by Joshua, who assisted us in selecting the right sofa for us. Joshua is a terrific salesperson. He listened and he provided excellent choices for our selection. We really appreciate his guidance. Kory was also helpful in explaining a little of the FMK history and providing us with those wonderful cookies and yogurt. In all, we were able to purchase the perfect sofa for our needs and find out that Furniture Mall of Kansas is the best place to shop for furniture. Thank you Joshua and all!

Grace Bowhay

Nick and Mike from mattresses were very helpful and made the furniture and mattress buying process much simpler and better service all around.

Tabatha M. Llamas

Tyler and Jesse both did great with answering our questions and waiting on us. Tyler made sure that we got the best deal by working up a couple different estimates. Jessie made sure we got all of our discounts possible. I appreciate Tyler taking the time to wait on us while we went back and forth on making our decision. I never felt rushed or hurried in anyway. They both made check out quite easy and set of delivery quickly.

Phil Werkowitch

Pleasure doing business with you

Vicky Harak

Great experience buying a custom fabric recliner. The sales staff was super friendly, helpful, paid attention to detail & made me feel valued as a customer. The store has a great selection of custom fabrics and furniture options as well as fair pricing. I highly recommend them over Nebraska Furniture Mart based on customer service.

Jim Bunn

I visited your store last week and was met by a salesman, Mike, who was genuinely friendly and helpful. He was with another customer who was filling out paperwork and he excused himself to ask if I needed help. I told him I was looking for information on Beauty Rest Mattresses. He explained that your store didn't have any of the Beauty Rests on the floor but he would be happy to find someone who was free and who could help me find a comparable alternative. He found another associate to help me and apologized for everyone being busy at the moment. Mike was the reason I decided to wait. The associate he found for me arrived to help me within a minute or so and was very helpful unfortunately I wasn't able to find a suitable alternative. I was on my way out of the store and noticed that Mike was free and I stopped by to thank him for his help. We talked for a few minutes and in true sales fashion he dug into what I was hoping to find and I wound up back on the floor looking at some options and comparing specs for a number of alternatives. I found Mike to be very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly as well as loyal to the other salesperson he had located to help me initially. That salesperson was with another customer and handed me to Mike to complete my research. I decided to wait on my decision and received a card and a promise to be of help in the future from Mike. A few days later I decided to have a last look at the Mattress Mike had found for me and called ahead before coming in. Mike met me at the desk and I bought the Mattress he had pointed me to, along with a few accessories. The entire sales experience was pleasant, informative and helpful. I'll shop again at the Furniture Mall of Kansas.

Krissy Evertson

My husband and I purchased many pieces for our living room yesterday at the Olathe store. We had a sales associate by the name of Sarah. She was so much fun and helpful, she made the process so much better than I expected. Customer service lacks this day and age but yesterday made me second think that.

Kathleen Whalen

Everything was smooth.

Steve & Karolyn Scanlon

Steven and I worked with Greg Durant on the purchase of a new reclining sofa for our home. We originally came in on Saturday and Greg advised us of the event on Sunday. Greg was knowledgeable about the product and then went to bat for us to get the best pricing on our sofa. It was overall a great experience and we would recommend Greg and Furniture Mall of Kansas.

Ray & Vicky

The delivery of our two sofas arrived as scheduled.....the two delivery persons were polite and efficiently placed the items where we wanted...the sofas are great....and thank you for the cookies.... Vicky & Ray

Karen Gehrt

Catrena was so pleasant and very helpful! Knowledgeable and showed us a variety of choices for what we needed. Love our experience here!

Lori Ann Ramsey

Great experience purchasing dining room furniture today!

Sue Padilka

Staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about furniture and upholstery. Lots of beautiful furniture to choose from.

Elizabeth Long

My husband and I had a wonderful experience picking out furniture and flooring for our new room. Charlotte was incredible and was so helpful with everything.


Sue sold us our couch!! She was the best!!

Tony Kruzic

Very helpful and did a good job explaining products and pricing.

Mike Vannieuwenhuyse

We had a wonderful experience picking out a bed and then a few days later bar stools

Jessica Bell

Great experience purchasing new furniture, Charlotte was very helpful!


We went to three different furniture stores before buying from Furniture Mall of Kansas. We knew what we wanted and Peggy helped us to find exactly what we had envisioned for our family room. Great services and knowledgeable staff!!


Aniston was absolutely wonderful at helping me identify furniture and wall art to meet my decorating styles.

Shonna Harris

Courtney was amazing! Great customer service

Shelly Keller

Charlotte was great along with all the friendly staff. We will definitely shop there again!!

Deborah Davis

The Ashley Home Store has just what we wanted. Thanks.

Jenny Marchione

Tyler was an excellent Salesman. It’s so hard now adays to find great customer services. He helped us all the way to the end! Great experience, highly recommend!

Bryan Peterson

Great service. I would recommend Greg for your bedding needs.

Susan Benkelman

We went to the store to look at couches. It was very low stress and Joshua Harrell was awesome to work with. He helped us picked out the couch and fabric plus the pillows. It was a fun experience. I will go back for my next furniture purchase and will seek out Joshua for help.

Amy Schell

Lovely store and great associates.

Carol A Harteganc

I had in mind a loveseat + 2 chairs grouping, and had colors and price range in mind. From her inventory and ordering selections, Melissa was very helpful in showing me fabric groupings, giving me color photos to take home for review, and finalizing my order- all within my budget. Thanks, Melissa.


Melissa was super helpful and great to work with

Jill Gratton

Always get top notch customer service.

Sandy Ruelle

The service was impeccable! Thank you Wanda, Dolores, transport guy!

Ola Davis

This place is great. Connie helped us get exactly what we wanted without being pushy. Travis was so helpful in helping us get the battery pack for my reclining sofas. The delivery guys were friendly, helpful and so respectful of my home. This was such a great experience.

Larry Burton

Tyler helped us select new living room furniture. We loved working with him. He was very knowledgeable, not at all pushy, very respectful and polite. He took time to understand our wants/needs and kept those in mind with each piece we purchased. We would love to work with him again in the future.

Frank W Barnes

Your Olathe location is outstanding to shop in. Melissa Hemphill was our sales agent. She helped us select our living room and kitchen furniture. She was very respectful, polite, knowledgeable and not at all pushy. Sense we did not know exactly what we wanted, Melissa, took the time to understand and provide suggestions to help us find what we were looking for. When we changed our minds a couple times (LOL) she understood and worked with us to get it right. We cannot say enough about the delivery people. They were on time, friendly, helpful, and very respectful of our home. What a great experience shopping at your site. We will definitely be return customers and will always ask for Melissa to be our sales agent.

Linda Miller

Charlotte was very kind and helpful. It was my first time there and I definitely will be back.


Darin found me the perfect chairs! Good job!

Vickie Lambotte

Nice people Great service Got me just what we wanted


Rich was amazing!! I will definetly recommend FMOK and Rich to family.


Bill was awesome. He helped us find exactly what we were looking for.

Kenneth Massey

Gilbert was a true professional - knowledge of the products and processes

Abe Peters

Darin did a great job and was very professional and helpful.

Ray Malis

Gilbert is knowledgeable about the store's products and was able to answer all my questions. Also, he is a real likable fellow and that means a lot to me.


Review are important to us

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