Support Report

Support Report

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Support Report
Example of peak pressure mapping of the human body

Measure Support & Pressure Relief

A simple way to find YOUR perfect mattress! Originally created for the medical industry, the Support Report will accurately diagnose your body’s pressure points and recommend the right mattress for you to get a Better Night’s Sleep!

Our system utilizes 1,664 sensors to measure support and pressure relief. The Support Report will then generate a live pressure image and comfort map showing peak pressure areas that need comfort and support.

It can even help you select the correct pillow for proper head and neck support to keep your spine alignment straight.

Comfort and Support Chart


Find your unique comfort and support levels

Once measured, the software will give you an unbiased mattress category recommendation showing you which mattress type will provide you with the best comfort and support.

Couples will be mapped individually and will be able to see their individual results as well as their combined result and recommended mattress type.

You can feel confident that you’ve found the right mattress after using Support Report.


Side, Back or Stomach Sleepers: The Support Report works for EVERYONE!

See our sleep specialists in store for details.

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