Couch Potatoes

Life-Changing Furniture

When you shop at Furniture Mall, you can count on finding not only the highest-quality brands but also brands that we are proud to feature because of what they stand for. One brand that breaks through the mold in both reputation and quality is Couch Potatoes furniture and mattress, locally owned and manufactured in Austin, Texas.

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Built in Austin


One component that makes Couch Potatoes stand out from others is the way they handle business. They work directly with the Texas Transition Center to employ individuals leaving the prison system in the hopes of helping to reintegrate ex-offenders into society. As important as creating solid, quality furniture is to Couch Potatoes, the company believes that one of the primary reasons they exist is to employ those who need another chance.

Quality Design

You can count on Couch Potatoes furniture because it is built locally from the feet up. Plus, only the best materials and machines are used to make it some of the most comfortable yet durable furniture you can find.

Lifetime Guarantee

We take pride in our materials and construction techniques. We're confident our furniture will last a lifetime and just to be sure, all of our furniture frames come with a lifetime guarantee.


We use a wide variety of high end fabrics and textiles. Always working with suppliers to identify trending fabrics that consumers enjoy.

CNC Machining

A machine so precise that it cuts with a margin of error less than a human hair. This allows us to use jointed wood techniques in place of nails and glue, making a more sound frame.