When most people go furniture shopping, they know what they are looking for. They might be looking for a new couch, or a new dining room set. But what about all of the other types of furniture out there? What about those unusual names of furniture that you may not have even heard of?


In this blog post, we will discuss 9 names of furniture that you may not have known existed! So whether you are just starting to shop for furniture, or if you are looking for something unique and different, read on!


Unusual Names for Furniture


  1. Etagere: An etagere is a type of shelving unit that is typically made of metal or wood. It is perfect for displaying items such as books, vases, or sculptures.bookcase with exposed shelvesThis is the Polk Etagere.
  2. Diptych Art: Diptych art is a type of artwork that consists of two panels. It is typically hung on a wall and can be made of any material including painting, photography, or even fabric. There are other names for increasing panels of art such as triptych for three panels, tetraptych for four panels, and so on.panel wall art set of 2This wall art set is a diptych because it exists of two panels that seemingly flow into one another.
  3. Settee: A settee is a type of sofa that typically only has two seats. It is perfect for smaller spaces, or as an accent piece in a larger room.settee for entrywayThis Taupe Settee is a perfect example of how a settee may appear as a loveseat, with its two cushions for seating, but it is a settee due to its longer bench-like chair.
  4. Chesterfield: A chesterfield is a type of sofa that is characterized by its tufted upholstery and rolled arms. It is a classic piece of furniture that will never go out of style. furniture stores with chesterfield sofasThis is an example of a Chesterfield sofa with rolled arms the same height as its back. Image source: Timeless Chesterfields
  5. Daybed: Many believe the terms "futon", "trundle bed" and "daybed" all mean the same thing. This, however, is not the case. A daybed is designed more for both sitting and sleeping, and not just sleeping. It is perfect for small spaces, or for guests who are staying over.daybeds in austinThis is the Walker Daybed, with a seat deep enough, and a back high enough to act as both an area for sitting or sleeping.
  6. Buffet: A buffet is a meal in which you serve yourself, but a "buffet" is a type of cabinet that is typically used to store dishes or other items. It is often used in dining rooms, but can also be used in kitchens or living rooms.buffets for dining roomThis is the Condon Buffet with a geometric, multidimensional surface. There are also buffets with glass doors so you can see the items stored inside.
  7. Credenza: A credenza is a type of cabinet that is typically used to store linens or other items. This type of furniture is used interchangeably with sideboards and buffet tables but there are specific differences. Credenzas are long and low to the floor, and either has no legs or very short legs. It is often used in dining rooms, but can also be used in bedrooms or living rooms.best furniture storesThis Modern Farmhouse Credenza has short legs and plenty of drawers and cupboards to be able to store all your necessary items
  8. Spectator Height Stools: Stools come in several heights we are familiar with like table height, bar height, and counter height stools. Do they even go higher than that? Yes, yes they do. Spectator height stools are made to be the perfect height for stylish, high counters and sit at about 34-36". You can either buy these stools on their own or buy an adjustable stool that rises and falls to whatever height you need.adjustable stools for barThis is an adjustable stool we carry in our furniture store with a maximum height of 42 3/8" making it high enough to classify as reaching spectator height.
  9. Glider: A glider is a type of chair that moves as a swing seat, rather than tipping back and forth like a rocker. If you're looking for a chair with that specific smooth motion then a glider is an optimal chair to seek out for your comfort.

glider chairs for elderly peopleYou may see the bottom of this chair and question how it can be a glider. This chair, however, does in fact glide and swivel. Making it a glider with a little extra versatility for your comfort.


Hope You Find What You're Looking For


There you have it! These are just some of the many types of furniture that you may not have known existed. So next time you are furniture shopping, keep these in mind! You might just find the perfect piece for your home.


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