The entry and coffee tables in your home can make a bold statement with the right design and décor. They can also give you space to evolve your style over time, since you have the freedom to change out the décor whenever you want.

Whether you’re looking for something to add to your entryway, or you want to invest in more coffee table décor, Furniture Mall is here for all your design needs. As you choose décor that works for your space, there are some decorating tips that you should consider.

decorating an entry table

Choosing a Table

When choosing a table for your living or entry space, you want to find something that is the right size in terms of height, length, and width. You also want the table to be in scale and proportion to the other furniture in the room.

For coffee tables, you’ll want enough space between the table edge and other furniture to move around. This is especially important for families with kids and pets since the living room will see more activity. On the other hand, a small entryway table that can sit against a wall to accent the space is preferable.

When choosing a coffee or entry table, you’ll also want to consider its material. You may need something to withstand holding miscellaneous items like schoolwork, TV remotes, keys, or pet leashes. If you’re looking to buy a more expensive table made from stone or high-quality wood, you might consider placing this table in a space that isn’t heavily used in your home to preserve its quality.

Finally, you’ll want the table to match the aesthetic of your home. Once you get around to decorating, it will be easier for you to match the table to your home’s style and personality.

decorating a coffee table

5 Principals of Styling Tables

There are five main principles of styling a coffee or entry table that are important to consider. Each of these elements will help to add unique décor to your home and tie the whole room together. These principles include:

1.       Color: When choosing a color scheme, stick to only three or four different colors. You will start to feel overwhelmed if there are more than four shades of color. You can pull accent colors from furniture fabric, rugs, or other décor in the room, and use accessories in those colors to bring the whole room together.

2.       Shape: When decorating your entry or coffee table, consider using a mixture of different shapes. If your table is more angular, round objects like lamps, sculptures, or artwork are great as accent pieces. Using different shapes brings balance to your table design.

3.       Height: You should choose coffee or entry table décor with varying heights so the viewer’s eye can move around. This creates a more interesting arrangement and helps to balance the décor pieces.

4.       Texture: Try mixing different textures and finishes as you decide on what décor pieces you want to use. For example, try pairing a glossy lamp with raw wood or something with a chipped paint finish. Mixing up the textures of your décor items can help to keep your table design interesting.

5.       Negative Space: No matter what entryway or coffee table decorations you decide on, it’s always important to leave empty space on the table, so it doesn’t end up looking overcrowded. You also want to leave space if you need to set something down on the table and still avoid a cluttered look. You can do this by grouping items together on the sides of the table and leaving space in the middle, which is filled by a painting or mirror on the wall behind it.

decorating a coffee table

Styling a Coffee Table

Your coffee table holds a prominent place in your living room, and it needs to be functional as well as provide a great space for decorations. It’s good to keep your coffee table looking neat since it tends to get a lot of use from miscellaneous items like glasses, books, remotes, or your  tired feet at the end of a long day.

When looking for coffee table décor ideas, you’ll want to create a simple design that won’t disrupt the viewer’s eye or overcrowd the table. You’ll also want to create balance with symmetry, color, and style. Your accessories should all tie together in some way and bring a theme to your living space.

You can integrate your coffee table display with the rest of your space so that it matches other furniture, rugs, accent pieces, or side tables. Consider how your coffee table will look from every angle of the room; coffee tables tend to sit in the middle of the room, allowing people to move around them as they please.

Symmetry is a great way to achieve visual balance. Proportion items, so they are small enough not to be overwhelming, but large enough that they don’t disappear on the top of the coffee table. Try avoiding anything too tall or chunky that would obstruct people’s view when they are sitting down.

For coffee table centerpiece ideas, you can always implement trays or books. Trays help to contain certain décor pieces and make it easier for you to group items together. They also allow for ease of movement in case you need more space on the table. Books are great as décor because they are versatile in short stacks and can have other items placed on or around them.

Use one standout item on the coffee table as your focal point. This could be an unusually shaped or larger object, a splash of color, or anything floral. Always consider the five principles when choosing decorative items, such as placing a round tray on a rectangular table or varying the heights of stacked books.

Finally, some coffee tables feature a second shelf underneath. Some people may decide to use this shelf as a storage space, while others may add more decorations. Books, baskets, and closed boxes work great for the bottom shelf of coffee tables. You can even keep miscellaneous items nearby in baskets or boxes, like TV remotes, gadgets, blankets, small pillows, or toys.

It’s important to remember not to duplicate the design on your coffee table's top and bottom shelves. Instead, the items on the shelves should be different but balanced.

decorating an entry table

Styling an Entry Table

There are many ways to style your entry, or console, table. The entry table is the first thing you and your guests will see when entering your home, so you’ll want to take special care in creating a design that leaves a good first impression. Your entry table décor should match your home’s interior, especially in the space you are planning to place the table.

You’ll want to feature décor with a range of heights. Your console table will have a range of vertical space that can be filled in many ways. Tall items, like lamps and stacked books, tend to anchor the sides of the entry table, while shorter items help draw the viewer’s eye down and across the table. Lower items like small baskets to hold mail or keys are both aestheticly pleasing and purposeful.

Artwork or large mirrors are great focal points. You can utilize these piece either by hanging them on the wall behind the table or leaning them against the wall. Consider mixing up shape by using a round mirror with a rectangular table or a square artwork piece with a rounded table. Greenery or floral pieces can also make a bold statement by adding a touch of color and life to your entryway.

Other entry table décor ideas you may consider may include placing baskets or benches on the floor underneath your console table. Benches can be tucked in under the table when not in use and then pulled out as a place to sit when you take your shoes off. You may even decide to forgo the table entirely and use the bench instead as an accent piece for your entryway.

Don’t worry about filling every space on each shelf of your entryway table. Empty space gives a more peaceful welcome to your home and allows for more functionality. Grouping items together at both ends of the table allows for extra space and creates symmetry. You can even choose a table with built-in drawers if you’re looking for more storage space.

If you’re ready to get started in decorating your coffee or entryway tables, Furniture Mall can help you find the right accent pieces to fit your home. With locations in Topeka and Olathe, Kansas, and Austin, Texas, our design specialists are ready to help you. Visit one of our stores today.