Comfort in your workspace can have a direct impact on your productivity. Since many people are working from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also looking for ways to create a comfortable workspace in their homes. Working from the couch or dining room table isn’t always great for the body or mind. You might notice a crick in your neck or soreness in your lower back from sitting in positions that contort your body.

With good home office furniture, you can create a work environment that increases your productivity and prevents neck and back pain, even when you are in your bedroom, dining room, or living room. Combining form and function, you can create an office oasis in your own home.

With this handy guide, you will be able to create your perfect in-home office with some of our favorite office furniture.

How to Choose a Desk

Desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many people who are new to the working from home game might not know what they need from their home office desk. We recommend that you consider your in-office space. If you have a large desk that you never fully utilize, you might want to choose something a little smaller for your home. If you are usually struggling to keep your small in-office workspace organized, you might opt for something a little larger at home.

You will also need to consider the amount of space you have and the view you want. For example, will an L-shaped desk only fit in your office in a way that prevents you from looking out the window you love? You might have to weigh what is more important to you but start by looking at your space and determining how you want to be positioned. Then, you can start thinking about the space you will have. Measure the space to make sure that the desk you choose will fit at the angle you want.

home desk

Some desks have ample storage, while others are more table-like. If you need storage but don’t have room for additional storage in your workspace, you will likely need a desk with drawers. Consider both your needs and your style.

Desks are a great way to show off your personal aesthetic in your office. Modern desks are often simple but functional, while more traditional desks will have a more stylized appearance. While you are thinking about style, you should consider if you want wood or metal, a particular color, or a specific shape for your desk.

What About Office Furniture Sets?

Home office furniture sets are a simple way to get all of the furniture you need without the hassle of trying to mix and match pieces. If you are interested in an office furniture set, you will want to be careful to note the amount of space you have for your furniture. Sets can quickly become far too large for small offices or office set-ups in bedrooms and living rooms.

Buying a set can also save you a little money. If you already wanted matching pieces, sometimes you can buy a set to save a little cash.

How to Choose an Office Chair

Good home office chairs need to be comfortable—especially if you have to sit at one for eight or more hours a day. In fact, we recommend that you focus on your chair more than the rest of your office furniture because it is directly tied to your comfort level. Here are a few things you need to think about:

·         Adjustability: You want a chair that can be adjusted. You might need to raise or lower the seat or armrests throughout the day. The backrest should also be adjustable, allowing you to lean further back or forward depending on your needs. Experts recommend sitting at a reclined 100-110° angle for less strain on the spine.

·         Lumbar Support: An adjustable back is essential to ensuring that your chair can fit your body. The lumbar support should mimic the curve of your spine and provide ergonomic support.

·         Wheels: Being able to move your chair around your desk easily is important to many workers. If you have carpet, your wheels might be rendered useless. You can always buy a plastic chair mat to help keep you mobile, while also protecting your carpet from damage.

·         Seat Depth: A good chair should leave the back of your knees at least two inches in front of the seat’s edge. A too shallow or deep seat could cause you to sit with poor posture, leading to aches and pains.

·         Material: Most people prefer a desk chair with padding and breathable fabric like mesh. However, leather is another popular fabric choice for desk chairs.

Office chairs come in many different styles, so you should have no problem finding one that not only suits your needs but also looks stylish in your home office space.

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How to Choose Office Storage

Keep the chaos of your workspace contained as much as possible with office storage. Office storage solutions are critical for keeping an organized home office. At Furniture Mall, both our Olathe and Topeka locations carry a selection of cabinets and bookshelves to keep your space clutter-free.

The first step to choosing office storage is to determine what you need to store. Are you organizing books or supplies and paperwork? If you have a lot of books that need a home, we recommend purchasing an office bookcase. However, if you are constantly battling desk clutter, you probably need a cabinet to keep all of those odds and ends off your workspace.

Once you have that part down, you need to think about the size of your space. Do you have room for a large bookcase, or do you need to find one that is narrow to fit in the room properly? Should your storage cabinet be able to fit under your desk? Measure the area you are looking at twice to ensure you have the correct measurements before buying a bookcase or cabinet.

office storage

You should also think about the number of drawers or shelves you want. A two-drawer cabinet might be great for one person, while a four-drawer cabinet is a must-have for another. The same goes for bookcases. It is all about personal preference.

Don’t forget to consider your own personal style. This will help you determine the color and texture of your home office storage.

How to Decorate Your New Home Office Space

Decorating your space is a great way to bring a little more of your personality into your home office environment. Choose pieces and colors that make you happy and productive. You might want to add a rug, lamp, plant, or piece of artwork to your space for something to look at throughout the day. Decorations can also make your office look great for all of your Zoom meetings.

You can decorate your space however you would like. Everyone has different likes, so this is your chance to make the space yours.

Don’t forget to consider your budget. Office furniture can be found in all price ranges. Inexpensive pieces might not last you for decades, but they work well and will get you by. Decorating an office from scratch can be pricy, so be mindful of your budget when you start shopping to prevent overspending.

As your premier destination for office furniture in Kansas City, Furniture Mall’s selection features pieces that are both stylish and functional to meet the needs of anyone looking for in-home office solutions.

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