It’s finally 2021 and as we all know, this is definitely something to celebrate! This really is the perfect time to make your home more attractive for 2021. After the chaos of 2020, this year is all about starting new and fresh. We have all had more than enough time to reflect and may now see the world in a different light. Why not have your home match your new self by changing it around and adding some fresh new elements to give it a new look and feeling? Whether your budget is non-existent, tight, or without limit, we have a few ideas for everyone that will make walking into your home as exciting an experience as walking into that hotel room for the first time that you loved so much on your favorite vacation. 


Here are some ideas that will help you make your home more attractive in 2021 – and as an added bonus- you will have fun doing so! 



Move Your Furniture Around

Moving your furniture around is a wonderful, easy, and effective way to make your home more attractive in 2021, as it completely changes the way your home looks and feels, and can almost make it seem like you’ve moved into a new place! The living room is the best room to do this with, as this is where we tend to spend the most time. Of course, we can change up every room, but let’s start with one. Before you move anything, sit down, take a look at the space and the pieces you have to move, and draw a little plan to make sure each piece will fit where you plan on moving it to. Measure everything before you start moving or you might be stuck with a sad couch, lost in the middle of the room with no other place to go. 


Another great thing about moving furniture around is you might catch some dust bunnies that have been hiding for years under a piece that hasn’t been moved for more time than you are willing to admit. 




Move Around Your Art Work

Another extremely easy and effective way to make your home more attractive in 2021 without spending a penny, is to move the art around in your home. Sometimes we spend so much time looking at things in the same place, that after a while without realizing it, we don’t actually even see or appreciate the artwork anymore- it just blends into the wall. Simply switching those beautiful paintings, drawings, sculptures or photographs from your bedroom to your living room and vice versa, will change the feeling and look of the rooms, and will add a freshness you may not even realize you needed. 


Buy Flowers

A simple trick to make your home more attractive in 2021 that always livens up the house and won’t break your bank account is to buy flowers. And while you’re at it, buy a few bunches of flowers- one for every room. If your budget is tight, consider buying one large bouquet of mixed flowers. You can then go home and separate the bouquet-pulling each type of flower out and making for example, small bouquets of roses for the living room, daisies for the bathroom, and sunflowers for the kitchen. Between the smell of the flowers, and the beauty, freshness, and color they will bring into your home, you are sure to smile and appreciate these small additions of life to your home. 


Change Your Window Treatments- Try Window Film!

There are so many different options for window treatments, from curtains to blinds to shades in all sorts of colors and patterns. As we know, the window treatment you choose can add a totally new look to a room. Changing your window treatments is a great way to make your home more attractive in 2021. If you’re like me however, committing to decision for a window treatment can be a daunting affair, so I’m going to suggest an option you may not have considered- one which is easily removable should you change your mind, will give your home a completely different look, and lastly, will not cost you much at all: window film. Window film is a non-adhesive film that is easy (and fun!) to apply as well as remove. All you need to apply it is a box cutter to cut the film to your desired measurements (the back of the film has measured lines to guide you) and a little bit of water. To remove the film, simply peel it off! No sticky residue whatsoever will be left over. 


You wouldn’t believe all the choices of window film out there, and how budget friendly an option they all are. You can choose between frosted window film, striped, faux stained glass with flowers, or a large number of wonderful patterns- they really have designed something for everyone. 


For me- the frosted window film suited my taste and my window problem. From my living room windows, you can see a bunch of beautiful trees and the sky. However, before you see this lovely nature, you see the top of someone’s house next to mine- and it’s not a pretty house to look at. To make it worse, the people in this not-so-pretty house can see directly into my living room. Now however, the bottom half of my windows are covered with frosted window film which allows all of the light to come in, obstructs the view of the not-so-pretty home, doesn’t allow my neighbors to see me in my living room, and really accentuates the view of the trees and sky which is the only thing you can now see. And hey- if you don’t like the film, no problem! Just peel off, throw away- no clean up involved, and you haven’t wasted very much money at all!



Change Up Your Lighting

Most people don’t realize what a huge effect lighting has on a room. Even the type of bulb you choose can affect the way a room looks. Try switching up your lighting as a way to make your home more attractive in 2021. If you use overhead lighting, try buying a table lamp. Table lamps give off a softer feel in a room. If you feel the table lamp doesn’t give off as much light as the overhead lighting did, try buying another table lamp, and/or pay attention to the number of watts the bulb you are using. If you need more light, use a bulb with a higher wattage. You may also want to try a floor lamp. Situated next to a couch- this is a great option when you want get cozy, crawl under a blanket, and read a book.


Buy an Area Rug

You would not believe how much an area rug can completely change the way a room looks and feels. Walking into a room with a new area rug feels like walking into a brand-new room! This is an easy and fun way to make your home more attractive in 2021. Some things to keep in mind when choosing a new area rug- if you have a pet, make sure the rug is not difficult to clean. If your room has many patterns, colors, and objects in it, consider buying a solid color rug to create a balanced, calm feeling. If your room is simple and modern with not too many colors and patterns going on, consider choosing a rug that will make a statement- one with a pattern, or a multi-colored rug. Balancing colors with patterns and textures is key to creating rooms that make us feel good. 


Add Some Accent Colors 

An incredibly fun project that will make your home more attractive in 2021 is to introduce a new accent color to any room. This involves choosing a new color you think would look great with everything you already have in the room. Shop for accent pieces such as couch pillows, throws, rugs, flowers, and even new art work in that color, and continue shopping until your hearts content. Every few months you can choose a new color, put the old colors in the closet, and rotate your groups of colors based on your mood or the season. Changing our environment always makes us feel fresh and excited.


Fix Up Your Outdoor Space

If you have outdoor space, you are very lucky as those of us who don’t, learned the hard way during quarantine. If your outdoor space has not been given the tender loving care it deserves in a while, consider making it more attractive for 2021. Who knows? With a little sprucing up, it could become your favorite new place to hang! Clean the furniture you have out there, or better yet, buy a new outdoor furniture set! Buy some plants and flowers- liven the space up a bit! And if you only have a tiny outdoor space- consider what you can do with it. For example, my outdoor space is so incredibly small, I never thought I could use it for anything. However, quarantine had me craving fresh air, so one day I looked out the window and realized I had enough outdoor space for a wicker chair and one plant! Now, my tiny poor excuse for outdoor space is my favorite place to (literally) hang and take a break from whatever is going on in the house. 


Wicker Chair


Buy Some Plants

Until the past year, I never bought a plant. Well- that’s not exactly true. I have bought a few plants in my life, but it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep them alive. So, in my own effort to make my home more attractive in 2021, I went to a plant store, had a long talk with the store owner about what a horrible plant killer I am, and he suggested an easy to care for plant which looks exactly like a palm tree. This little tree has brought in a tropical vacation feel to my home that looks and feels just perfect. Now, after months and months, it is still happy and growing! There are so many options to choose from with plants too- hanging plants, table plants, floor plants, etc. And choosing beautiful new pots for your plants is an added fun bonus!


Change up Your Kitchen

A wonderful way to make your home more attractive in 2021 is to give your kitchen some tender loving care. After all- it is the place you spend so much time in to create meals full of love for yourself and your family. I would say your kitchen deserves some love too then! 


Change Up Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Buying New Ones

An easy way to make your kitchen more attractive in 2021 is to change up your cabinets to create open shelving by simply taking the cabinet doors off. This is an idea that really appeals to renters who cannot make permanent changes to their homes. All you need for this project are a couple of screwdrivers. Simply unscrew the hardware, and place it all in a container. Remember to put the container in a place you will remember when and if you want to put the cabinet doors back on. The open shelving look will create a new, light and airy feel in your kitchen. 


There is something important to consider before removing your kitchen cabinet doors, however- the cluttered kitchen cabinet problem. 


Fixing the Cluttered Kitchen Cabinet Problem 

Are your kitchen cabinets overflowing with dishes? So much so that seeing them on open shelves would be an eyesore? If we are surrounded by clutter, our minds become cluttered. Our home should reflect on the outside how we want to feel on the inside, and clutter is definitely something we want eliminated in every aspect of our lives. Well then, a good and simple idea would be to only choose the dishes you use often to leave on the shelves, and take the other ones out. Store those extra dishes in a box, and put that box away. You will be amazed at how few of the dishes you have you actually use and hey- one day you might even be ready to donate the box of dishes you realize you don’t use!


Buy A New Couch!

Well, we couldn’t be here suggesting ways to make your home more attractive in 2021 without suggesting the ultimate way to do so- buy a new couch! A couch makes the biggest statement in a living room so a new couch is simply the ultimate way to make your home more attractive in 2021. Couches are our thing, and we are experts on them. We would love to help you choose a new one for the ultimate 2021 sprucing-up-your-apartment project. We have so many styles, colors, fabrics, and patterns to choose from and are always here for you, ready to answer any questions you may have. 


We hope you have been inspired by some of our tips on how to make your home more attractive in 2021. Good luck with your projects and we hope you have fun!