Every bed is a blank canvas waiting to be styled, but the right bed can make your bedroom look like a designer's showroom. In this blog post, I am going to talk about how to style a king-size bed like a designer. From bedding and covers, to lighting and throw pillows, all the way down to the sheets you choose for it - there are many ways you can turn an ordinary bed into something extraordinary!

Start With the Fitted Sheet

The first and most important step in styling any bed is to start with a fitted sheet. This will give you the foundation for your bedding, and help keep everything looking neat and tidy. A nice, crisp white sheet is the bedding equivalent of a blank canvas, and it's the perfect foundation for any bed styling, but if you're feeling a fun color that's fine too.

Here are some examples of different materials bedsheets are made from:

hypoallergenic bed sheets

Basic Sheet Set from Bedgear which is hypoallergenic and woven for all seasons.


Cotton sheets are great for all bed sizes, and what's really nice about them is that they're easy to care for. They don't wrinkle easily and are machine washable, so you won't have to spend a lot of time ironing or putting them in the dryer. Cotton sheets are also a breathable fabric so they will stay cool if you're a sweaty sleeper.


Polyester bedding tends to be a little cheaper than cotton sheets, and they're also even easier to care for. All you have to do is toss them in the wash with some detergent and bleach once or twice a week so that stains don't set into your bedding.


Satin bedding isn't only luxurious, but it's also good for your skin and hair. If you're looking to add a touch of glamour to your bed, then satin sheets are the way to go. They can be a little more difficult to care for than cotton or polyester sheets, as they tend to wrinkle easily and show dirt and dust more easily. However, if you're looking to bed as a focal point in your bedroom, they're definitely worth trying out.


Linen sheets are another great option for bedding, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. They're also machine washable and wrinkle-resistant, but they can be a little on the expensive side. Linen is a naturally cooling, hypoallergenic material, though, so it may be worth it to spend the extra money.

Add a Top Sheet

Once you have your fitted sheet in place, add a top sheet. This can be any color or design that you like, but I would recommend sticking with something light and airy, to keep the bed looking fresh and inviting. Get it in a color that you want to show off because when you fold it over the duvet, it'll be a nice pop of color.

bed with storage bench

Ashley King Panel Storage Bed by Benchcraft

Go Bold With Colorful Pillows

Pillows are so much more than just decorative accents; they can also be used to add color and personality to your bed. Go bold with a bright pillow or two, or choose a pattern that will really make your bed pop.

funky orange fun pillows

A bright orange pillow by Signature Design by Ashley

Add Some Texture With Throws

Throws are another great way to add texture and interest to your bed. Whether you choose a soft, cozy blanket throw or something more luxurious, like a faux fur throw, adding a few throws to your bed can really make it stand out. They are especially great for those colder winter months.

cozy throws for beds

Throw by Signature Design by Ashley made from chenille polyester

Accessorize Your Bed

Now that the bed looks presentable, it's time to accessorize. This could mean anything from art hanging above your headboard, side tables to bedside lamps. It's really up to you what style of accessories you want to add - just choose something that will suit your bedding or color scheme.

bed frames with bookshelves

Sun Valley King Storage Headboard with Footboard Storage


With these tricks in mind, it doesn't take much for any bed size to look designer-inspired! Whether you're preparing the bed for guests or just want to switch up your bedroom décor, these tips will help you style your bed like a pro.

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Written by Emily Holleran