What does your furniture style say about you? Do you prefer traditional styles with ornate details, or do you lean towards the sleek lines and simplicity of modern furniture? Maybe you like a little bit of both, in which case you would be considered transitional. No matter what your preference, there is a style of furniture that says something about your personality and how you choose to decorate your space.


In this blog post, the Furniture Mall will explore the different furniture styles and what they say about the people who prefer them. We'll also discuss how to create a cohesive look in your home using these different styles. So whether you're just starting out on your decorating journey or are looking for a new way to spice up your space, read on to see what different styles reveal about you.


All in the Details with Traditional


Traditional furniture is characterized by its ornate details and classic design. People who prefer this style are often drawn to its timeless beauty and elegance. If you're someone who likes a little bit of nostalgia integrated into your furniture, then traditional style is probably for you.


Traditional style reveals that a person is classic, elegant, and timeless. If you like furniture with a lot of detail and intricate design, then you notice the little things. You might be more of an observer than a doer, but that doesn't mean you're not without your own unique style. You might also prefer the traditional style because it is classic and never goes out of fashion, so it's a safe choice.

traditional curved headboard

This is the Realyn bedroom set, complete with Realyn nightstand, king headboard, and dresser. The antiqued two-tone aesthetic comes in with a rich finish and classic style. They have intricate details and a classic design, exemplary of traditional design.


Simple and Clean with Modern


Modern furniture, on the other hand, is characterized by its clean lines and simple design. People who prefer this style often appreciate its minimalist aesthetic and functionality. If you're someone who likes your furniture to be both stylish and practical, then modern furniture is probably right for you.

modern sectionals near me

The Fluffy 3-Piece Modular Sectional by Couch Potatoes has a clean, modern style with its simple design and modular build. Its design is simple and uncomplicated, so you can integrate it seamlessly into your modern home and décor.


Many people who tend to lean more towards the modern style are very organized and prefer a clean, clutter-free look in their home. Simplicity calms you, and you appreciate the uncluttered look of a well-designed space. You are not afraid of a little color, but prefer to keep things toned down and use pops of color sparingly. When it comes to patterns, you prefer clean geometric shapes over busy florals or paisleys. You'd rather play it safe rather than take unnecessary risks, and that's okay because look at your home! It's beautiful, and it works perfectly for you and your lifestyle.


A Bit of Everything with Transitional

Transitional furniture is a mix of both traditional and modern styles. People who prefer this style often appreciate the best of both worlds - the elegance of traditional furniture with the simplicity of modern furniture. If you're someone who likes to have a little bit of everything in your home, then transitional furniture is probably right for you.

transitional dining sets

This Bruxworth Dining Extension Table and chairs incorporate a traditional design with modern comfort and style. The result is a beautiful and functional set.


If you are drawn to the transitional style, you're a people pleaser. You want your home to look good for both yourself and your guests. You might find that you gravitate towards traditional furniture when you're entertaining because it makes a good impression, but you also like the clean lines and simplicity of modern furniture for everyday life. It's not a bad thing to want everyone to be happy, as long as you're happy with your transitional home as well.


The Simpler Things of Life with Rustic

Rustic or farmhouse furniture is characterized by its rough-hewn details and natural finish. If you're someone who likes your furniture to have a little bit of character, then rustic furniture is probably right for you.

rustic natural wood desk

This is the Montana Desk. It's made of 100% pine, with English dovetail joinery and hand-wrought iron legs. Pair it with the Monte Mayor Office Chair for a rustic yet stylish home office.


This style reflects someone of a hard-working nature, someone unafraid of a little elbow grease. The rustic style gives a sense of appreciating the simpler thing in life, the natural beauty of the world around us. If you're someone who likes to be surrounded by nature, then rustic furniture is a great choice for your home. This furniture style is perfect for someone who wants their home to feel like a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Whimsical with Retro


Retro furniture is characterized by its unique design and bold colors. People who prefer this style often appreciate its one-of-a-kind look and vintage appeal. If you're someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and likes your furniture to make a statement, then retro furniture is probably right for you. You may not understand your inner world, but your outer world is a very specifically tailored reflection of who you are.

retro chic sofa with rounded back

This sofa by Urban Chic gives off a retro feel with its angled tapered legs and rounded frame. Right away, this compact sofa stands out amongst the usual shapes on the market. Add some color pillows like these Dunford pillows for some décor that is whimsical, colorful, and unique - all words that describe someone who loves retro furniture.


When it comes to furniture, you like things that are unique and make a bold statement. You're not afraid to be different, and you appreciate the beauty in things that are one-of-a-kind. You probably have a lot of personality and like to be surrounded by colorful things. Retro furniture is the perfect choice for someone who wants their home to be a reflection of their personality.


Which Furniture Style Are You?

So, what does your furniture say about you? Do you prefer the simplicity of modern furniture or the character of rustic furniture? The boldness of retro furniture or the practicality of traditional furniture? These are only a few styles out of the MANY that are out there. No matter what your preference, there's a furniture style out there that's perfect for you.


Visit the Furniture Mall if you'd like to discover your own personal style. We have over fifty different vendors which means that there's something for everyone. Come explore our wide selection of furniture and find the perfect pieces to reflect your unique personality. We have locations in Topeka and Olathe, Kansas. We also have a store in Austin, Texas.


Written by Emily Holleran