The family owned Furniture Mall is proud to announce an Austin, Texas expansion. The Kansas-based Furniture Mall is one of the newest furniture stores in Austin. The Furniture Mall has roots that date back over 80 years. The Furniture Mall started as a small cafe in the early 1930s. A hitchhiker who constructed a well-made crib for cafe owners Ben and Eva Winter inspired them to start selling furniture out of their Kansas dairy barn. Eight decades later, Ben and Eva's grandsons Jeff and Jamie, along with their wives June and Jeanne, continue to find new ways to expand the Winter Family furniture business.

Top Notch Service and Affordability

The Furniture Mall offers affordable furniture for every room of your home. If you have been searching furniture stores in Austin, attempting to find the highest quality merchandise at the best possible price---pay the Furniture Mall's new Austin location a visit. The Furniture Mall is known for its friendly, knowledgeable staff who will not pressure you into buying a piece of furniture that is not right for you. The Furniture Mall strives to make shopping for furniture a fun, enjoyable experience. If you have any questions about how to furnish a room, Furniture Mall sales associates will be happy to assist you in any way that they can.

An Expansive Selection

Regardless, if you're looking for a sofa, a mattress, or a desk for your home office---the Furniture Mall's expansive Austin showroom has a furniture set for you. The city of Austin is rapidly expanding. If you have recently purchased a new home, the Furniture Mall has a lamp, a coffee table, or comfortable chair for every room of your home. If you are a longtime Austin resident looking to revamp your home, the Furniture Mall has every accessory that you will need to add a little pizzazz and a lot of comfort.

Seamless Delivery

Furniture Mall employees carefully inspect every piece of furniture before it is delivered to your home. The Furniture Mall's delivery staff take care to keep each piece of furniture in perfect condition as they transport it from the warehouse to your home. If you have been comparing furniture stores in Austin, trying to figure out which one has the best delivery staff---the Furniture Mall will not let you down. The Furniture Mall goes to great lengths to prevent any property or furniture damage that may occur during the delivery process.

The Furniture Mall's friendly service, family feel, and extensive selection is sure to stand out among furniture stores in Austin. A family furniture business run by owners passionate about customer service and guest satisfaction is a welcome addition to Austin's tight-knit independent business community. If you want to shop for furniture in a fun, relaxing environment surrounded by people who are dedicated to helping you select the perfect furniture---the Furniture Mall's Austin location is the destination for you. The Furniture Mall aims to make patrons feel less like they are strolling through a showroom, and more like they are a valued guest at a cozy cafe.