You might not want to admit it, but you spend a lot more time in the bathroom than you think. From brushing your teeth, plucking your brows, or snapping a selfie – it all adds up over time. So, it would make sense that you’d want to modernize your bathroom for maximum comfort. 


Now, you may be hesitant about bathroom renovation, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle! There are several ways you can remodel your bathroom to look modern and feel modern as quickly as you want. It’s as easy as visiting your local Lowes or hopping online to place an order.

Remodel Your Bathroom

This is an extreme measure to take but highly suggested if your bathroom is simply outdated. Remodeling doesn’t mean you have to gut the whole washroom. But, if you need to replace the major elements like the shower or sink, then gutting the entire thing might be worth the investment. Remodeling can be a process so, the best place to start is by looking up bathroom ideas. For example, walk-in showers and marbled walls, but make sure to keep in mind your budget. A lot of remodeling kits or items that you can build yourself are available at Lowes.  If you wan't to get new mirrors for your bathroom, look no further, we carry them here at Furniture Mall. 


Bathroom Mirrors

bathroom Mirror

Modern Bathroom Ideas

While there are sites like Pinterest where you can look for bathroom inspiration, there’s also Houzz, an online community specific to interior design and decorating. On this site and others, you can find ideas that make a bathroom modern. Touchless faucets, an open shower concept, or thick counters are just to name a few. One idea is to give the bathroom a paint job. A paint color that is in season can make the appearance look way different in a quick turnaround time. This year is all about the pale blues, warm neutrals, and earthy yellows. These colors create a clean, fresh look – which is what modern is all about. Lowes Shower Kit

modern bathroom


The bathroom is among one of the personal rooms in a household. So it could be of great benefit to accessorize it. For example, for the shower, you can purchase a wire shower caddy or suctioned holders to be the new home to your loofas, shampoos, and other shower items. You could also modernize the bathroom with an accessory like a standing toilet paper holder. This could make the wall appear sleeker as it’ll have nothing bulky hanging off it. Changing to more modern towel hangers or even incorporating transparent organization bins can also make the bathroom appear sleeker.

shower accessories


Primary Bathrooms in 2021

A Primary bathroom usually contains a shower and bathtub… but in 2021, you can get away with just a shower. That’s because Primary bathrooms this year are all about space. While the essentials are important, one major thing that might not cross your mind is the storage. Is it really a Primary bathroom without any storage? Because of this, linen closets are becoming popular. A linen closet allows for the storage of bathroom essentials like extra sheets, towels, or even toilet paper for convenience.

linnen storage

Dual Vanities

Ever walked into a bathroom with double sinks? These are commonly known as dual vanities or dual sinks. This style allows for more counter space and more convenience when needing to get ready quicker. Dual sinks also offer the benefit of more space. As we’ve been saying throughout this blog, a major key to modernization is space. Even if you don’t have a partner, there’s no shame in wanting some extra room all for yourself!

Dual Vanities

Washroom For Guests

While your Primary bathroom may be perfect, that spare washroom for guests might still be able to use some remodeling. And while it’s not a bathroom that you’ll be using for yourself often, it’s still important to keep it modern with the rest of your living space. Some simple things that can spice up this room are necessities like shampoo and bar soap. Simple touches like fresh flowers and washcloths are also good ideas to place inside for guests.


Plants often require a lot of love. You may even have had a few failed attempts at being a plant parent. But, when it comes to bathrooms – several plants thrive in the high humidity or windowless atmosphere. Bamboo, ferns, and orchids are just a few that can make a finishing touch of aesthetic on your counter or windowsill. You can also hang a eucalyptus plant around the shower head, this has the benefit of releasing the oils within the plant that promote relaxation and clearing congestion, and more. Not to mention, if you have a glass shower pane then the Eucalyptus adds a beautiful design.

Bathroom Plant


Adding A Window

If you live in a house, you can likely make a major renovation to the property. So, consider adding a window in the bathroom. Windows create the allusion that we’ve been going on about – space. Two types of windows are best for a bathroom: crank windows and awning windows. These still allow for privacy but also the modern look you want to have. Many options can be found at Home Depot. If you can’t commit to a window, then try changing out the current mirror or adding more. Mirrors on the wall can also create the allusion of more space. 

Bathroom Window

The Outdoor Shower

Instead of remodeling the inside bathrooms, you may want to consider the idea of an outdoor shower. An outdoor shower adds character to the place of living. While you may not have a pool, it can be great to have an outdoor changing area and a change of scenery.

Outdoor Shower

Bathroom Art

If you walked into your bathroom right now, how would you describe the walls? If plain comes to mind then look into purchasing some wall art. Hanging things on the wall in the bathroom can add more to the appearance, making it more modern. If the idea of placing plants in the bathroom caught your attention, but you have any furry friends that you’re worried about eating, try a picture of plants instead! That’ll knock out two ways to modernize your bathroom.

Bathroom Art